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Weekly Nail

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Supplies used...
Essie Go Overboard
Milani Fresh Teal
Wet N' Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint
Seche Vite as a top coat
Nail stickers (blogged about here // bought from here)

I've been off my nail game for a week or so, hence no Weekly Nail post last Sunday. A combination of painting my office (mmmm, black paint all over my nails), lack of patience and just no really great ideas left me sporting some not so nice nails for a little while. When that happens I always come running back to my favorite polishes, most of which happen to be blue.

I didn't intentionally make the second stripe of color so thin but after it happened with my first nail I decided to do it with the rest of them because it looks so cool. I love happy accidents like that. I'd like to retry this design, with the thin stripe in the middle, with other colors. Something non-monochromatic, something lightening inspired.
Hope you're having a lovely Sunday!

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15 thoughts

  1. I cannot get my designs to come out as nice as yours do. Ever! I mean, even the mess-ups look quite alright, but those clean straight lines on your nails always leave me feeling like a total nail polish n00b, even though I've read every how-to possible. Teach me your ways!

  2. Lightning nails! :)

    Sofia G

  3. :)
    Lightning bolts on nails for both of us in this week! :)
    You can see mine:


  4. I always love your weekly nail posts :) they have inspired me to paint my nails a bit nicer! I've been buying and just generally looking at loads of different nail varnishes recently! One of my new ones is a Model's Own one called Hedonist. It's a REALLY bright redish coral, it's amazing!


  5. These make me think of statistic charts. I like it!


  6. They look amazing! The colors are so pretty :)

  7. Love these, love the lighting looking bolts in the middle! :) x

  8. I love them! They remind me of comic books. Perfect for Free Comic Book Day. :)

  9. Love the colors and it looks quite fun! Might just have to try it out.

  10. Ooh, I love this design idea. I may have to try it myself!

  11. Love this look, and the colors. How exactly did you do this? I have those nail stickers (bought them because of you!), but I don't know how to do things like *this* with them!!?!?

  12. A VERY cool accident indeed :) Love these nails!

    xo Ashley


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