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Weekly Nail

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Supplies used...
Essie Mint Candy Apple
Wet N Wild Wet Cement
Seche Vite as a top coat
Nail stickers (blogged about here // bought from here)

Last week I was checking the links that I copy and past each week for weekly nail posts (top coat and nail stickers links) to make sure they were still correct. When I visited the shop I buy the nail stickers from I realized she had a new design available. I'm not sure how new they really are because I don't exactly visit often (despite how much I paint my nails, I still have tons of the stickers left!) but it was one I didn't have yet. It's similar to the regular arched one used for traditional french manicures except it has a cut out in the middle making for easy stripes. I'm really excited to play with this one. I think it could easily be one of the most versatile ones! How awesome would it be to put two of them on your nail, when you removed them the whole nail would be crisp stripes (I still can't freehand lines that look decent!) Definitely gotta try that soon!
Hope you have an excellent Sunday!

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18 thoughts

  1. Love these colours for summer. Great use of the nail stickers... I may just have to treat myself!

  2. These look really cool. I suck at nail art no matter how easy they make it!

    Life of Mabel

  3. This is so cute. I might have to buy those nail stickers!

  4. Also, I totally just bought these nail stickers. Total impulse buy, but I love those nails so much.

  5. I like this combination of colours together, I wouldn't have thought of putting mint and grey together. I also can't paint a neat straight line so the stickers looks really handy!

  6. Oooh amazing effect, I might have to get those stickers!

  7. These look amazing! I love mint candy apple x

  8. Awesome! That is a great idea too, and really love the color combination :)

    <3 PinKixx

  9. your nails remind me of those mint humbug sweets, delicious! x

  10. love seeing these they are so well done! Great colour choice too

    p.s I featured you in my latest blog post :)

  11. Your nails look so pretty! I love the colour combo, and the new sticker design. I really need to paint my nails today too haha! :)

    - Sasha

  12. ooooo I LOVE this! One of my all time favorite color combos! :)


  13. Oooh love those new stickers! I use the original ones you've talked about and they're definitely far better than most others I've tried.

    I was wondering if you ever use a base coat? I use one at the moment just to try and strengthen my nails a bit, but I think the polish chips a lot more when I use it.


    1. I rarely use a base coat (oops!) but when I do use one I like Seche Vite's base coat. It dries super quickly and I've never noticed it making my polish chip more. I just don't use it all the time because I hate waiting for another layer to dry.

  14. They look cute, love the two colours together! I'm kinda (really) hopeless at painting my nails haha

  15. It's so cute! To me, your nails look like teeny tiny mary jane shoes!!

  16. Love this design and the mint polish! I'm really going to have to buy myself some of those stickers soon! (:


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