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Thursday, August 29, 2013

My land camera and I have been getting lots of quality time together. I'm now on the hunt for a cheap flash for it. I definitely have the best luck with this camera outside so a flash isn't needed but I'd like the option of using it indoors too.
I love pressing flowers but I think I love pressing pretty fall leaves even more. I'm surprised leaves seem to be falling so early this year. I've found quite a few so far that are super cool. I like how these are only yellow in the inside. I could easily spend hours just wandering around looking for neat ones.
I made paper! I even included some petals from plants I grew out on my deck. I randomly had the idea to make some after I needed a background for a insect display I was working on. It's stupid easy to do, messy as heck and there's tons of room for experimentation. I'll definitely be trying to think of excuses why I need to make more...
Cicadas have been out in full force. I found a handful of dead ones while I was out exploring and brought them home to pin. I haven't really worked much on my insect collection lately but this jump started my interest in it again. I'm keeping the nicest one for myself and making gifts with others.
My new desk arrived and I immediately set it up. Ya know, after spending fifteen minutes cursing and sweating dragging the box in the door. It's perfect! I was originally a bit hesitant to get a black desk for fear of it making the room look dark but it seriously looks so great. I can't wait to share some photos of the room soon. This is my fourth and favorite office set up so far!
I've been writing lots of letters as of late! I really love sending out snail mail. Getting mail (that isn't bills!) is one of the best simple pleasures ever. Sometimes I get all worried that two of my favorites things are dying - film and real mail. I hope there never comes a day when mail is too expensive or slow to be worth sending it.
Klaus picked up his first stick. I'm well aware this sounds really dumb and random but that puppy just melts my heart. He found it in the yard while we were outside and carried it in the house. He basically wouldn't put it down for anything. It's currently sitting on the rug in front of his crate and he grabs it every time he gets out.  He'll take it outside with him, hold it while he goes potty and never drop it until we're in the house. I've been letting him up in bed with me for a few minutes each night before he goes in his crate and he even brought the stick into bed a few nights ago. He. is. so. cute!
Yeeeeeah, I'm still nuts about plants. I've been trying to limit my plant purchases to special occasions and when I find something I just can't resist. These three are my newest babies. I'm not feeling so confident about the Venus fly trap despite the fact the owner of the nursery gave me all sorts of tips. The other two plants are thriving though. Both have grown a significant amount since I took these photos. (I take pictures of all my plants the day I bring them home so I can keep track of how much they've grown. Having photos to look back on always makes me feel great about how well they're doing.)

Hope you have an awesome day!

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Klaus + Crum

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My two all time favorite puppies together! Klaus has met Crum, my parent's Great Dane, a few times but each time he spent most of the time in his crate just to be safe (and because, my goodness, he is a sleepy little pup!) But the last time I went over to my parents Klaus got to really meet Crum. Crum was an absolute angel letting Klaus crawl all over him and nibble on his face. I think it goes without saying Klaus loved meeting someone who would actually put up with his crazy puppy antics since the cats are still trying to show him who runs the house.
I think that first photo really shows the crazy size difference between the two of them. I can't wait to see how Klaus compares to Crum in size when he's full grown. I love those puppies!

what i wore

what I wore : black, white and blue all over

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

shirt -  TJ Maxx
jean vest - thrifted
back patch - Zombie Soy Bot
pins - tooth a gift from Julieta, Tacky, Rude & Vulgar a gift from Sara, Meow by Thora Ford
necklace - c/o The Golden Tooth
rings - tooth ring by Extollo Jewelry, purple ring is vintage
socks - Happy Socks
shoes - vintage (my faaaavorite find ever!)
camera bag - Epiphanie Bags

Since adopting Klaus I'm finding myself wearing jeans more and more. One reason being it's so much easier to just throw on a pair and a shirt when I need to run out the door to take him outside or take him on a walk. Another reason - those little claws are shaaaarp. I'm not ready to risk that little guy accidentally putting a hole in one of my favorite dresses just yet. Other than those reasons and blaming my jean wearing ways on the dog, I'm just obsessed with this jean vest. I'm not quite sure how to wear it with a skirt or dress yet, nothing seems to look right. Sooo... variations of this outfit have been seeing a lot of wear around here. On any given day during the last few weeks I could have probably been seen around in a striped shirt, my jean vest and jeans. I'd normally call that a style rut but I actually dig it.

