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10 things making me smile

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

1 // Watching Klaus experience his first winter.
2 // The cuuuutest calendar, made by Jesi.
 3 // Tiny lights for my plants. 
Thanks Chloe!
It's not really poop, geez.
 5 // This planner.
 6 // Marshmallows with my instagram photos on them, made by Boomf
They're actually quite tasty!
 7 // Photobooth pictures from a fun weekend with Elycia.
Check out Milo's faaaabulous hair.
8 // New notebooks for the new year!
Beetle from Mimizuku Papeterie, bee from Marshalls, and pen + take note from Target.
9 // Rainbows in the house.
10 // Pretty rocks.
I have to consciously make an effort not to collect rocks I think are neat. I find so many on the beach but I know if I start bringing them home it would get out of control reeeeeally quickly. So, instead I take photos of them. 
And of course, the fact that today starts a brand new year is pretty darn great too! I wrote up a list of goals I want to accomplish in 2014 but I'll share those next week. Hope you have an excellent start to the new year.

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21 thoughts

  1. I will be ordering the chicken poop lip slaves......really cool.....thanks for the tip....Happy New Year!


  2. Great list! Happy New Year x


  3. I've never heard of marshmallows with photos on them! That's amazing! And Klaus looks like he enjoys winter, what a cutie.

  4. Good luck in 2014! I really love that mushroom calendar... checking it out now.

  5. These things would all make me happy too- I love seeing animals first reactions to snow, so funny!

  6. I love how excited dogs get about snow!

  7. Your dog looks so happy! Mine loves the snow. She could spend all day rolling around and burying her head in it. It's adorable when she pops back up with a little stack of snow on her tiny nose.

  8. Photo marshmallows?! Witchcraft!

  9. Aww these made me smile too! Happy new year Kaylah <3
    Chamomile Dealer

  10. so happy to see the calendar made it to you! is it okay if I repost your photo on my IG? I'm just so honored that you love it! <3

    1. Sure thing, go for it!

      Thanks again! It's the cutest! :)

  11. As a Chapstick Addict, I have to have the chicken poop lip balm!
    Happy New Year!

  12. Love the marshmallow idea. I think I'll use that for a PR stunt. Thanks :) Happy New Year!

  13. I LOVE finding cool rocks. I wish I could find more!

  14. Those Instagram marshmallows are really neat! I will have to try that with pictures of our bunnies and kitty!!

  15. hi kaylah,
    i really enjoy your list of happiness and i´m so glad my beetles are in it. :))
    wish you a wonderful friday and a weekend full of joy! :)
    happy new year :)
    xo julia

  16. Can't wait to see all the great posts you will write in 2014 (and mabye another hair colour XD)
    Dogs in the snow are on of the best things on earth! <3

    Happy new year! <3

  17. I too have a tenancy to want to take every interesting stone/rock I pick up home with me... the struggle is real :P

  18. Hello, my name is Jane. It has been one week since my last rock pocketing. I had no idea that anyone else had this addiction... only I take mine home. The husband just loves that ...NOT. I tell him to be thankful, because there are more expensive rocks I could be pocketing.... ;)

  19. You have (and find) the coolest stuff EVER. I love your style and your home.

    And your dog in the snow!!! SO FREAKING CUTE!


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