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what we wore : snow angels

Thursday, January 31, 2013

coat - Target
glasses - c/o BonLook
shirt - c/o Spotted Moth
necklace -  c/o August Wrinkle
belt - thrifted
skirt - thrifted
tights - Target
shoes - amazon
visit Elycia's blog for her outfit details. 

So, when Elycia was out it maybe kind of snowed a little...or A LOT. Surprisingly enough it wasn't that cold either so it made for a perfect time to take lots of pretty pictures! I love when the weather allows for neat photo opportunities like this. I'm just smitten with these pictures, they're so much fun.
Hope you have a lovely Thursday.


peeks from around the house : little collections

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Last week I shared some peeks around my house and I'm back to share some more today. It's fun to break up these posts into little themes instead of room by room. Eventually I'd like to show you each room in it's entirety but there isn't a room in this house I feel is "done" even after living here for three years. I've always got something I want to work on in each room or something I just need to find to finish decorating.

Today's theme is collections. I think it's pretty obvious by now I collect lots of things. I didn't realize how many little groupings of things I had throughout the house until I started looking for them...
Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!

camera bag comparisons

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I maybe kind of have a thing for cute camera bags, if you haven't already noticed. I currently own seven camera bags, five of which are absolutely adorable. (The other two are more for utility, I use them when hiking or on a camping trip. I own this one and this one. Both of which are pretty great.) I get a lot of questions regarding my bags, which one is my favorite, what I'm able to keep in each, etc. Buying a nice camera bag can definitely be a tough decision so hopefully this post will help at least a little.
In this post I won't be covering any dimensions or anything like that. All that sort information can be found in the links provided for each bag. Instead I'll just be talking about what I like about the bag, how it's held up and what I normally carry inside. So without further ado...
Brooklyn from ONA. This is a beautiful real leather bag (smells so good!) Soon after I got it I wrote up a nice little review on it which you can find here for more information on what I can fit in it and what the inside looks like.

I've had the bag for just under a year and it's holding up very well. There are a few minor scratches on the bag but nothing I wouldn't simply attribute to regular wear and tear.
Yuki Satchel from asianicandy. (modcloth also sells the same bag) It's not sold as a camera bag but I found it's the absolute perfect size for this camera bag insert. This bag doesn't have any pockets on the outside and once you put in the cushy insert in there is some slight difficulty getting to the small inside pockets so you're not left with much room to place other things. It's not a bag I ever use for hauling lots of things, it's best just for a day out around town when I want to have my camera with me just in case.
Betsy from Jo Totes. This bag is most likely my favorite. I use it most often. It's with this bag I can most comfortably carry two cameras with lenses attached. I don't know how important that is to other people but there are sometimes when I want both film and digital and be able to switch between them quickly and this bag allows me to do so. Back in September of 2011 I wrote up a nice little review about the bag which you can find here for some peeks inside the bag and a better look at all the pockets.

I've had this bag for around 15 months or so and I'd say it's aging quite gracefully. The edges of my straps as well as the edges of the flaps and pockets are all white where the yellow has worn away. It's not really a big deal at all, it's just a slight cosmetic issue.
Gracie from Jo Totes. I love this bag! It holds a lot and in my opinion looks the least like a camera bag out of all the ones I own. It has lots of pockets (always a plus in my book!) and can easily hold two cameras as well any other small you need to keep with you on a daily basis (wallet, lip balm, keys, extra film, etc).

I haven't had the bag long enough to really comment on how it's holding up. Although the second time I wore it one of the magnetic snaps on the front pockets came off. It was easily fixed but now I do feel like I have to be very careful to avoid it happening again.
Millie from Jo Totes. This bag is perfect for holding one camera and one spare lens (or as I usually load it up - with my camera on one side and my wallet, lip balm and keys on the other side). It's perfect for when you don't need to haul a lot but want your camera with you.

I got this bag at the same time as Betsy and it's probably been used just as much. It seems to be wearing a bit better, I don't have any color loss anywhere. My one small complaint about it is that the closure flap is magnetic and the one side gathers tiny particles of stuff so my flap no longer stays closed.
If you have any more questions about any of the bags regarding my experience with them I'd be more than happy to answer. I hope this makes shopping for a camera bag a little easier.

Toothy shades

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sometimes I get mail that is completely amazing and deserving of it's own post - this happened last week! I've blogged about Tumbleweeds Handcraft before, lots of times (you can see all of the posts here) but this time Beca and Doug kind of blew my mind. By kind of blew my mind I mean they definitely did because they made me sunglasses with tooth inlays on the temples and I can't think of anything cooler than that right now!
Thanks again Beca & Doug! You guys are the best!

Well I'm off to start editing some photos from the weekend. Hope you have a lovely Monday. It's supposed to be 43 degrees (Fahrenheit, so around 6 Celsius) which is a massive improvement to the single digit temperatures we've been having these last few weeks. I hope to spend at least a little bit of time outside today.

animals around the house

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Going back through old blog posts something little I realized I really miss sharing are little peeks around my house. My house is always changing, I'm constantly moving little things around so it's easy to forget all the different little scenes that have been set up over the last three years here. I'd like to share more photos of my surroundings from now on.

When I started taking photos for this post I realized I've got a whole lot of animals hiding out around my house so that's the little theme I ran with for this peek into my home...
Hope you have a lovely Wednesday.

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