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Laurel Hill Cemetery on film :: part 2

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Part two of my photos from Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia coming right at ya!
I'm really wishing Laurel Hill wasn't so far away right now. 430 miles! I'd love to spend the day exploring there thoroughly.

In the seventh picture that mausoleum almost says my last name. It's just one letter off. 'Dolan' as opposed to 'Doolan'. I've only seen one headstone that said Doolan on it, which was my grandfathers, so I'm always more than a little excited to see it or anything close. I don't feel like I have a unique last name, although I've never met any other Doolans who weren't closely related to me. The thought of stumbling upon long lost relatives is such an exciting one. 

Find part one of the photos here!

what i wore

what I wore : final days of fall

Monday, November 25, 2013

jacket - Target
sweater - Charter School Cardigan via Modcloth
glasses - Dylan c/o BonLook
dress - Target
belt - vintage
brooch - Kirbee Lawler
sweater clips - eBay
socks - Target
shoes - Forever 21
camera bag - Jo Totes

I think these will be the last of my fall outfit photos. By that I mean ones with a colorful background of leaves since it's still technically fall until December 21st. After that big storm last week all the trees have lost their leaves. It's like the storm fast-forwarded fall. Major bummer. Everything is bare and it will be until spring. Buuut these photos are still pretty and so are the photos from the two (1, 2) earlier fall outfit posts I did so at least there's that.

Hope you're having a great Monday! I'm getting the ball rolling on my Christmas cards today. This is the first year I'm actually on top of it and it's not even Thanksgiving yet so I'm pretty proud. I can't wait to get them all ready to send out.

hair and beauty

Weekly Nail

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Supplies used...
Orly Pebble
Ciate Pepperminty
Essie Naughty Nautical
Seche Vite as a top coat
Nail stickers (blogged about here // bought from here)  

This is my first Ciate nail polish. I had heard of the company before but only because of their "caviar manicure" kits, which I'll admit I thought were kind of tacky. I was at Marshalls the other day browsing their beauty section (great nail polish brands for cheap! hey-o!) when I saw one of Ciate's nail foil kits. While it turned out to be kind of a bust, or at least have a bit of a learning curve, I fell hard for their polish. This beautiful mint shade was nearly opaque after the first coat and dried faster than any other polish in my collection. At $15 per bottle (what they are currently on amazon) I'll be picky about my purchases but I'm feeling like they might be worth the splurge. They also have this "Mini Mani Month" set that has twenty small bottles of polish in an advent calender! Ugh, that is so awesome!

daily life

Six months later...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's kind of hard to believe but today is my six month anniversary of getting my license! Hooray!
Six months ago today, right after getting my license.

On one hand it feels like I've had my license forever but at the same time, I can't believe it's been six months already. I can without a doubt say it's been the best six months ever for me. Getting my drivers license was the very best thing I could have done for myself this year. I can't even imagine life without it now. I'm still confident that waiting so long was the best decision for me. If you're not ready to drive, you shouldn't drive. But it was finally, absolutely positively, my time to get it.

Until I started driving I never realized how great it was to shop alone, how much I would enjoy cruising down the road singing at the top of my lungs, how amazing it would be to explore new places any time I wanted, how my car could become a kind of safe place to me. I could list the things I love about driving until my fingers were sore from typing but I'll spare you the silly list that I'm not sure anyone would really understand unless they waited a while before getting their license. I just never realized how great of a feeling it would be to sit down in my car and just know that it's mine and it can take me anywhere I want to go whenever I want.
Getting my license has helped me grow in so many ways. It's given me the opportunity to meet new people and see new places. It's also helped me begin to break out of my shell. I'm still not a social butterfly (I don't think I ever will be) but I've seen incredible progress in how I interact with strangers. People are always shocked to read about how shy I am since I share so much of myself on the internet daily but prior to getting my license I was sickeningly shy. The kind of shy where I hated ordering my own food, would probably stand behind you when checking out at a store (after I shoved my cash in your hand and made you pay for my things) and generally avoided talking to anyone I didn't know...and maybe those I did know too. So much has changed since then!

Here's a short list of things that sound kind of silly but were big accomplishments in my book and wouldn't have been possible without my license:
•  Literally just going places alone when I first got my license was a big deal. Cashiers aren't scary, who knew? Haha. 
Volunteering for WMC Fest - Crowded place, all alone, didn't know anyone but ended up having a blast. I look forward to volunteering next year!
I broke down in Pittsburgh which is two and half hours away from home. I went to start my car and the dang thing would start. Even though this was just a few months back it sounds so dumb now but it was super huge deal for me to call for help. I hate talking on the phone. I will do just about anything to avoid talking on the phone. I called AAA (holy cow, thank ceiling cat for AAA!), they jumped my car and got me heading home. That situation to Kaylah from a year ago sounds unimaginably scary but even typing that now sounds a little strange that it was even a big deal at all.
I met Mickey! Mickey had been emailing me for months suggesting we hang out and I avoided it like the plague. Finally I agreed to meet her and I literally have no idea why I was nervous about it. My shyness was preventing from letting people in and I'm not down with that.
• All my mini road trips! Pittsburgh, Sandusky, Akron, Philadelphia, and more! I didn't know I'd love exploring so much.
Without my license Lloyd wouldn't be living in Philadelphia right now. 
Some places I've visited in the past six months...

