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Lagoon Deer Park // on film

Monday, September 30, 2013

Exercising my need to drive took me to Sandusky last weekend. I found a neat cemetery I wanted to explore (more on this soon!) and looked around online for some other things to do while I was in the area because even I think driving two hours just to visit a cemetery sounds a little kooky. I found Lagoon Deer Park and the trip was officially on, I had to visit!
I love deer parks (duh!) but this one was different. The deer are kept in a large pen that you enter. On the edges of this large pen are other smaller pens where there are camels, donkeys and other animals. You're right in there with the deer. It was seriously the best. I've never been so close to so many deer. Even better than that I was the only person there at the time. I got to spend forty-five minutes alone with a ton of deer! It was dream come true.
Okay, so, the deer were probably only interested in me because I bought a bag of peanuts to feed them when I paid for admission but it was still really neat to have them basically swarm me.

Do you have a deer park near you? I didn't realize it was a thing, I thought Double Diamond Deer Ranch in Cook Forest, PA was an anomaly. Now that I know they're out there I must visit more of them!

Bonus bit of information : If you visit this place, bring a tote bag to put the peanuts in. The bags the peanuts are sold in are just paper bags and the deer will rip them right open. I stashed my bag inside my camera bag and none of them bothered it... ya know, after I lost half the peanuts on the ground within the first three minutes of being there.

All of the photos above were taken with a Canon T2 and Fuji 35mm Superia X-TRA 400 that expired in 2010.

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18 thoughts

  1. Awesome! I remember celebrating my sixth birthday at the Scottish Deer Centre and being so jealous because my brother got to bottle feed a fawn. I would love to visit a similar place here in Massachusetts!

  2. You were very popular with the deers; 7 trying to eat at the same time! :) I saw deers so close as this for the first time in Nara (Japan) and they tried all the time to bite my pockets for food :) Love your film pics they turned great in that blue&green-ish colors!

  3. What an adorable place! You're actually making me MISS Ohio, which I never thought was possible! I love following along on all of your adventures :)

  4. Ahaha, I love this story :) I've always loved deer... there's a lot around here (outside of Austin, TX) especially in the wee hours of the AM... which can make running late-night errands a little extra magical/cautious :o)

  5. Have you ever been to Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, IN? I just went this past weekend. It's gorgeous!! and HUGE! It's the 3rd largest in the country. Beautiful trees everywhere! James Whitcomb Riley is buried there, along with President Benjamin Harrison, and public enemy number one: John Dillinger.. :) The trees are just starting to turn there also. You should definitely take a little weekend road trip next door and check it out! :)

  6. Oh my god these photos are adorable and I really laughed out laud reading that the deer attacked your paper bag full of peanuts! :D
    Chamomile Dealer

  7. Oh my gosh. This looks amazing!!!! I need to find a deer park near me immediately!

    Ladyface Blog

  8. Ha, I don't know if I would be excited or terrified if a bunch of deer started swarming me.

  9. I'm from the Northeast and I've never heard of deer parks before reading this blog. It looks super awesome though!

  10. They all look so happy to be deer being fed peanuts. ^.^

  11. I didn't know there were such things as deer parks. I think it would be nice to be close to deer as they are such dainty and cute animals.

  12. Such cute photos! I don't live near a deer park (in fact, is that a thing in England?) but I'm not far away from Longleat House which has a safari trail and lots of deer :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  13. Haha, that last photo is hilarious! That deer is looking right at you thinking something serious :)

  14. aww this looks like such an amazing place, I love deers so I think it's pretty exciting you got to spend such a long time by yourself with them! It reminds me of when I was in Germany a couple of years ago and I went to a natural park and they had a bunch of deers there, they were so super cute and I loved interacting with them!
    oh and that last picture is so so funny!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  15. I went to a place literally called "Deer Park" in a historical town called Kyoto in Japan. It was seriously one of the best experiences of my life. I felt like snow white going up to baby deer and just playing with them. Heaven on earth.


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