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what I wore : out wandering

Monday, May 06, 2013

cardigan -
Charter School Cardigan c/o Modcloth
dress (worn as a shirt) - c/o Stitched Apparel
skirt - thrifted
belt - thrifted
brooch - handmade
tights - Target
shoes - c/o Romwe
camera bag - Jo Totes

Sometimes it's so hard to think of what to write with an outfit post. Yep, this is what I wore. Yep, the collar on this dress is incredible. Yep, I'm so happy to see everything is turning green, growing and blossoming! Yep, this is my favorite time of the year (I know, I'll say the same thing in fall but hey, there's nothing wrong with being excited about each new season!) Ya know? So I'll spare you the rest of my ramblings about fancy collars, weather and how easily excited I am and just leave you with some pretty pictures and one of this little guy who was hiding out under my covers...
Hope you have an excellent Monday! I have a feeling it's going to be a great week!!

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34 thoughts

  1. Kitty! Oh my god, look at those baby blues! Blue eyed kitties are my weakness, for sure.

    I haven't done many outfit posts, but I can totally relate on not knowing what to write to accompany them! "Uhh, yeah, here's this sweater. I wore it because it was chilly out. It's pretty." I always feel like a dork!

  2. gorgeous colour-combination! I love it

  3. Your belt seems some elvish like clothing :) Love it.
    The 3 photo it's so cute, to see all green and bloming, the life starting again.

    Sofia G

  4. That belt is perfection! And that little kitty face-d'awwww! <3

  5. These are some of the prettiest pictures I've ever seen on your blog Kaylah! 1 and 3 are like works of art. Love it! :) I can't wait till it starts turning green where I am. :)

  6. love that belt. and the picture with the tiny waterfall is great of you.

  7. The cat photo is killing me. He looks so...bored. =)

  8. Gorgeous outfit! I love how well all the colours go together also :) pretty xx

  9. I love how the pleats of your bag work with the pleats of your skirt.

  10. I am laughing at the cat's claws! This is not normal!
    Anyway... You look beyond pretty! Very whimsical :) xx

  11. Obsessed with your hair! So gorgeous. And, of course, so is your outfit.

    Mostly Lisa

  12. Beautiful outfit. Adore the colours and your hair is look fab!! xx

  13. The colours are so so lovely in this outfit. Natural, earthy and completely gorgeous ^_^

  14. Great outfit! You look like a little pixie in picture number 3. You should photoshop some wings into that pic, hehe. Love your style!

  15. colours divine, outfit divine and hey girl you got curls x

  16. awwww such a cute kitty <3
    have a nice weekend!

  17. I'm always jealous of the belts you find while thrifting. I never seem to be able to find cute belts/ones that fit!


  18. I love all of the colours you're wearing here, a gorgeous outfit.
    Jodie xx
    Future Freaks Me

  19. I love the woodsy setting of these pictures -- your outfit goes along well with all the earth tones!!

  20. oh Kaylah, this has to be one of my favourite outfit of yours!! I couldn't even start talking about what you're wearing (otherwise I'd say I love every single piece of clothing and accessories!) but I am so in love with how you've put them all together :) plus, that spot is so beautiful, love it! :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  21. That collar is so pretty, as is the butterfly brooch!

  22. Such incredible light in the woods. You are a classy woman, doing Ohio justice :)

  23. Oooo! I love all the colors in your outfit - so cute! That skirt is especially lovely!


  24. that skirt is PERFECT!

    and look at his clawssss— meeeeow!

  25. The scenery is soooo amazing in these photos. So lush and green. Perfect for frollicing in!! You are so colourful, Kaylah, your outfits and your blog always inspire me! <3

  26. Your hair color reminds me of the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. Therefore, it is fantastic! :) And I never tire of seeing cute kitties :)

  27. That collar with that brooch! Those colours! This is sooo good.

  28. I love love love the colors of your outfit! So stylish and indie chic.


  29. Such a beautiful combination of nature-y colors in this outfit!

  30. Your new hair cute is lovely! I haven't been on your blog for a while, I finally got my dream job working at a thrift store, YAY, so I have been super busy but since I am finally settled in I decided it was beyond time to see what one of my favorite blog girls was up to and well, you look so sweet and wonderful as usual!! So nice to see you again! P.S. you really are so good at manicures, I'm trying to learn!


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