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Saturday, December 28, 2013

You guys have surely heard of Swapdom by now, right? If you haven't you're missing out! Just like it sounds like, Swapdom is an online clothing swap community. You just photograph the pieces you'd be interested in swapping from your own closet, list them, browse Swapdom and let them know what you're interested in swapping for, then sit back and let them organize the swap. It's super easy. I listed my items and got it all set up for my first swap in less than a half an hour. Plus all you have to pay for is the shipping.
Sounds awesome, right? They make it super easy! You can find all my items here. Hope to see you there!

*This is a sponsored post but you best believe I am alllll about Swapdom!  Thanks for supporting the companies who support The Dainty Squid.

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11 thoughts

  1. This is such a great idea! Will definitely be keeping a look out for when they make it international :) x

  2. I'm in love with that third dress!!
    I'll have to look into this site. c:


  3. ooooh! im in the process of cleaning out my closet and i have TONS of clothes to get rid of, ill have to check swapdom out!

  4. I actually just found out about them yesterday! It's a great idea, and I look forward to swapping some of my clothes. :)

  5. When I read the word SWAP I knew something awesome would come. This website is genious idea and it's exactly what the World needs: REUSING.
    I'll make my account soon :) Sponsored or not thanks for sharing Kaylah. This is what I call Changing the World.

  6. what a brilliant idea! I signed up :)

  7. I have been so excited for this but I don't live in the US :( I'll just have to sit tight until it comes to Europe. Fingers crossed it's soon!

    ~K | bluehairinbelgium.blogspot.be

  8. How cool! And no, I never heard of it untill your post. Gonna check it out; thanks for the tip;-).

  9. theres almost nothing bigger than a medium :(

    1. People can only list what they have in their closets, so why not sign up and list some from your closet so there is some and it will encourage others to list as well.

  10. I haven't heard of this, so thank you for sharing! I love the idea, I'm definitely going to have to check it out!


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