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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's been an incredibly long time since I did a thrifty finds post. The last one was in July of 2012, eeeep! I'm still thrifing just as frequently as I used to, it's just that I'm trying to be a lot more practical with my purchases. Buying everything that I even remotely liked was leading to a super cluttered house. This last year I've been making a huge effort to clean out and donate everything in my house I'm not crazy in love with and stop buying things I don't need. Therefore the things I'm picking up at thrift stores, estate sales and the like are mostly practical things that don't really make great posts.

A couple weekends back I hit up a reeeeally great estate sale. I feel like estate sales have really been few and far between this year. The ones I have gone to were a little less than exciting. But this one was excellent. It reminded me of my very first estate sale. It was packed to the brim with treasures. Here's what I brought home...
I know I just said I've only been buying practical things and you're probably thinking "Oh yeah Kaylah? A taxidermy crocodile is practical?" Yeah, it is. I spotted this little dude and darted across the room to grab him. Like I said in the post about my curiosities I'm on the hunt for taxidermy. This isn't exactly what I was envisioning when I said that, I tend to like furry critters better but there's no way I could leave this guy behind. He's the perfect addition to my home! I am thinking about getting a little top hat for him though. I mean, that'd be pretty cute, right?
I also found a real flower press. Stacks of books and paper towels are working just fine for me but I really couldn't resist getting this. It's so pretty, certainly more attractive than a stack of books with paper towels messily sticking out the sides! It was still in the original box with directions too. Not too shabby of a find for two dollars. I can't wait to try it out.
I'm not sure how many of you have been around long enough to recall that I collect vintage stationary. I'm happy to add these two sets to my collection. (PS. If you want to get a letter on some pretty paper from me you can find my PO Box address here. ;))
The estate sale had a large selection of pins but for some reason this one really appealed to me. It's just so silly.
Obviously not from an estate sale but someone real cute wanted in on the action while I took pictures for this post. He's so darn adorable.

Have you found anything great secondhand lately? I really hope the cooler weather brings more estate sales. Visiting this one really made me realize how much I missed them and how much fun they can be.

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24 thoughts

  1. such cool finds! I totally recall you collecting vintage stationery paper (I reallyyyyy love pretty stationery too!)... I'd love to be penpals with you, Kaylah! :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  2. Thrifty finds are always the best kind ^_^ I love the flower press, my Mum has one that's very similar (I'll have to dig it out of the cupboard) and the notepaper is ever so pretty too! Really lovely finds ^_^

  3. What great finds! You should do these posts more often! Last weekend I went to an estate sale just down my road and found a telescope and loads of awesome records including my favorite- the soundtrack to the great muppet caper!

  4. Flower press! I haven't seen one of those since my Gran was alive. We used to press together all the time :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  5. That crocodile is an amazing fine. And alway yes to a top hat.

  6. You should definitely buy that crocodile a top hat, just saying :)
    Great finds, that flower press is super cool!

    You're In Brookelynn

  7. Your thrifting posts have always been among my favorites and I was just thinking that it's been so long since you shared your finds! Thanks for mind reading! ;)

  8. If you ever want to be astonished by the amount of estate sales, head north into south east Michigan (around Metro Detroit) and we have absolute tonnes every weekend! Love the flower press, I had one myself once although it was a cheap modern version that the wood snapped on the first or second attempt of using it! Never come across another since.

  9. NICE. That little croc WOULD look very gentlemanly in a top hat! And the flower press, wow. What an awesome find!

    My boyfriend and I are house-hunting right now and I'm trying to gather up some neat taxidermy and curiosities for our future home. Pittsburgh is so filled with old homes, that I've sure some estate sales would turn up a bunch of treasures. I'll have to try it!

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  10. I LOVE estate sales, but can hardly ever find any good ones here. I keep finding regular garage sales people have advertised as "estate sales", which is a little annoying. But when you find a huge treasure-trove like this one, it's so worth the frustration!

  11. man, I am so jealous that you guys in the U.S. have such a great second hand and vintage culture. Here in Germany we only have really few thrift shops and rarely any estate sales. I'm hopping around on flee markets instead...

  12. I've been buying more practical things too. Last week I found some beautiful bowls. I almost left them behind, but I'm so happy I bought them every time we use them.

  13. Love the croc... he definitely needs a hat of some sort to keep himself warm. It is nearly winter after all. :)

  14. In addition to a top hat for the little guy, don't forget the monocle! ^o^

    I've found loads of awesome things at Salvation Army and Value Village recently! I am going to do a post on my blog about them soon but I will give you the basic run down.

    Small frame with pressed flowers IN THE FRAME ITSELF. I put my daughter's school picture in it. It's perfect! *heart melts*

    I also picked up a $10 two tier desk from Salvation Army. It was such a great find... my heart melted again! It was exactly what I was looking for and I didn't have to pay into the hundreds which was a huge relief. All it needed was a few supporting brackets to stabilize it and it was good to go!

    I also found (and this isn't very practical but.......) a candle holder that is 4 squat figures holding hands around a middle area that is open to put a small tea candle in. The holder itself is pretty heavy and I can't tell what it is made out of (it isn't next to me at the moment), but I love it because when the light is off the flames dance through the figures creating an awesome effect! (*)w(*)

  15. Love your finds, especially the stationary and the flower press! Estate sales are nuts though! I feel like you have to block people out like in basketball sometimes just to look at things. But they are fun!

  16. I found an estate sale last week and it was horrible! It was just trash out of storage. Nothing as adorable as that. =]

  17. Saturday is my thrifting day and I can't wait to go! Last time I bought plastic deer head in pretty vintage frame (perfect wall decoration, just needs to be panted), enameled red leaf brooch, cutest little make up bag with picture of two bunnies on it, pretty box with all sorts of beads, tiny silver elephant pendant, lace butterfly brooch and two vintage Agatha Christie books. I paid a little over 5 $ for all of that :)

  18. my husband and I like to sell thing we don't use anymore at thrift every month we go and sell something(if there's some find in our box or in our wardrobe...jackets, shoes, and books)...then we like to buy at flea markets and thrift stores mostly books we are searching and we listed(saving a lot of money)and I'm Always looking for vintage italian postcards or silly ones! it's not so easy...but sometimes I find cool things!

  19. Love this post :) Please keep doing them! The alligator is awesome and I would've been mad if you DIDN'T get it.. not that I would know.. Anyway, he obviously needs a tophat and a name.

    xo Ashley

  20. EEE! I LOVE the alligator!! And I think a top hat would suit him just dandy!! My Grandmother let me take home the taxidermy jackalope my Grandpa made years back. I've aaalllways wanted it and she let me have it when I was back home this past x-mas. I took him home, gave him a brush and then hung chains with teardrop beads off his antlers and gave him a faux pearl collar with brooch and a teeny crown on his head. He looks much more decadent!

  21. I love estate sales/garage sales/rummage sales! Although there aren't that many GOOD ones here, I still love them. When I go, I look for vintage scarves (I have almost 200!...geez! lol.), jewelry and clothes. Where I live, there is a senior center like three minutes walking distance, and they almost always have GREAT scarves for me! :) And the scarves there are usually a quarter.

  22. Yes! Love your thrift posts. That crocodile is an incredible find and a top hat would make him look very dapper indeed. I'm trying to clean-out too but had a rocky start since my GoodWill just had the annual Glitter Sale and I cannot resist the spectacle and the sequins. The culling of my things starts now!

  23. That taxidermy Crocodile is amazing! I wish I could find stuff like that in thrift stores in the UK!
    Kloe xxx


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