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what I wore : polka dots and green all over

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

sweater - c/o Oasap
glasses - Dylan c/o BonLook
necklace - Cat necklace via Forever 21
ring - ebay
plugs - Bodyartforms
brooch - c/o Salty Star Designs
belt - snagged from another dress
socks - Target
shoes - thrifted
camera bag - Jo Totes

I'm still struggling with my style identity crisis like I mentioned in this post. I was tearing apart my closet looking for something that felt right when I rediscovered this dress, which I had apparently forgotten all about for a while. I love when that happens, it kinda feels like getting a brand new dress. I might have even worn it two days in a row. Well, with a different sweater so that kind of makes it a new outfit, right? Haha! I like to go with the rule that if the same people aren't seeing me and I don't smell funny that it's totally okay to wear the same clothes two days in a row.
Hope you're having a lovely Tuesday!

You can take a peek at the last time I shared this dress on the blog here.

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26 thoughts

  1. LOVE the new HAircolor, the light green underneath looks sooo cool. Really cute look, i´m wearing the dress/cardigan kombo all the time <3

  2. I love this outfit with your hair, it's perfect!

  3. AH THOSE BEE PLUGS! I don't think I'm quite ready to replace my Triceratops ones from Omerica, but when I do, I'm so getting bees!

  4. This dress is so cute and matches you haircolor perfectly :)
    I love these photos!!
    Bubble my Licorice

  5. This outfit is so darling! And you look so happy; it's infectious in the best way possible.

  6. I'm kind of jealous. Haircolour AND dress are amazing. So cool! You look gorgeous. Also, I think I've mentioned this a thousand times. But your teeth turned out SO beautiful. I wish I could do something about mine. But they're just tiny and they cant really do anything about that ;)

    lots of love.

    I've been reading your blog for so long now and feel like I dont comment enough.


  7. I love this outfit so much! The polka dots are darling and I love love love this color. Totally admiring all of your accessories, too!

    Ladyface Blog

  8. Hey Kaylah. I saw some photos from your amazing craft room. Seemed like you were really into sewing. Do you still sew a lot?

  9. That's totally my rule, too! Sometimes I just love an outfit and want to wear it again...and sometimes I'm lazy and haven't put it away =)

  10. I love this outfit, such gorgeous colours! xx

  11. Love it, a lot. Really love the belt too (which I think I've said a gazillion times before - but it's true)

  12. I think you might be the coolest person in the world ;)

  13. Yeah as long as it doesn't smell you can wear it again! Some dresses are just hard to wash too and I'm not paying for dry cleaning every single time!
    Anyway, this dress is so adorable! I love the way it looks with your green hair. You make me want to break out some knee socks asap too!

  14. I've read your blog for awhile now and I'm always amazed seeing your adorable outfits!

  15. Great outfit and a very good rule.

  16. Beautiful outfit! I'm so in love with that gorgeous green dress!

  17. You look so gorgeous! I am in love with this outfit. :D

    Mostly Lisa

  18. I think green is your color, beautiful mix


  19. Your outfit is very well put together! Everything is balanced and harmonious. :)
    I am guilty of wearing some outfits two days in a row as well. ^o^

  20. If no one sees you or different people see you then it's like a brand new outfit anyway.
    And the dress is awesome! Versatile, cute and flattering! :D


  21. Great pictures and a sweet look!


  22. http://catversushuman.spreadshirt.com/ I just came across her awesome page in tumblr, the cat vs human. she has awesome comics, you might want to check them out! (: but when I saw her shirts, I just immediately thought of you... (:

  23. Girl you look stunning! That dress is seriously so adorable! New follower here and I absolutely adore your blog!


  24. Wow, that close up photo is gorgeous - you have such a stunning smile!

  25. wow that dress is really amazing, I can totally see why you got it out of your closet, it looks super flattering on you, Kaylah! :) I'm so much loving this outfit, you look so cute! also, those plugs are so cool!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming


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