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Weekly Nail

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Supplies used...
American Apparel Downtown LA
China Glaze Desert Sun
China Glaze Budding Romance
Sally Hansen Soy Latte
Zoya Louise
Sally Hansen Butterscotch
Seche Vite as a top coat
Nail stickers (blogged about here // bought from here

It's officially the first day of fall!! I've already embraced the cooler weather by breaking out all the pumpkin scented candles I've had hidden away since I bought them on clearance at the end of last season, and by doing some rearranging around the house. You always hear of "spring cleaning" but I've found I'm so much more into fall cleaning. Getting the house nice and cozy for all the time that will be spent inside because of the cold weather. I love this time of the year.
I guess it's time to go dig the Halloween decorations out of the basement. I can't believe I lasted this long without putting them up. That's gotta be a record for me!

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14 thoughts

  1. Love your nails, look so good. Yay for cozy autumn and winter :)

  2. OH! Cute! I keep wanting to paint mine, but I don't have too many colours. I think it's time I invest in more. :D

  3. Great polish colors!! Fall is totally my fave season of the year.

  4. I love this!!! What a cute fall idea!

  5. Aw, your nails look so pretty! What a perfect way to usher in the fall :) I love new nail ideas, thanks for sharing! (I especially love some of the names for these nail polishes, haha!)

    xo, Alyssa

  6. I love those polishes and the look! It looks so easy that next time I paint my nails I am going to try this with my Zoya polishes! Thanks :D

    Kristina | Beauty With Compassion

  7. fall colorsssss hnnng omg I'm so excited!!

  8. I really love this idea, you really hit the mark on the fall colors! I'm inspired now!
    The Impossibly Cute

  9. Haha my brother-in-law puts his christmas decorations up the day after halloween. Except they do have a miniature christmas tree that is up year round. some people are crazy! i love the yellow and gray combination on your nail though. it's too cute. where do you get all of these ideas for nails?! jeezum!

  10. Love these nails! Such a great idea. I'm a big fan of Autumn and all those lovely colours. :)

  11. That is too funny. I do the "fall cleaning" too, my husband always makes fun of me. But, it is my favorite time of the year.

  12. Loving that colour combo! We had an impromptu fall clean last weekend :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  13. Hei, I said exactly these words about spring and fall cleaning one of my friends last year. I'm also more into fall cleaning! :)
    Love your nails! Fall colors are the best!


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