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Niagara Falls on film

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I finally got my film developed from the weekend Elycia and I met up in Niagara falls. I looked like a genuine tourist with two cameras dangling around my neck everywhere we went but that's okay! I really can't decide which I like to shoot with more, film or digital. Digital is great because I like bright, crisp photos I can see instantly. But film photos always remind me of photos of vacations from childhood. I like not really knowing what I shot until I get the film back and the way the photos feel always makes me nostalgic even if they were shot recently.
You can find my little recap of the weekend here

It's kind of funny how we visited Niagara falls but I barely took any pictures of the falls themselves. I'm not sure what that's all about, but I'll blame it on the falls not being very photogenic from any of the places we stopped to look at them.

I think the thing I miss most about that weekend (other than Elycia, obviously!) is Indian food. I'm officially ready to go on another mini-vacation!

All of the photos above were taken with a pentax k1000 and Fuji 35mm Superia X-TRA 800.

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19 thoughts

  1. If you go on the Canadian side there's this wicked fun bird place! You can hold a Macaw and you can feed lorikeets. They have a huge open area too where the birds fly all around you. Perfect place to take pictures :)

  2. I've become to used to the instant gratification of digital cameras - I don't think I have even used my film one for ages. These photos are gorgeous though, you're right about the faded colours - makes me think of family vacations in the 90s. Looks like loads of fun xo

  3. I feel the same about film: you never know what you gonna get.
    Sofia G

  4. I love shooting both digital and film, but there's definitely a quality, a certain depth, that I only manage to capture with my old hand-me-down Minolta X-700. I also love the anticipation!

  5. Ugh I want that camera and I am saving up for it! I like how the pictures came out :) When I went to the falls when I was little we only had a film camera we started using digital very late :)

  6. For me, film beats digital hand down. But it definitely is more hard work, it sucks sometimes getting a film back and most are blurry or dull, so some situations where you just can't risk missing something amazing, digital is good. I really love some of the un-predictables of film though! I also really really love seeing other peoples film photos!


  7. Love the photos! I used to live in Niagara Falls as a child but then moved to the US when I was 8! I get to go back this August for a cousin's wedding. It's so fun to see your photos and hear of your visit there. Brings back many memories! :)

  8. i have never been to niagara falls. somethings wrong with me.

  9. wow these photos came out so well! I love the bridge photo with the falls to the side!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  10. I too really like having both the clear and instant ease of digital and the mystery of film
    I've actually got some cheap disposable cameras that I carry around, I'm excited to see what I've captured when it's time to get them developed

  11. Wow that looks amazing and very dramatic! We don't get much of this in the UK, although I did see a very very wild stream up in Yorkshire, but that was it... The haunted house looks pretty freaky!!!
    Olivia x

  12. Nice pics!! Fantastic photos :-)

  13. Gorgeous snaps, and agree with what you said about digital and film! Just take both.. :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  14. My, oh my...I've not been to Niagra in ten years. I still shoot with a Polaroid, after stocking up on film in 2008. Alas, only one box remains!

  15. Amazing photos.I think the first picture of the falls up there is just magnificent. x


  16. Great photos! I'll never be able to look at Niagara falls without thinking of the awesome TV show Wonderfalls! :)

  17. If you get a chance to go on the Canadian side there's this awesome bird place right at the border. You can hold a Macaw and feed next or to Lorikeets! There's a big open area where the birds are flying all around you. Perfect place for pictures!

  18. Love the film photos :)



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