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what I wore : lots of blue

Thursday, June 13, 2013

brooch - Wearable Planter via Fab
dress - TJ Maxx
 necklace - c/o Eclectic Eccentricity
 tooth ring - Extollo Jewelry
chevron ring - c/o Eclectic Eccentricity
eye ring - ebay
belt - came with another dress

I am all about this dress! Such a fun summer dress. I feel like it looks like the perfect dress to wear to a carnival, and eat some cotton candy in, ya know? I found it at TJ Maxx on my first trip there alone as a new driver. I'm all about celebrating every little step I make as a new driver/ a less awkward person. Hey, I made it to TJ Maxx? Sounds like an occasion to buy a dress! 

Anyway, I kind of had an awkward experience on that particular trip to TJ Maxx. I was minding my own business, looking at clothes when I was approached by a stranger complimenting my hair. That's not out of the ordinary at all, I get approached a lot. I can normally even tell by the way someone looks at me if they'll walk over to me or not. But then this lady just starts talking. "Did you know green hair is going to be really popular this year? I can feel it. Do you have a garden? I garden, I break all the rules. Why do people put all their flowers right near their house? I say put flowers everywhere. I have deer and squirrels. I can't tell them to leave, they were here first. Do you like the Indians? I like them because they're home team but they'll never win in my life time. You have nice legs, they wont be that nice when you're my age. We should have a woman president! But we won't, women are too busy taking care of their families like a woman should. We should have a group of women!".... and on and on and on. I don't think there was a subject she didn't touch on. I mean, striking up a conversation with a stranger with similar interests isn't strange, I wish that would happen to me. But this lady wasn't even giving me a chance to respond. Just cruising from one subject to another and literally following me from one section of the store to another. I finally managed to break away after what felt like a life time (It was probably more realistically 10 minutes, but still!). Before I left I saw she had started talking to another person, that poor girl. It's things like that that make me wonder why I really want to go out alone. Hah! This dress will now forever make think of the really talkative stranger at TJ Maxx, which really isn't too bad. I like when clothes remind me of particular events.

Hope you're having a lovely Thursday...and that you don't run into too many talkative strangers. ;)

*If you're wondering why I'm over here holding a fake ice cream cone, it's because it's full of bubbles. I tried to get some cute pictures of myself blowing bubbles...but I didn't. I did manage to capture some really awkward ones though, I'll spare you those.

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29 thoughts

  1. That woman sounds crazeeeeee.

    I had a REALLY awkward encounter last week, I was in a gift store of a gallery and a women tapped me on the shoulder and said "Excuse me, I don't mean to embarrass you..." I instantly thought my dress was stuck in my pants or something was wrong but she continued with "I really love your style". I really had no idea what to say. It was pretty nice of her to say, but what was I supposed to say!? Urrrg, I thanked her and slunked off. I spent the rest of the time in the tiny store trying to avoid her.

    Generally, people aren't all that bad though, right?


  2. Sounds like untreated severe mental illness...or maybe it is treated and you caught that woman on a good day! You never know... :)

  3. your blue outfit and green hair look very colourful, still loving the green on you! x

  4. These colors look wonderfully surreal together.

  5. You and I are on the same outfit wavelength! I did an outfit post that was super similar last night. Sorry you got (one sided)conversation trapped! I have that happen now and then and it's real awkward.

    Ladyface Blog

  6. gorgeous outfit! you really suit blue :D xx

  7. I love the bag!!! So cute!!!

  8. I ALWAYS get approached by strangers. I like interacting with the nice ones but the ones that don't know when I'm ready to stop talking are so intrusive!
    LOVE this dress it looks so summery and fun for sure.

  9. That pin is too darling for words! Also, please feature the bubble pictures in a bloopers posts - I love those posts. x


  10. You look soo pretty! I love all the blue! And omg that woman at TJ Maxx, yikes. I guess people from all walks of life flock to TJ Maxx. Glad you were finally able to break away! I'd hate to be in that situation alone - no buffer or escape plan! At least you walked away with the dress! :) Those shoes are too cute, and I love you saying that the fake ice cream cone is "full of bubble!" Hehe.

    xox Sammi

    1. Haha, I guess typos can be pretty cute sometimes!

  11. I kind of hate when strangers talk to me in stores. Some people just have to talk 24/7

  12. I was wondering if that was a real ice cream cone or not. I figured it was fake because it looked so perfect...and that would have been a pretty small ice cream cone! I always have people come up to me in thrift stores suggesting things for me to buy. It drives me crazy. I try to be nice but they always hand me hideous things and say "This would fit you! Do you like this?"

  13. I used to work in retail and would often have to deal with such people---I'll bet she talked the ears off of the clerks, too!

    Love the little pin-on flower vase :)

  14. What a funny story! I hate it when strangers start talking to me!


  15. I HAD THAT HAPPEN. I was standing in a cash register line up at Christmas time when this woman behind me decided to strike up a conversation with me. I learned all about her brother, her dog, her favourite hockey team....and I couldn't get a word in edgewise. Goddammit. It felt so awkward.

    PS...ice cream cone twins. Got one for kiddo since he loves bubbles, they're so cute!

  16. I seriously cannot get over how well the blue paired with your green hair. Like no lie, my two favorite colors. The full body shot of your outfit is stunning!

    I tend to get awkward conversations like that at my job, where I work customer service. We get the more talkitve ones at night, especially around the full moon. It is rather bizarre!


  17. I ran into a lady like that at Michaels once. I was in the bead section and she started asking me a bunch of questions about different beads (which I didn't mind at all), but then she started following me around the store for 15 minutes asking me a bunch of questions about all sorts of crafts, which was weird to me. I'm so bad at breaking off a conversation though! Like, I don't want to be rude but I'm super uncomfortable having a stranger follow me around wanting to talk like crazy. I just don't know what to do, haha.

    I really love your outfit, btw. The blues are so pretty with your hair, and that brooch is super fun!

    xo. Mandy

  18. OMG, you are so cute!
    i love your hair! <3


  19. Your outfit is adorable! I love the color of your hair with the blues in your outfit.

    Your crazy lady story has me rethinking how outgoing to strangers I can be (like commenting on your blog eeep! ..and hello!). Luckily I know my comments to strangers are usually short and sweet.. I certainly don't follow them around a store! yikes! So glad you made it out alive, especially with that adorable dress! haha

  20. That little plant holder brooch is the cutest, and so are you! Aw I love you. And your colour coordination is completely lovely


  21. That dress is just so adorable! I really love that brooch too - everything is just too cute!


  22. Oh man, your brooch is just perfection, what a neat idea! And I also love your bag...sigh...

    Have a great weekend,

  23. Your bag it's too adorable :) Yes, life have these 5 contact enconteurs.
    Sofia G

  24. Really cute outfit!


  25. Oh wow, I LOVE that bag! And the dress is so fab and easy breezy. That sounds so awkward at TJ Maxx! Encounters like that are so bizarre...

  26. That bag design is too cute.
    It is laughing!


  27. Hahaha some people just really like to talk, I guess. Or they don't have many people to talk to. Sounds like an interesting trip to TJ Maxx!
    Anyway, you look gorgeous in this blue summery outfit. I love your dress. The color looks so awesome with your vibrant green hair. Have I mentioned how much I love your hair color? Probably, but it really is awesome!


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