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what I wore : black, gray and green

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

shirt - TJ Maxx
necklace - ebay
skirt - c/o Modcloth
bracelet - Target
camera bag - Epiphanie
phone case - handmade (clear case from here)

At the beginning of the year I realized I didn't really own very many nice tshirts. I have quite a few button up shirts but sometimes they just feel too fancy. Yes, even the ones I own that are ridiculous patterns! So I've been keeping my eyes peeled for tshirts cute enough to pair with jeans or skirts when I wanted to stray from dresses. I've found a few and oddly enough they've all been striped and they've all been from TJ Maxx. Every time I visit there I usually find a new striped shirt. This one is my latest score (5 dollars, heck yeah!) It kind of reminds me of something a third grade little boy would wear. That's kind of strangely specific but that's where my brain goes. I wonder why... Doesn't matter, I really dig it!

I have a little update on these shoes since a few people asked for one when I wore them a few weeks back. This is my third time wearing them. The first being the time they really really tore me up. I still swear those were the gnarliest blisters I have ever gotten but they've since healed ...and scarred. After a super rough but very short (one wear) break in period these I can now wear them with no problems. I'm not a big fan of recommending things that aren't super comfy from the get go but gosh darn, these shoes are gorgeous.

Happy Tuesday!

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26 thoughts

  1. Holy Crap I LOVE your phone case!!! So perfect :)

  2. The green skirt is so fabulous, love it <3 And the phone case, so funny!

  3. You are the cutest! I love the pairing of the striped shirt with the green skirt. That, and your phone case is awesome.

    Ladyface Blog

  4. Lovely outfit! I have the shoes in my 'save for later' list on ASOS... haven't taken the plunge yet!!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  5. Ahh!! Me too!! Jim is the best;)
    Such a cute outfit.

  6. First of all congrats on being able to keep your hair so shiny and healty, I surely adore it. Secondly your phone case is encouraging me to buy an iPhone so I could carry Jim Carrey in my pocket! An lastly your bracelet is so rad! :)


  7. Your jewelry is all so lovely <3

  8. Such a cool outfit :)
    Glad to hear your shoes are treating you better!

  9. They're really cute shoes, but I'm with you - if I wear a pair and they aren't comfortable, I don't often wear them again.

  10. You are pretty much the coolest blogger that I've recently discovered! I love your outfit/style/hair. I went through a nothing but tshirts phase when I was in 12th grade and the first few years of college. I have 95490850985098534 tshirts and I love them all. I'm definitely going to get a clear case and make my own. Thanks for the idea!

    Life of Mabel

  11. Loving this skirt, and I have the exact same problem with shirts! I'm always drawn to dresses that I forget about tops (not button-downs) that I can wear with jeans or the few skirts I have. I love me some TJ Maxx.

    xox Sammi

  12. I like your look very much and your bag is so cool:):) Where can I buy it?

  13. I like the color pairings in this outfit - the skirt really stand out!


  14. have you seen these denture bracelets?


    they have combs too!

  15. ooo, I really like that shirt and your skirt is ADORABLE. That color green is perfect!


  16. Is it strange if I say that you are so fun to look at!? Haha! I mean that in the nicest way because you always have such fun little details throughout all of your outfits! This time I'm really loving your necklace and nails!


  17. I'm always on the lookout for tops that aren't button-downs or are just a bit less fancy to pair with skirts and stuff. It's always the striped t-shirts that I end up reaching for! I guess I need a couple more. Yours looks great with this pretty green skirt. Also, your phone case is amazing!

  18. So in love with your phone case. And the colours in this outfit are so beautiful together! You always make the most unthought of colour combinations and they turn out so lovely!

    x Sarah

  19. You look beautiful, as always.
    I love the skirt and of course your phone case : )

  20. I love this entire outfit. All the pieces look great together!
    And those shoes...I commented on them a few weeks back. They ARE gorgeous! :D

  21. I love walking around fields like that, it's just so perfect.
    Also, super cute zebra bracelet!




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