what I wore : owls galore - The Dainty Squid

what I wore : owls galore

Thursday, May 02, 2013

collar clips - Ladybird Likes
belt - came with another dress
fox ring - Sea of Bees
tooth ring - Extollo Jewelry
chevron ring - c/o Eclectic Eccentricity
tights - Target
shoes - Amazon

This is the second time I've shared an outfit with this dress on the blog (first here) and like I said in that post this is definitely a dress better suited for warmer weather. I absolutely adore how it looks without a sweater. It seems like it's a bit more flattering without the sweater as well. If only all dresses fit this well and looked this cute!! (PS. It's on sale right now!)

It looks like it's going to be another beautiful day here. (I'm seriously loving all this sunshine!) Next weekend is our neighborhood cleanup day so I'm using that as a push to clean house majorly. I've been on a huge decluttering mission since the end of last year. I've donated at least four car loads full of things to Goodwill and I still feel like there is so much more I could do without. So what's that have to do with the fact the weather is super nice here today? I just love cleaning with all the windows open and a breeze coming in. It's so refreshing!

Hope you have a lovely Thursday whatever your plans are!

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22 thoughts

  1. Such a cute dress (and the collar clips are perfect with it!), and it's so flattering on you! I love the red piping and buttons down the front. And I'm loving the warm weather too - it's such a welcome change :)

    xox Sammi

  2. Loving the colors of this look! im a sucker for anything mustard yellow. that is a super sweet fox ring as well.

  3. Love the dress but more importantly I LOVE your tattoos, ever so jealous I wish I was brave enough to get more visible ones xo

  4. I love your dress, it looks better without the sweater

  5. That print complements your tattoos wonderfully. Great dress style, too. (Also diggin' the tights and shoes. Really, I just love all of this.)

  6. WHATT?! YO! this outfit here, its on point! Mad good! *swooooon*

  7. Oh my! I am DYING over this dress right now!


  8. I really like how the shoes match with the tights! Lovely combination!

  9. You are simply fascinating! Awesome outfit :) Adorable!!

  10. i absolutely love the colour of those tights!

  11. Oh my!! We love this look!! That is the cutest dress ever <3

  12. Love love love everything about this! And you've inspired me to dye my hair green, I think! I've never had that color before. <3

  13. That fox ring is so gorgeous, I'm so into foxes at the moment. Also great tights! I saw the first picture and was like "Ooh nice dress" then scrolled down and was all "YAY mustard!" I have a pair of similarly coloured tights that are completely laddered after too much adventuring. I love the third picture where your tattoo owl is accented with the dress as well! :) XX

  14. I'm obsessed with owl print, and oh my gosh, this dress is perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  15. EVERITHING in this outfit is just awesome.

  16. I love this dress so much. It looks darling on you. Yumi's dresses are so lovely. I just received a Yumi dress from Modcloth that I totally adore!

  17. This owl dress is just the coolest! I'm loving that you added owl collar clips to it as well. This is an awesome outfit!


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