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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last week, before the big snow storm, I spent the day at the beach picking up trash. I had been thinking for the last few months that the beach was a lot cleaner than previous years but I think I figured out what was really happening. It seems as though they're just raking the trash into a big pile then just leaving it there. All down the beach the trash is just slightly buried and at the ends there are big piles of rocks and trash. Totally awesome, right? No, not at all. That doesn't solve anything and just covers up a problem.

Anyway, I collected a huge bag of stuff. That stupid horse head was full of frozen sand. It was like carrying a brick. But it does look super cool in the pictures.
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20 thoughts

  1. All that beach trash makes for pretty photos but it makes me so sad!

  2. I can see how toys can be accidentally left on a beach. But tampon applicators? Are you kidding me? If I caught these filthy people, I'd make them eat their trash.

    1. They aren't leaving tampon applicators at the beach. They're flushing the applicators, which make it through waste disposal system into the lake, and then wind up on the beach. I'm sure that explanation didn't make it any more palatable for you.

  3. I love that little batman flailin' about like he just don't care. These photos always amaze me--especially how you can turn trash into beautiful art! :D That is such a shame about the problem of it getting worse, though. C'mon people!

  4. This reminds me of those "Things Organized Neatly" posts, really lovely, gorgeous pictures!!!
    The horse head totally makes it.
    is a sentence I never thought I'd type.

  5. I'm stunned there was so much trash to pick up! Well done you for doing it though.

  6. It is sad that all that trash was found, but this is such a colorful and artful display. Really great pics and I love how everything is arranged.

  7. I love the pictures and I love scavanging at the beach, but dang :( It's always a bummer to see that so many people just don't care about the environment at all, on even the most base level. Sigh..

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  8. I wish people wouldn't just throw their trash all on the beach. The beach is supposed to be a beautiful place to go and not be surrounded by trash, but I do admit the photos you took make is look pretty! I would totally keep that horse head!

  9. It's sad that so much trash gets left on the beach but wow, what a gorgeous display!

  10. I love your trash pictures. It's like Ispy. I wished I lived closer so I could do this too.

  11. that is actually so creative!
    at first when i saw the first photo
    i couldn't tell it was trash they look
    so organised!
    it's sad how people leave all those things
    behind and polluting the earth though....

  12. It's nice to turn something not so great into something great. Who new trash could be so interesting?!

  13. I love these photos, so very, very, much!


  14. I love these trash posts you do! ...except this time I think I see a tampon. Ew! I'm so glad you do this, tampons and all. ;)

  15. Wow, it's amazing what you can find, and what you can do with a little creativity :)

  16. What a cool post and pictures! You found some very unusual and photogenic stuff. It requires an eye for the quirky to discover these treasures;-). Love it.

  17. Kaylah, do you know about I follow them on Facebook and they've inspired me to be a beach picker too. They'll send you cool stickers. They're good peeps. Thanks for being a beach protector.


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