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photo an hour : November 5th, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Elycia and I finally reunited!! She was staying with Ivan in the far west side of Ohio while he was on a business trip so I made the drive over to visit. I haven't seen her, except over skype, since our little trip to Niagara Falls back in June. That means it was my first time meeting Milo. Oh my goodness, if it's possible, he's even more precious in person. Elycia and I both took a photo an hour of our day together.

7am // On the road! I left around 5am but my first stop was at a service plaza around 7am.
8am // Roadtrip tunes.
9am // Elycia and Milo getting ready to hit the road and head to the mall.
10am // The mall we went looking for (in hopes of finding a photobooth) ended up not being a mall at all but just a small plaza full of outlet stores. I tried looking on my phone for something else to do but there was absolutely nothing to do in the area that would have worked for the weather so we decided just to head back to the hotel room to hang out.
11am // On the way back we had to pull over to take a photo of a building that had two signs on the top. One said "eat" and the other "cigarettes".
12pm // Back at the hotel.
1pm // Instead of just taking a thousand photos of Milo, I tried to mix it up. I also forgot to take a photo at one right up until the last minute.
3pm // Look how cute Milo is looking at me. That boy loved to stare at me, it was the cutest.
5pm // I left around four so that I wouldn't get home too late. The only highlight on my drive home (and on toll roads in general) was pressed penny machines at service plazas!
My photos stop there because I'm sure you don't need to see five more photos of what I was listening to on my trip. Hah! Even if the photos from this day aren't the most exciting and hanging out in a hotel for the majority of the day isn't what either of us would make plans to do, it was so great to see Elycia and finally meet Milo. I miss them already!

Obviously, just thought I should note, in the car photos were taken when I was pulled over, not while driving.

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13 thoughts

  1. I'm a sucker for pressing pennies along the turnpike too, and isn't the Roadtrippers app just wonderful?!

    1. Actually, I'm not a huge fan. I've tried to use to more than a few times but seriously never found anything to stop at. Maybe it's just the areas I'm in but I haven't found it to be helpful for me at all.

  2. What a nice reunion. :)
    One question, in Elycia's one-photo-an-hour I spotted your awesome dotted jacket. Could you tell me the brand? I think I am in love.

    1. It's from Target! I got it earlier this year so I'm not sure if they still have it.

    2. Damn it and it was so good to be true

  3. These are some of my favorite kinds of posts from you. I wish I had the discipline to do something like that myself, but I can hardly remember to take pictures of important moments - let alone mundane hours of my life ;)

  4. Nice choice of road trip music! :)

  5. Fun times! Is it bad that at the site of PB M&M's I was immediately "hungry" (mostly just snack-lust by which I mean=not really properly hungry).

  6. Ooh you collect pressed pennies? I always get a load when I'm in the USA but there are barely any to be found in the UK :'(

    1. Heck yes, I collect pressed pennies! That's such a bummer there are none in the UK.

  7. Baby Milo is too cute! I am glad that you two got to see each other again. I have a really good girl friend that I only see every so often, but when we see each other it's like SHABAM AWESOME!

  8. Ahh very excited that you two got together :) Aunty Kaylah!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten


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