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what I wore : black, white and blue all over

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

shirt -  TJ Maxx
jean vest - thrifted
back patch - Zombie Soy Bot
pins - tooth a gift from Julieta, Tacky, Rude & Vulgar a gift from Sara, Meow by Thora Ford
necklace - c/o The Golden Tooth
rings - tooth ring by Extollo Jewelry, purple ring is vintage
socks - Happy Socks
shoes - vintage (my faaaavorite find ever!)
camera bag - Epiphanie Bags

Since adopting Klaus I'm finding myself wearing jeans more and more. One reason being it's so much easier to just throw on a pair and a shirt when I need to run out the door to take him outside or take him on a walk. Another reason - those little claws are shaaaarp. I'm not ready to risk that little guy accidentally putting a hole in one of my favorite dresses just yet. Other than those reasons and blaming my jean wearing ways on the dog, I'm just obsessed with this jean vest. I'm not quite sure how to wear it with a skirt or dress yet, nothing seems to look right. Sooo... variations of this outfit have been seeing a lot of wear around here. On any given day during the last few weeks I could have probably been seen around in a striped shirt, my jean vest and jeans. I'd normally call that a style rut but I actually dig it.

That picture of my shoes, look how much it looks like fall in the background! I can't wait for it to look like this soon. The cemetery is seriously one of the prettiest places ever in the fall. I actually have a few I've been meaning to visit but putting off until the leaves all change colors first. Seems kind of crazy that some leaves are already beginning to fall off the trees. I want to savor every second of fall this year (and always!) I love fall but I guess I should finish enjoying summer first. It's not quite over yet in Ohio. We're still getting random super hot days. I think I need to finish off Summer with one last day spent at the beach reading!

Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

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26 thoughts

  1. Cemetery fashion = awesome!
    Are those Cicadas?

  2. I love the patch and the shoes!

  3. Such a gorgeous outfit Kaylah, love your pins!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  4. Love love love this outfit! Simple, but really very cool! I'm getting used to wearing jeans as well lately. I used to be a dress-only kind of gal, but now that I'm moved out of my parent's house, I find it's way easier to throw on some jeans (because you KNOW I'm in jammies if I'm in the house) than actually put on a dress and tights and the whole shebang.

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  5. Love this outfit, and your hair looks amazing xx

  6. Love that jean vest. You always have the BEST accessories! I love everything you've added to the vest!

    Ladyface Blog

  7. What the heck are those bugs?! You look beautiful as always but those things are blowing my mind!!

    1. Whaa?! I hear them all over here, but haven't seen any of those! I'd totally frame those!

  8. Ha! I love the "tacky, rude and vulgar" pin!!!


  9. That patch! Adorable. I love these nature shots.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  10. Is that bug eating a ladybug while on your hand?

    1. What? I'm not seeing what you're seeing.

  11. Your hair is perfect! Oh and those shoes and socks! Pfft the outfit is so cute!

  12. Ha! I LOVE that Tacky Rude & Vulgar pin!!! I also love the photos with the cicada shells-I recently visited my moms house and snagged like 26 of them for my collection. I seriously felt like a little kid on Easter!

    1. Haha! I always feel that way when I find something neat outside.

  13. Fall is my absolute favorite!! And holy cicada shells!!

  14. I love those shoes. I actually really like this outfit!

  15. Are those a big bunch of bugs?? : )
    I am an insect a phobe but I LOVE your blog. : )

  16. More reason why I need a denim vest! Love the outfit.

    xo Amber P.

  17. Of all the blogs I follow, I think you're the blogger whose closet I'd love to raid the most!


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