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what I wore : covered in cameras

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

dress - Poise and Click Dress via Modcloth
necklace - gift from Mary Mary Handmade
belt - from another dress
sunglasses - Wonderland c/o Bonlook
camera bag -Lyric by Epiphanie via Amazon

My birthday is long past (although it is still my birthday month which I most certainly milk!) but here's my second birthday dress. Birthday dress as in dress I wouldn't have otherwise have purchased for a multitude of reasons but allowed myself to splurge on because it was my birthday. It was the print that did me in. I'm not a fan of white dresses, the price tag is kind of high and it's perhaps a bit shorter than I'd like but I couldn't resist those cameras. I mean, how often do you really come across a camera dress?! I'm a sucker for a great print.

Another birthday present I grabbed for myself is this camera bag. I had an amazon gift card and decided this bag would make a perfect addition to my already a bit ridiculous collection of camera bags. Aaaand it is! The color is so beautiful and bright in person. I'm, of course, obsessed with the front pockets because I'm a firm believer a bag can never have too many pockets. It's large and holds quite a bit. It also has the softest interior of any of my other camera bags, although it does lose points for being white inside. Guh, I really hate white clothing and bags. I mean, c'mon, am I the only person who gets things dirty really easily!?

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

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34 thoughts

  1. Love the dress! The only all-white item of clothing I own and wear regularly is my raincoat. The way I see it, if that gets dirty, it'll be cleaned soon enough! And it goes well with everything :)

  2. Adorbs! And I love that you wore it with seamed hose. So elegant. lol

  3. i LOVE that yallow bag <3 and the little tooth is sooo adorable <3

  4. I love that dress! :) And I'm with you - I can never keep anything white for more than like a day.

  5. Such a cute dress! Also love the seamed stockings:) Completes the look very nicely

  6. I don't think I can properly express how much I love this outfit. It's so. damn. cute. I totally hear ya on the white clothing. I always see gorgeous white dresses, but have to skip them. I don't spill things very often, but put me in something white and I'll spill everything I pick up!

    Ladyface Blog

  7. Best dress ever!! I love the little tooth!

    - Robyn

  8. That dress couldn't have been more perfect for you!

  9. I saw this dress on ModCloth and immediately thought to myself that you needed to own it! It looks so lovely on you, and the shoes and seamed tights are great. :)

    xox Sammi

  10. You are definitely not the only person who gets white dirty easily. I have one cream dress that I'm so careful with and then two white/cream tops. I also love that print.

  11. That print goes great with your tattoos!

  12. I love front pockets on a purse! My main purse has two outer pockets like on your camera bag, and they're great for my phone and the millions of chapsticks and lip glosses I always have with me.

  13. Oh yay love the dress x happy continued birthday month

  14. Is not only the print of the dess is also the colors! I love these colors together... actually if you look at my wardrobe you only find browns, mustards, greens, orange... nature colors are my faves!

  15. You're not alone. Anything white in my wardrobe gets ruined in no time. And forget about bags. I always set my bags on the floor or ground. There's no WAY I could have a white one.

    On the other hand, that dress IS amazing!


  16. Wow that print! Modcloth continues to outdo themselves. And I love all your camera bags...it just continually reminds me that I need to buy one!

  17. This dress is SO cute! I love the print, and I love the white with the organey browney colours, you look great xx


  18. I always love the prints of your dresses!! You rock them!

  19. WOW! That is the most perfect dress I have ever seen. So wonderful.

  20. I love the camera print, it's too cute! I agree on white clothing, I somehow spill everything on it, but a cute print will win over that any day!

  21. There are so many perfect details in this outfit! First of all the camera print on your dress is amazing. I also love your strappy flats and tooth necklace. Great new camera bag too! I love the bold color.

  22. i don't understand why more people don't celebrate their birthday month, and why my family won't accept this concept (haha)! that dress is truly adorable, though! x

  23. Cute prints are usually what cause me to splurge on dresses as well and I LOVE the camera print, especially the colors. My birthday was at the end of July and I definitely bought myself a pair of "birthday boots."
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  24. I love your TIGHTS! So cute yet seductive! and that's the perfect dress for you!!!!


  25. That dress is nifty! I am a firm believer in the birthday splurge/present to self, but I forgot this year (gasp).

    And I am so with you on the white clothes dilemma. I recently found a circle skirt with CATS on it (and they look just like one of mine, ee) and it's already been stained with...I don't even really know! Not to mention white clothes + messy things is a daily part of my working life, double ugh!

    What gets me is some people are mega laundry whizzes and can bust any stain, yet I have never cracked the magical code (even with expert assistance)!! Just hanngg in there, that dress is so worth it.

  26. I also don't really care for white clothing/shoes/bags. It gets too dirty too fast.
    This dress is cute though, and those shoes. This is the third time I have commented on them! :D

  27. OMG I want that dress :3 great combination

  28. Oh my gosh I want this dress <3 Silly Modcloth import fees!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  29. Incredibly cute!
    New follower!

  30. I love your dress!!!

    I've been a regular reader of your blog for a while now. I just love the way you put beautiful pieces together and your beautiful nail tutorials. I wish I could have as many nail polishes as you :)

    I've just started a new blog where I find cheap Ebay fashion, I would love it if you dropped by:)


  31. I almost bought that camera dress! I didn't because as you said the price tag is high and I bought myself a different dress for my recent birthday - but that print is amazing. xxx

  32. That dress is just so adorable! That print is just so amazing!



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