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what I wore : backpack love!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

glasses - Dylan c/o BonLook
shirt - c/o The Printed Palette
jacket - Target
backpack - Amazon
pin - gift from Beca
jeans - Target
boots - thrifted

I'm so obsessed with this camera bag, be prepared to see it often! I'd been thinking about getting a backpack camera bag for sometime now. I always carry way too much equipment with me and by the end of the day I'm always complaining that my neck and back hurt from my bags. I figured a backpack would help distribute the weight better and be more comfortable when I'm out exploring. It didn't take long before I found what looked like the perfect one. It has tons of pockets, is super cute and most importantly, obviously, it will keep my camera safe. I basically haven't taken it off since it got here. Best of all, which is actually kind of a bad thing, it comfortably holds all three of the camera I always want to tote around plus more. I haven't had a camera bag related headache since getting it which is basically a miracle. Money well spent! I can't wait to take it on all my adventures.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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20 thoughts

  1. your backpack is dreamy, same as your pictures, you always inspire me with your adventures!

  2. Neat camera bag... but it's the coat that I am obsessed with!

  3. Trousers?? What happened? This is not a typical Kaylah-look, i guess ;) Your jacket is so nice - I am searching for such one.
    Have a nice day beautiful cat lady - greetings from Far-Away-Germany!

  4. Same here, I love camera bags but my back is not a big fan of them. I got the other model they have before going to travel in Africa and the backpack did great. The only flaw is that after a few months of heavy use, the wax inner coating started to crumble, so watch for that!

  5. That backpack is great! I also really love that jacket and the patch you added to it!

    Ladyface Blog

  6. That patch is so cute! Plus, I didn't even know they made camera backpacks! I love it!

  7. That patch is adorable! I love the Stay at Home Club.

  8. Those glasses look great on you!

  9. This whole outfit and shoot is wonderful! You make me want to run off and explore!

  10. suuuper cute backpack! so many pockets!

    at this volume

  11. That's the perfect bag for adverturing! Your blog always inspires me to go outside and explore more - it looks like such fun and I don't do it often enough. xx

  12. Ooohhh, I love the backpack, but it's probably because I have the messenger bag/backpack one by the same company. I love how mine is convertible.

  13. What a handy dandy backpack! Love that patch, too!

  14. That jacket is so cute! Gotta love Target.

    I love your style and hair! Very happy I found your blog! :)

    xx Katherine

  15. I recently converted a backpack into a camera bag but I love how this zips half way - would fit my cameras a lot better! I agree with backpacks being better weight distributors, I don't think I'll go back to my satchel since using my backpack, it's been much nicer to my spine :)

  16. You're such a beautiful girl, your blog is a real pleasure for the eyes and your tattoos are just amazing! Perfection! :) Have a good day!

  17. I've been eyeing this camera bag for awhile now! I'm looking for something that would hold my land camera, my pentax k1000 and my DSLR, with some other odds and ends. Would you say this backpack could do that?


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