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Cemeteries of Sandusky

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

My little road trip to Sandusky that I mentioned earlier in the week all started with cemeteries, well one in particular. I'm sure there are tons of cemeteries near me that I still have yet to explore but when I found the Cholera Cemetery on Roadside America I was too intrigued to resist.

In 1849 a cholera epidemic struck Sandusky. Nearly 400 people died, most of which were buried in a mass grave which is now the site known was "Cholera Cemetery." According to Forgotten Ohio, legend has it that many sick people were buried alive to hastily rid the city of infection. I'm not sure how accurate that claim is. I'm sure there are only a few (...who have long since died) that know the truth but it's interesting nonetheless.

Sadly, I felt like the place was kind of bust. It was a monument, a plaque and three small headstones. I guess I was expecting a lot more, somewhere where I'd be able to spend more than ten minutes at. In the end the coolest thing about the place was the sign and I did end up getting a really sweet land camera photo of it! I'm still glad to be able to check it off my list of places I want to visit.
Luckily I had planned a full day of cemetery exploring and the deer park along with Cholera Cemetery. I visited Oakland Cemetery and Milan Cemetery. Oakland was huge, but I found Milan more interesting.

One thing that caught my interest while researching Milan Cemetery was "Legend of the Abbott Tomb." Story has it if you knock on the door Ben Abbott who died in the mid 1800s will chase you away. I don't believe in ghosts but something about ghost stories and urban legends like that still gets me excited so of course, I made it a point to find the Abbotts resting place.
I was actually sitting in my car, bummed out I couldn't find it when I looked up and spotted it. The Abbotts are tucked away in a hillside that's overgrown and has recently had some machinery running through it judging by the tracks. I hopped out of my car and trotted over. I wanted to knock so bad, but I really am a chicken, I just couldn't. I got spooked out, ran back up the hill and to my car as quickly as possible. Now I kind of wished I had knocked, just to say I did because I know nothing would have happened. (On a semi-related note, I had a really terrible nightmare that night! I almost wish I believed in ghosts just so I could blame it on more than me just being a huge wimp who freaked herself out)

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27 thoughts

  1. I love stuff like this but I am a major wimp too, seriously, I freak out in the house by myself constantly.

    I've also never realised how close "Chloe" is to "Cholera".


  2. I love all of your cemetery adventures! Planning a trip to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in a few weeks that I'm ridiculously excited about. Tis the season!

  3. I love cemeteries! My brother works in one and I get to hear all the interesting behind the scene things that happen. I got him this book and I think you would like it too. :) Keep up the awesome trips! I was hoping to visit some local sites near where I live in Ohio but never have got around to it.
    Heres the book BTW!


  4. Sounds like Mr. Abbott chased you away even without your knocking on the door.

  5. These are really lovely pictures ^_^ I used to live right behind a cemetery, which I could see from my living room. I spent so much time wandering around in there, it was so peaceful, although a little creepy sometimes too!

  6. I love visiting cemeteries, too. Unfortunately, Door County doesn't have very cool ones, mostly because it was settled so recently most of the markers are new with much less aesthetic appeal. Buuuuuut on my upcoming road trip I am super excited to be visiting some along the way, especially in the south and in New Orleans!

    I am a big wimp, too! I am absolutely paranoid that I'll lock myself out of my car so I am constantly checking to make sure I have my keys, haha.

  7. Your cemetery posts are one of my favorite parts of your blog. If I'm ever in the midwest, I'm absolutely stopping at this one. It seems eerie even in the pictures!

  8. Visiting the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris was one of the most interesting parts of a 5-week backpacking adventure I took overseas. Totally turned me into a cemetery lover/wanderer. Love the photos/stories. :)


  9. I don't believe in ghosts or afterlife either but sometimes I spook myself when I hear strange bumps in the night.

  10. I am such a wimp too!! I love cemeteries and "haunted" places, but I freak myself out so bad over nothing every time I go!

  11. I adore your cemetery posts. They are so beautiful. I have been wanting to explore some near me but haven't taken the leap yet.

  12. Hi. Awesome photos. I happen to believe that spirits are around us everyday. Check out Huff paranormal. Steve Huff & his son do recordings & videos in many different locations. I read his about me on his camera review blog & his story made me even more of a believer. Reading his accounts truly gave me chills more than once. I know there are many "ghost hunters" out there, but they always seem to show respect to the whole spirit world. It's quite fascinating.

  13. I love exploring old cemeteries as well. The artistry of the tombstones alone are worth the trip. There are so many hidden jems and I love hearing the stories behind them.

  14. I generally tell myself that I don't believe in ghosts, although the idea of them really spooks me. I read a book that got me thinking about the possibility of the existence spirits/souls/a disembodied consciousness of someone once living. Anyway I still don't believe in ghosts, but I want to believe :) It was an interesting read nonetheless. Link : http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/247874.Old_Souls?from_search=true

  15. Gorgeous photos! Nice to meet a fellow cat lady haha! <3 love your blog, following (:


  16. I would have chickened out too. I could never say "candyman" in front of a mirror either ;)

  17. I've always loved visiting cemeteries and other macabre locations. Great post.

  18. I so wish you'd knocked! I have to admit that I definitely wouldn't have done it!


  19. I love your cemetery posts Kaylah! I love cemeteries in general! I can totally relate to being a huge wimp sometimes when it comes to these things LOL

    Happy blogging!

  20. These photos are so hauntingly beautiful. I believe in ghosts, and so I would definitely not have knocked. I'd love to investigate a cemetery at night though, and see if anything happens. Hope your nightmare wasn't too intense!

    Mostly Lisa

  21. now that you are driving you should look into the melonheads in kirtland, oh and gravity hill too

  22. Aww, how disappointing that Cholera Cemetery wasn't more impressive. With a name like that, you'd hope for something really cool!

  23. Gorgeous photos, as always. I wouldn't have knocked either. Heisenberg is the one who knocks.
    (Now I hope you're a Breaking Bad fan or you'll just think I'm weird)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  24. Love these pics and the legends! I think that I would be exactly like you in the front of the door! (sorry for my english^^)

  25. Wonderful photographs - very interesting reading!


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