That picture of my shoes, look how much it looks like fall in the background! I can't wait for it to look like this soon. The cemetery is seriously one of the prettiest places ever in the fall. I actually have a few I've been meaning to visit but putting off until the leaves all change colors first. Seems kind of crazy that some leaves are already beginning to fall off the trees. I want to savor every second of fall this year (and always!) I love fall but I guess I should finish enjoying summer first. It's not quite over yet in Ohio. We're still getting random super hot days. I think I need to finish off Summer with one last day spent at the beach reading!

Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

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Cook Forest // on film

Monday, August 26, 2013

I have more film photos to share today from my birthday weekend with my family. Yeeeah, I know that was nearly a month ago but I just can't get over how pretty Cook Forest is and I took so many pictures I'm happy with. Cook Forest is easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I wouldn't mind moving to Pennsylvania one bit!
This is my favorite picture from the whole weekend, and quite possibly this whole year. It's just a picture of my parents but dude, if you only knew... My parents are two of the least photogenic people I have ever met. They'll tell you that yourself. It's like don't know how to get their picture taken. This is one of the most natural pictures of them I have ever seen. My dad's smirk is 100% real (and adorable!!) all because I found a mushroom that was quite phallic and he thought it'd look funny in a picture. My mom insists it's not a framer because of the mushroom but I disagree completely. I feel like I captured my dad's true spirit, an overgrown mischievous boy, in that picture and that's what makes it so great. I'm in love with this picture. (It's my dad's birthday today!! Happy Birthday Dad!)
I miss the cabin already, no matter how stinky and hobbit sized it was. I love exploring with my family. I'm ready to go camping again!!

All of the photos above were taken with a Canon T2 and Fuji 35mm Superia X-TRA 400 that expired in 2010.

animals and nature

Mushrooms of Cook Forest

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Do you remember how I made one of my New Year's Goals to identify five new mushrooms? Well I was starting to think it wasn't going to happen. I'm not hanging out in the same spots I was finding mushrooms before and even if I were I already know the majority of what grows there, which would make spotting and identifying new things difficult. But the weekend I went to Cook Forest with my family I hit the mushroom jackpot. SO MANY MUSHROOMS. I took oodles of pictures *coughoverathousandcough* of mushrooms and their identifying features in hopes of being able to figure out what they were when I got home. Here are some of the ones I was able to identify...
 These guys are painted slipperycaps (Suillus spraguei) Aren't they beautiful? The ground was just littered with them.

 These are perhaps my favorite from the whole bunch of them both because of their interesting colors and the silly name. These little guys are called chicken lips. (Leotia viscosa)

 This is chicken of the woods. (Laetiporus sulphureus) It's an edible mushroom that apparently makes a good substitute for chicken. Apparently it can be prepared in most ways you'd prepare chicken to eat. I'll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for this in the future, I'll love to give it a try. There is a whole bunch more information on it here if you're interested in learning more. 

These are earth tongues. They're from the family Geoglossaceae. In order to properly identify the exact species a microscope is needed but knowing that they're earth tongues (and that there is even something called an "earth tongue") is good enough for me.

The top photo is Clavulinopsis fusiformis and the bottom is Clavulinopsis laeticolor. They're distinguishable from each other by the size of the clusters. 

This mass of fungus is crown coral. (Artomyces pyxidatus) I saw a lot of these over the weekend and every time I felt the urge to run my fingers over it. It's surprisingly soft. The way it looks kind of reminds me of something you'd clean your shoes on though.

It's hard to identify these without being able to look at them in person right now and to just go off memory and photos but I'm almost certain these are golden waxcaps. (Hygrocybe chlorophana) I do know for sure they are some sort of waxcap though.

This beautiful purple mushroom is the spotted cord. (Cortinarius iodes)

 When I spotted this guy near our campfire I actually thought it was the squished remnants of another mushroom. Nope, it's an elfin saddle! (Helvella crispa)

Lastly, this beauty, the green-cracking Russula. (Russula virescens) I've actually spotted these around my parents house and at the park down the street from my house but until this day haven't been able to figure out what they were. Isn't it gorgeous?!

I'm so happy to have been able to identify these ones just based on photos and some quick notes I jotted down in my notebook. But I really do wish I had spent more time trying to identify while near the mushrooms. There were so many I think could have been easily identified had I taken the time. The good thing is mushrooms are ridiculously abundant this time of year so hopefully I'll get another shot to go on a mushroom hunt soon.

*Of course I need to mention the fact that I am not a mycologist. I'm just a mushroom fanatic who scours the internet to learn more. Please do not eat any wild mushrooms unless they have been identified by an expert.

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