Friday Favorites #246 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #246

Friday, January 31, 2014

Obsessed with this hat. Since dying my hair orange I've been having a rough time finding hats that look cute with it but this looks perfect. (I should clarify, rough time = me continually trying on my favorite red beanie and being bummed because I hate red and orange together)
(via: Juream Box)
Such a cute banner!
Love this phone case. I love window shopping for phone cases. I hate buying them though because somehow I always manage to break them in under a month.
(via: Pillosophie)
Forever a sucker for strappy black flats
 (via: Sole Society)
These push pins are so cute.
Natsumi's shop is filled with fun stationery!
(via: Natsumi)
How sweet is this calculator sweater pattern?! I almost want to learn to knit just to make it!
I'm sure I've featured Sign Fail's shop in my Friday Favorites before but this sign made me snort.
(via: Sign Print)
I'm obsessed with these nail wraps!
 (via: Moorea Seal)
I already have a slightly out of control collection of washi tape but this one is just so cute I'm sure I could make room for it.
(via: Pretty Tape)
These bath bombs look and sound really great.
(via: Elegant Rose Boutique)

Happy Friday!

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20 thoughts

  1. If I made that calculator sweater I'd change the number to 58008, heh heh

  2. Lovely picks!
    That sweater is pretty friggen sweet, haha.


  3. Oh man, that calculator sweater is hysterical!

  4. That hat would look perfect with your hair! Also those shoes are so cute!

  5. OMG that sweater pattern, haha! Best thing ever.

  6. OMG that sweater pattern, haha! Best thing ever.

  7. I received a penpal letter with that pattern of washi tape this week. It is wonderful! I have to check out this beautiful stationery, it is so perfect,

  8. Oh my, those signs! I looked through their shop and I need at least ten of them…so funny!

  9. ooo those pushpins look like they could be a fun diy!

  10. Lol don't know why but this picture of you kind of reminds me of Mena Suvari.

  11. Oh my god, that calculator sweater. Need.

    Jess | Malt Memories.

  12. I'm loving those adorable flats and the gorgeous stationery. I'd never heard of Natsumi's lovely shop so thanks for sharing! :)

  13. If you ever want to learn to knit, just go to this channel on YouTube:

    I learned to knit following her VERY simple videos, and I gotta say knitting is almost addictive once you learn. Plus, you get to make cool stuff!

  14. That calculator sweater cracks me up! You should learn to knit just think of the cool vintage patterns you could make :)

  15. Every single time you do a Friday Favorites post, I end up opening a ton of tabs and finding a ton of things I want to buy. I just bought like five rolls of washi tape, whoops!

    I've always thought red and orange look cute together! Some good complementary colors would be green or blue for a hat.

  17. cute pom pom hat and love the banner and fun stationary :)

  18. I love your favorites! The banner is definitely really cute. I would definitely want that in my future apartment. I'm also a phone junkie :p



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