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what I wore : bigfoot!

Monday, December 09, 2013

sweater - c/o Shredders Knit Apparel
jeans - Target
ring - question mark ring c/o asianiCandy
camera bag - Siena c/o Jo Totes
shoes - c/o Twisted Shoes

How incredible is this sweater?! Since finding that raccoon sweater, which I honestly only tried on because I love raccoons since I have never actually been a fan of how sweaters look on me, I've been on a total sweater kick. I've spent so much time the last few weeks drooling over silly sweaters with animals on them but holy cow, this one takes the cake. It's probably one of the snazziest sweaters I have ever seen. It's super warm too! Shredders Knit Apparel also has an alien sweater that the 12 year old in me is dying over. 

My hair is looking a bit more orange than usual these last few days. It's on purpose, don't worry. Haha. Instead of touching it up with the dyes I originally dyed it red with I went over it with Punky Colours in Flame and Bright Yellow. I love it! There are still darker streaks of red throughout but I really dig the fact it's mostly orange now. Before I dyed it red I originally wanted to go orange and yellow like a dye job I did a few years back but red ended up being a much easier transition from the green. Now I'm slowing working my way to a real nice orange. I'm excited.

Well, I'm off to pack up fabric orders from The Destash Squid. I got a bit of a head start on it yesterday but there are quite a few left. I actually forgot how much I loved packing orders. I kind of miss it. Hope you have a stellar Monday!

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29 thoughts

  1. That sweater looks so cozy! And I like those shoes: the colors are just perfect.

  2. I agree, those shoes work perfect with the sweater.
    The sweater is friggen awesome!

  3. A Big Foot sweater?! I'm so adding that to my Christmas wish list!!! And you should totally get the Alien one! That necklace would go great with it too!

  4. I love sweaters! They are probably the only thing I look foward to in winter season :) I definitely love silly sweaters but I don't own any. Which is weird, considering how awesome they are.


  5. I am screaming over that big foot sweater!!

  6. That sweater is AMAZING! Good find! I also love your hair!

    Ladyface Blog

  7. I am loving that sweater store, the alien one is right up my alley! I think it might end up being my Christmas gift to myself.
    Also, your comment about packing orders reminded me of your store Circus Bear Vintage. Do you have any plans to continue with that? Sorry if that's too personal, I'm just curious.

  8. Adorable sweater, and that snowy background is luscious.

  9. That sweater is awesome, and the shoes! Ah I need those shoes! :)

    carelessly graceful

  10. Wow, the necklace over that sweater looks great! Wonderful combo.

  11. My boyfriend would kill someone for that sweater hahaha

  12. The jumper looks amazing! x

  13. ooh I love that sweater!! I actually just ordered a different bigfoot sweater from archie mcphee last week, but now I like this one better.. ahh! I'm pretty happy I live in a world where multiple bigfoot sweater designs exist though.

  14. Great sweater! Love sweaters with interesting prints.

  15. Haha! Aw man i knew you would like it. So good, I wish I had one.


  16. I love everything on that website. Death metal Christmas sweater FTW!

  17. I love your hair color so much! And your sweater looks very cozy!

  18. Love love love the sweater! I have a friend that I am certain this would make the perfect Christmas gift for. =)

    Btw, thank you for your fast service with the fabric. I will make sure you let you know how it evolves once I do a project with it!

  19. GIMME YOUR SWEATER!! I don't think I've ever seen anything quite as cool as a sweater with Bigfoot himself on it. (though I do own a t-shirt that says "Bigfoot is my boyfriend".)

    Your hair color is pretty rad these days. It has so many layers and tones, it's so interesting!

  20. that sweater is aaawesome!
    xo, cheyenne

  21. that sweater is so, so freaking AWESOME, seriously! Can I just say that the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it was a documentary series I've been watching on National Geographic called "Finding Bigfoot"? I think you'd dig it!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  22. I wanted the Krampus sweated from Shredders!!!
    Also the black santa one.
    Their sweaters are fantastic!

  23. Oh my goodness, that Squatch sweater!!! I have thing for hairy beasts. That sweater is hilarious and adorable.

  24. That sweater is just so hilarious! Perfect!


  25. That sweater is amazing and your hair looks great!


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