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puppy love

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Last week my parents adopted a puppy. Her name is Maggie. Oh my goodness, she is SO CUTE. She's a Lab/ St. Bernard/ German Shepard mix and just the biggest cuddlebug! I zipper her up inside my hoodie and just cuddled with her for the longest time (That is seriously one of my favorite things to do with animals - put them in my shirt. I guess I'm still five years old at heart) Prepare to have your heart melted...
I'm not so sure Crum knows what to think of being a big brother. He's a big dog and doesn't seem to understand how tiny the pup is and how easily he could hurt her. But then again, I'm not sure Crum even realizes how large he is seeing as he's always trying to sit on people's laps. Hah! I'm so excited to watch them grow in the best of friends.

what i wore

what I wore : beetle drink? beetle breakfast? Beetlejuice?!

Monday, April 29, 2013

pants - H&M
sunglasses - Target
camera bag - Epiphanie
tooth ring -  Extollo Jewelry
poison ring - ebay
chevron ring - c/o Eclectic Eccentricity
socks - Romwe (last year)

I went into H&M for the very first time last week. I always avoided going in because I thought it was way more expensive than it really is and I'm kind of a cheapskate. I was found the prices (on all the things I was looking at at least) to be comparable to Target prices which is pretty awesome. The store was kind of disorganized but I did manage to find these stripes jeans. I have wanted black and white striped jeans for so long. But I'd never seen any in person and jeans are the one of the few things I rarely buy without trying on first. I am so excited to finally add these ridiculous jeans to my wardrobe. I've already worn them a few times already.

This chevron ring from Eclectic Eccentricity has quickly become a favorite of mine. I absolutely adore the way it looks with my tooth ring (which I wear everyday). It's so great to find rings that don't come as a set that look like they should have.

Hope you have a lovely Monday!

what i wore

what I wore : tiny bunnies + polka dots

Thursday, April 25, 2013

shirt - Forever 21
brooch - Sugar Cookie
ring - c/o August Wrinkle
skirt - thrifted
tights - JC Penney
shoes - BAIT Footwear

I really try not to be swayed to not wear an outfit based on the fact it doesn't match my hair. I guess that's the one thing I'll agree "comes with the territory", sometimes my hair color just doesn't look so hot with an outfit I want to wear. But when I pick out an outfit I really like with my hair color it's one of the best things ever. This is one of those cases. I suppose all colors look okay with black but this color I'm rocking now looks so excellent with black, especially with this shirt! I wish I could find an outfit that felt this great with every hair color I try out.

Well, I'm back to work. Today is painting day round two in my office. Yesterday was quite the adventure but I'll share more about that when I finally finish up this little project and blog about it. Cross your fingers everything goes a bit more smoothly for me today.

daily life

photo an hour : April 17th, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

7am // Awake, showered and checking emails.
Guess it's becoming a thing for me to include at least one rainbow keyboard photo in photo an hour posts. Haha!
8am // Finishing up the day's blog post about what I've been reading lately.
9am // Went outside to visit with Cornelius.
He's gotten so big since I met him September!
10am // Planting all the succulents I bought the day before. 
I can't wait to show you all how beautiful my planters turned out!
11am // A strawberry, banana and nectarine smoothie for lunch.
12pm // Hanging the clothes that don't go through the dryer and folding the rest.
1pm // Sorting and scanning some recent photos from my pentax k1000.
2pm // Cleaning out my little notebook I press flowers in while I'm out and about so it would be full of room for new goodies.
3pm // Hula Hooping! 
I have this weighted one, I really love it.
4pm // "Mom, it's sissy's birfday, we can has tuna for dinner?"
Squid turned six years old on the 17th!
5pm // Admiring my mom's flowers.
Guess I should plant some daffodils in my yard for next year. I'm totally jealous of everyone else's!
6pm // Hiking with my parents at the park.
7pm // still out hiking...
And that was my day!

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hair and beauty

TDS & Scratch Nail Wrap Collab : Update!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Late last month I announced my collaboration with Scratch. In order for the nail wraps I designed to be produced we needed to reach a $6,000 goal on kickstarter. Well, I'm absolutely blown away because the goal was met and majorly exceeded within days. Currently over 1,000 people have donated to the project!!
The days are dwindling down now (it ends this Wednesday at 11am EDT so less than 24 hours now!) and I just wanted to remind everyone that was interested it's your last chance to get your hands on these limited edition nail wraps! The early bird special pricing is sold out but for $30 you can get your hands on all of my three designs. You can purchase them here.

Thank you SO much to everyone who has donated so far. I'm over the moon. I can't wait to start seeing photos of them pop up.

what i wore

what I wore : covered in stars

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

dress - Target
collar pins - Vinca via Fab
brooch - Kirbee Lawler
belt - Modcloth (a few years back)
ring - ebay
tights - Modcloth
boots - Forever 21 (two years ago)

I know I say every dress or skirt or whatever piece of my outfit is my favorite but seriously, this dress! I originally laughed at it. It's a denim dress covered in stars, c'mon! That's super tacky. It's like Canada (famous in my mind for denim) and America (patriotic stars!!) had a baby and it was this dress. But for some reason I had to try it on and when I did I was done for. It's surprisingly super comfortable. My favorite part is that it's perfect for summer. It has sleeves so I don't need a cardigan. I don't need to wear a slip underneath it (although I probably still will because I really love wearing slips!) and it can easily be dressed up or down depending on shoe choice. I dig it!! I'd actually like head back to Target and see if they have the other print which was just plain polka dots in my size. I wish I was more patient about trying things on in the store. I think I'd be surprised how many thing I actually like on my body.

Have a great Tuesday!

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