Like I said, it's been a really amazing six months. I plan on continuing to push my own boundaries and to put myself in more situations that make me uncomfortable. With winter coming I'm sure my driving adventures will slow down just a bit because of the snow but hopefully they won't come to a halt. Next spring I'd really like to take a road trip. A real bona fide road trip (I know I'm making my mom sweat just typing that. Haha) but I know I can handle it and I can't imagine anything more fun than hitting the road and just driving. I'm so thankful for my car. Here's to many more years of driving, growing as a person and exploring all that there is to see!

PS. Here are two related links : 1. A post about my first car. 2. A post on why I waited so long.

explore everywhere

Dinosaurs Come to Life // on film

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

On my way from home Philadelphia I saw a sign for Reptiland. I wasn't quite sure what it was going to be. Maybe a pet store or perhaps a theme park of some sort? I was kind of bored of driving so any sign promising me reptiles sounded like fun. I got off the highway and continued to follow the signs until I arrived.

To my delight, I found out that Reptiland is small (but totally awesome!) zoo featuring only reptiles and amphibians. The place was pretty desolate when I arrived, so needless to say, I had an awesome time. I was able to spend as much time as I wanted in front of each exhibit without feeling like I needed to move along so others could take a turn. I watched the poison dart frogs hop around for at least ten minutes. They're so preciousssss!

I really enjoyed the live exhibits but their Dinosaurs Come to Life exhibit was probably my favorite part of all of Reptiland. Animatronic dinosaurs line a short path in one corner of the zoo. The Dilophosaurus even sprays passers-by with water. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a little bit spooky walking the path alone. It was one of the best dinosaur exhibits I've ever visited. 
I didn't even take my digital camera on the trip with me so there are no photos from the live exhibits (well, except this one from instagram) due to the lighting. But trust me, Reptiland is totally awesome and well worth a stop if you're anywhere near the area.

daily life

photo an hour : November 5th, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Elycia and I finally reunited!! She was staying with Ivan in the far west side of Ohio while he was on a business trip so I made the drive over to visit. I haven't seen her, except over skype, since our little trip to Niagara Falls back in June. That means it was my first time meeting Milo. Oh my goodness, if it's possible, he's even more precious in person. Elycia and I both took a photo an hour of our day together.

7am // On the road! I left around 5am but my first stop was at a service plaza around 7am.
8am // Roadtrip tunes.
9am // Elycia and Milo getting ready to hit the road and head to the mall.
10am // The mall we went looking for (in hopes of finding a photobooth) ended up not being a mall at all but just a small plaza full of outlet stores. I tried looking on my phone for something else to do but there was absolutely nothing to do in the area that would have worked for the weather so we decided just to head back to the hotel room to hang out.
11am // On the way back we had to pull over to take a photo of a building that had two signs on the top. One said "eat" and the other "cigarettes".
12pm // Back at the hotel.
1pm // Instead of just taking a thousand photos of Milo, I tried to mix it up. I also forgot to take a photo at one right up until the last minute.
3pm // Look how cute Milo is looking at me. That boy loved to stare at me, it was the cutest.
5pm // I left around four so that I wouldn't get home too late. The only highlight on my drive home (and on toll roads in general) was pressed penny machines at service plazas!
My photos stop there because I'm sure you don't need to see five more photos of what I was listening to on my trip. Hah! Even if the photos from this day aren't the most exciting and hanging out in a hotel for the majority of the day isn't what either of us would make plans to do, it was so great to see Elycia and finally meet Milo. I miss them already!

Obviously, just thought I should note, in the car photos were taken when I was pulled over, not while driving.

hair and beauty

Weekly Nail

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Supplies used...
Essie Fear or Desire
Sally Hansen Right Said Red
Wet N' Wild Heatwave
Seche Vite as a top coat
Nail stickers (blogged about here // bought from here)

I took an unexpected hiatus from weekly nail posts. I'm going to blame it on the fact that I basically wore these nail stickers for three weeks which kind of made me a lazy painter. Using them as an accent instead of every nail allowed me to really milk how much time I got with them. But this post isn't about how much I love those sticker (which is a whooooooole lot!)

It feels good to be painting my nails again, choosing colors and designs I love. These ones kind of remind me of Starburst candy. Although after googling it to check, it's not really not the same colors at all. But they've got a tropical vibe and I can dig that!
Hope you're having awesome Sunday!

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