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what I wore + a pupdate!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

the details
jacket - c/o HauteLook
patches - Explorer's Press
hat + scarf - Kin Ship Goods
jeans - Kohl's
boots - c/o Romwe (a few years ago)
camera bag - Siena c/o Jo Totes

I had planned to take outfit pictures at the beach with Klaus but totally forget he hates the beach sooo the pictures didn't turn out as magical as hoped. Haha! Poor little guy looks totally stressed in these pictures. Guess the waves are just too loud for him. I hope he eventually gets used to them since I spend so much time at the beach.

It's been a while since my last "pupdate" and I feel like so much has happened since! Around Thanksgiving it was like something clicked with Klaus he turned into an adult. I mean, he's still just a little baby (as much as a seven month old puppy is a "baby") but previously he was a NUT. I'm talking a crazy dog who never sat still except when he was in his crate. He never just laid around or cuddled with me. One evening I randomly called him up on to the couch with me, which was previously an off limits place, and he just laid down. We cuddled on the couch for a few hours. It was the best. We've been snuggling on the couch everyday since. He's been so sweet and calm. He still has his moments of nuttiness but it's crazy how much different he's been. He's actually snuggled up to me watching TV as I type this!!

More great things in puppy world - He's got sitting down pat and instead of "shake" I've taught him "high five!" It's the cutest. Yesterday I randomly caught him high fiving the entertainment center because he wanted a cat toy that was on top of it. He loves being held. He's still craaaazy about squeaky toys and could probably chase tennis balls from now until the end of time. All of his baby teeth have fallen out and I found a total of seven of them. Wahoo! It's been a while since he was at the vet and I don't own a scale so I'm not sure how much he weighs but believe me, this dog is solid.

The cats are still super skeptical of him but there have been lots of nose to nose moments especially since he's calmed down a bit. Leaf seems like he'll be the first to really accept Klaus. I've found him sitting outside Klaus' crate looking at him and a lot of the time when Klaus is out of the crate Leaf can be found snoozing in there.

Aaaand that's what's going on with Klaus. Hope you're having an awesome Thursday!

Previous Klaus pupdates here 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

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26 thoughts

  1. Aw he is the cutest! I love your pupdate posts :-) x

  2. Puppies are crazy more often than not. But that's what makes them so fun.

    I am seriously loving your hair color right now. And I think blue clothing looks so striking with red/orange hair (complimentary colors, of course!), so, the beanie and hair combo is totally doing it for me! I love it!

  3. You are seriously the cutest thing ever!
    And your pup is adorable(:

    Sadly, I have to put my Black Lab of 10 years down today..

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  4. Loving the pupdate! Klaus seems like such a sweet puppy. Glad he's come around to cuddling ;)

  5. Klaus is hugeee now and you guys look like the greatest buds ever!


  6. Awwww, Klaus. It's not so much a "pupdate" anymore as much a dog blog post~! He looks like a full-grown gentleman! And yeah, he definitely does not seem to be a beach-lover, eh? Haha!

    I loooooove that jacket, by the way!

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  7. Alphonse is almost 2 and as of this winter, he has become super snuggly!! If I lay down on the couch, he'll crawl on top of me and snuggle me for hours. I absolutely love it!!

    1. Huh! That's so strange that it took so long!

      Klaus has just started laying on top of me. I love it and hate it at the same time. He always finds the worst places to dig his elbows into me.

  8. Cute! My puppy is 5 months and still insane. She's been loosing her teeth like crazy - her record is 3 in one day. Its been a game to try and catch it when she loses a tooth (she spits them out, stares at them for awhile, and then eats them, so we have to act quick!), we managed to find all four of her canines this way, which I am pretty excited about for some reason.

    1. Same with Klaus, he'd spit them out, stare at them then try to eat them!

  9. YAY Pupdate! Haha. He got so big and handsome! I love hearing all the little details about how he's doing.

    I brought home a puppy about a month ago and my kitty is around a year and a half. It's the funniest thing, the cat seems to think the puppy is a play toy he can rough house with, taunt, and chase and then when he's finished he disappears to have a nap somewhere else. My pup just loves him, she's constantly wondering where her brother has disappeared to and she LOVES being chased. Haha. I'm really hoping one day they'll calm down around each other and have a cuddle.

  10. Wow! Klaus has gotten so big! He looks like a big baby when you hold him! XD

  11. Awe he's so cute. I love that scarf. My dog is terrified of thunder storms ha ha. She always hides in my mom's closet. I'm sad she can't live with me at my new apartment!! Your pup sure is looking cute. You should do a video of him high fiving. Hahah

  12. so cute! What a gorgeous pup:) and I love that deep blue with your red hair! Xo

  13. Klaus is so cute! My husband and I adopted a rescue pup who was seven months old. I was shocked at how calm she was/is and how much she loves to nap! She had a rough life before meeting us, and we cherish her. She is also pretty crazy at times, it's like at a drop of the hat she will just lose her cool and do something nuts! Her names Cricket, so we call her crazy Cricket. ;)

    Love your big/little guy!

    xx, C

  14. "Yesterday I randomly caught him high fiving the entertainment center because he wanted a cat toy that was on top of it."

    That is the freaking cutest thing I've ever heard of.

  15. Awww! That explains the I-don't-wanna face in the third photo. Haha!

  16. Love your patch and your pup!! His brindle coat is gorgeous. My German Shepherd just turned 1. He's been a fairly mellow dog since puppyhood but he's definitely turned snuggly as of late!
    atelier zozo

  17. Klaus still has a sweet, puppy face. Hope he learns to love the beach. :)

    Also, love your cute hate and scarf! I live in my pom-pom hats this time of year.

    1. I think he still has a puppy face until I see pictures from when he was actually a puppy and realize just how different he looks! I wonder what he'll look like full grown.

  18. There's no friend like a puppy! I live 200 miles from my dog and it's so hard. Keep him close! I love the 'far from home' patch too!


  19. you look amazing, Kaylah! I especially love your "stay cozy" beanie and scarf! :)
    I love reading these "pupdates" on Klaus, I once had a pup and can relate with all the crazy that comes with it! It's so funny he doesn't like the beach, I'm gonna guess he's just scared of waves... mine was super scary of car rides haha
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  20. He's so cute! I went back to when you introduced him to see what breed he is. I wouldn't be surprised if he's part Mountain Cur mixed with hound. I just got a brindle MC puppy who looks JUST like him! She's also equally nutty and good at high fives :) either way, glad he is doing so great!


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