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evening sunlight

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I'm a creature of habit. I get comfortable doing something and then have a hard time breaking free from that. Taking photos in a certain kind of lighting is one of those things. I have set in stone preference for natural lighting but in the shade, never in full sun.

Earlier this week I shared a photo of my little table in the corner of my office that is just filled with succulents. (found in this post) It's easily my favorite corner in the room, especially in the evening because the way the sun shines onto all my plants is just magical. So magical I decided to shoot in different lighting than I'm comfortable with. I took the first photo and was just smitten, I had to take more. I feel like these photos feel so cozy despite the fact some of them are of some not so cuddly cacti. Evening light sure makes for pretty pictures...

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19 thoughts

  1. Beautiful photos! I'm so jealous of your cacti collection xx


  2. Your cacti are so pretty -- I love the variety!! It's like you have a little slice of the Southwest in your office. :)

  3. I'm in love with the lighting in these photos!! I am going to have to try this lighting technique. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog too by the way!

  4. I am the same! Time to break away from being comfortable and do different things. I love the lighting for these shots!

  5. Love the ligth and shades, good job

  6. I need to get my hands on some Succulents and Cacti, I want to propagate teeny tiny ones :-)

  7. Once I bought a small cactus in a supermarket here in Brazil. It was tiny and cute with little flowers. I was so happy, but I found out the flowers were fake, glued on the plant! I still have it (6yo cactus), but it almost died when I tried to take the flowers away.

  8. Natural lighting is just the best lighting!

    Mostly Lisa

  9. Oooh! What a lovely collection of succulents! What a gorgeous set of photos.

    Ladyface Blog

  10. beautiful photos! the lighting is just perfect.


  11. I love your succulent collection...so pretty!

  12. Perfect photos! :)

    Sofia G

  13. Oooo I love them! I'm a sucker for succulents. The smaller they are and the more they are grouped together, the more I squee =] There's a couple of yours that I believe I shall add to mine, K.

    here's mine in progress

  14. Lovely! Succulents are just the best. :)

  15. Wow beautiful!
    Do you know what that fuzzy cat's tongue looking one is in the middle of the second picture? It's adorable and I want it. :P

  16. Because I have to go to work at the same time every day and ride the bus, I walk/bike in the same places nearly every day. I've found that it's really interesting to take photos at the same place and times on different days as the light changes throughout the year. There's so much magic in how the light alters the view of the same exact things over in just slightly different lighting conditions!


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