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June in Review

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

So crazy to think it's July already. This year is flying by! June was an awesome month if I do say so myself, lots of great things happened, let's take a look back...

a few of my favorite posts from June:

new (to me) movies & TV shows I watched this month:
Sgt. Bilko.
Beyond the Myth. So, if you've been following me on twitter you might be hip to the fact I've been thinking about getting a dog very seriously. I love Pit Bulls, they're so gorgeous and there are so many that need a home.  But I'm a bit guilty of falling victim to the media so I did oodles of research, talked with a few people (Shout out to Rochelle for being amazing!) and ended up watching this documentary.  Be warned though, it is a tear jerker. I ugly cried through most of it but it really is a great documentary!! I highly recommend it.
The Details.
Natural Selection.
Django Unchained. I definitely wasn't expecting to like this movie so much. I'm not really a three hour movie kind of gal but I enjoyed it.

songs on repeat:
• Crushed Bones - Why?
• Rubber Traits - Why?
• Fall Saddles - Why?
• Miss Ohio's Nameless - Why?
• Van Helsing Boombox - Man Man
It was apparently another month of Why?. I have a really bad habit of listening to things until I get completely sick of them but it's just not happening with Why?, I think that's a good thing.
PS. If you want to see what else I'm listening to, you can find me on last fm here

exciting happenings online and off:  
• I got to see my favorite band, Man Man, again!! Initially I was a little nervous because it wasn't at my favorite venue, the Grog Shop. I would have to travel a little further and I had no idea what to expect in terms of what the inside would look like. It's silly but things like that really stress me out. It's kind of stupid how much the venue matters to me. I've seen the Smashing Pumpkins three times and can honestly say two of the times sucked simply because I hated the venue. Anyway, pfffft, all that worrying for nothing. Once again, Man Man blew my mind. I snagged the spot right in front of Honus, just like the first time I saw them. He drummed on my head, sang to me and even jumped off stage to hug me. Oh my goodness, I don't even care how much of a fan girl I sound like, I really love Man Man. I feel so lucky to have been able to see them twice this year.
Professor turned three! Love this little dude so hard.
• Of course I have to mention that Elycia had her baby! I'm so excited for her. (I might have even cried a little when we facetimed... and then a lot more once we got off. Haha) I can't wait to meet the little guy. He's super cute.
• I visited my first casino! I'm still pretty stoked about it despite the fact I didn't even enjoy it. I even feel like this photo makes the casino seem more glamorous than it really was. Haha. Guess I just wasn't expecting a dark smokey place filled with zombies pulling levers and pushing buttons.

It was definitely a great month! Here's to making July even better!

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13 thoughts

  1. Ahh pitbulls! I owned a pit bull for about 4/5 years and it's probably one of my favourite breeds. Pepper was probably the most affectionate and protective dog I've ever met/had. We were kids when we had him so whenever he heard us cry or cover our faces he'd run up to you and start licking your face, and whine while nudging you until you cheered up. He was so cute and I miss him so much! The only down side to Pepper was that he didn't know his own strength and sometimes he'd get way too excited. He'd knock us over. One time my brother had to get stitches, but thats about it. Sorry long comment but I love talking about animals! :]

    1. Aw, how sweet!!

      I kind of love dogs who don't know how strong or big they are. It's endearing! Crum, my parent's Great Dane, is like that. He doesn't realize how big and tough he actually is.

    2. I love big dogs! But they take a lot of work. I see a lot of Great Danes in Toronto and they have to be well trained, but especially in a big city (or busy area). Every Great Dane I meet is so calm... unlike my dog who is jumping around them egging them on to play. They just stand still. Such good dogs!

  2. looks like june was a great month! I ADORE the baby bunny post so much, and pitbull pups are so cute!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  3. Milo can't wait to meet you!! Crying over bavies is totally acceptable...I do it pretty often now.

  4. I've been loving your updates on the baby bunnies.
    My little 5 year old daugther just happened to see the baby bunny photo on this post and asked me if it was a baby pig. She's never seen one furless before :)

  5. Pitbulls are seriously my FAVORITE breed now. They are so loving and tender and cuddly. I could go on and on about them. They get such a bad rep for having horrible owners. They're amazing with anyone and everyone. My little pittie is my baby. I wouldn't give her up for the world. Plus she's extremely silly.

  6. I am on the verge of adopting a dog. Hes a mixed breed but a huge part of him is staffie. They have horrible reputations, but it is completely completely down to how they are brought up. I know thats probably hard to believe sometimes. Especially when bringing a new animal into your home.

    This guy is so sweet and I cannot wait to bring him home. He has been in the shelter for 5 years!! It breaks my heart there are so many of the same breed in shelters waiting to be homed just because people look at them and assume they have horrible natures.

    You can watch a little video of the place i'm adopting him from here, hes in it too! Hector


    I hope you adopt a guy that really needs a home.


  7. My bully mix, Jeter, is the best thing that has ever happened to me! He has opened sooo many people's eyes on the stereotype that follows them everywhere!

  8. My best friend has a pit and he is such a sucky boy with the longest tongue ever!!! Such a silly guy. I have a rottweiler and she is the biggest lap dog ever. 115 pounds of baby. :) lots of luck with your dog journey :D

  9. This was one of my favorite months in Dainty Squid blogging! It might be because of all the bunny posts... but everything else has been great, too! Gorgeous outfits and great posts.

    - Elle @ TheWallopingWarbler

  10. I laughed so hard reading the "I ugly cried" line haha. June was a great month of posts :) Can't wait for July!


  11. We got a puppy, Bosco, at the beginning of April. His mom is a pure Pitbull for sure. We don't know about his dad, but we are think a St Bernard from the looks of him (he's getting really BIG). He is the sweetest pup and very much a mama's boy. Of course he's hyper and likes to play, but there's not a viscous bone in his body. It's all in how you raise them.
    Word to the wise - I had three cats prior to getting Bosco. They are four years old, and from the same litter; very spoiled. I thought getting a puppy would be the best way to introduce a dog into the house. I don't know if your cats are use to dog, but mine wanted nothing to do with Bosco from seven weeks old. He tries to play with them, but two of the three yell and growl at him. Maybe when he settles down, but I'm not crossing my fingers! Just be prepared :)


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