Friday Favorites #243 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #243

Friday, January 10, 2014

Would you please take a look at that poster?! I am in love.
 (via: Discoverprints)
Love this shirt! I own it in green but this colorway would like a lot better with my orange hair.
 (via: Modcloth)
The perfect fabric to make a dress from? I think yes!
 (via: Lila Ruby King)
These bottles wrapped in twine look so beautiful holding bouquet of flowers. I love the idea of using a bunch bottles to spread out a bouquet like that. Definitely something I'd like to give a whirl this spring/summer when I get back to my old snagging wildflowers from the side of the road antics.
 (via: COLOURandTwine
 I am all about this comb!
(via: Sevenly)
Before I adopted Klaus I would have rolled my eyes at this rug. But bringing home Klaus brought out a super protective, super feisty, super badass in Doctor Octopus.
The bottoms of postcards sure would look precious stamped with tiny trees
 (via: norajane)
What a fun looking cardigan! They also have this incredible one with clouds and flowers.
 (via: SHiliconfETTI)
I know I've featured a different calendar in each Friday Favorite post for at least a month but in my defense, there are just so many amazing ones out there! Take this cat one for example.
None of my dishes match. It's more fun that way. I can indulge myself with all the pretty vintage patterns I want and not commit to any of them. That being said, these adorable fox glasses sure would fit in nicely!

Happy Friday!

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25 thoughts

  1. Oh, love the rug. And the stamp. And those glasses, everything! ♡

    1. I love the glasses the best, but the others are awesome as well!

  2. I certainly need to buy and live by that T-shirt!

  3. ALL of this, but especially that shirt and that cat calender. I'm not even a cat lady, but I dig it.

  4. I love that t-shirt! Great post :)


  5. That t shirt has just become my new mantra...!

  6. I've gotta have that rug!!! I've got a fearous kitty cat :D A true Queen of Hearts (that's her name because she has a heart shape spot).


  7. I love all of these but especially the stamp and the fox glasses - thank you for sharing!

    Meghan xo

  8. Foxes, cats, anatomy charts, cardigans - your favorite things always look an awful lot like MY favorite things! I might need that calendar immediately - it's a bit rare to find something with gray cats on it (the best kind of cats IMHO), so I can't really help myself.

  9. I looooove Sheila Couture! I've been coveting sweaters from that shop for ages now! I just don't have the dolla bills for 'em at the moment. Ah well....

    Also-- that cat calendar!!!

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  10. Oh those fox glasses are to die for!

  11. These are great finds ^_^ I love the detailing on that little stamp, it's touches like that which make postcards and letters so much more special! I still have to commit to a calendar for this year and the kitty one is tugging on my heartstrings something fierce!

  12. Mod cloth t shirt, you will be mine!

  13. Whoa, I have got to have that fabric! I was picturing using it for some detailing on an awesome purse...

  14. Hello, your blog is wonderful! I just wanted to drop in and say thank you for featuring our fox glasses! the exposure is so appreciated :) Keep up the good work!

  15. Hello, your blog is wonderful! I just wanted to stop in and thank you for featuring our fox glasses, the exposure is so appreciated :)

    Keep up the good work!

  16. They're all so cute!!! I think my favorite is the stamp... =P

    Rosie's Life

  17. I adore that cat rug and those fox glasses are so cute!

  18. That pull-poster really is brilliant!

  19. I like the sweaters, but oh my goodness. Pricey!

  20. Oh my... I want everything on this week's list. How sweet is the stamp...

  21. omg, that german poster about teeth & the body!! i'm from germany and we had those posters for biology class in school! amazing!

  22. I'm totally into the calendars!!! I want to buy every one of them.


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