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April in Review

Saturday, May 04, 2013

It's hard to believe we're already a few days into May. It's so great to finally start to see flowers blooming, bugs and animals everywhere and, best of all, the sun shine! We've actually had really great weather all week long, I've got my fingers crossed it's finally here to stay.

a few of my favorite posts from April:

new (to me) movies & TV shows I watched this month:
Brian Posehn : The Fartist.  He is hilarious, enough said!
Hick. Oh my goodness, I couldn't get this movie off my mind for days after watching it. I wasn't expecting much but it turned out to be a great movie that really just invaded my brain and took me through a whole range of emotions. I highly recommend it.

Other than that I didn't really watch much else besides RuPaul's Drag Race ever week and some Rocko's Modern Life every morning while I did my hair. But speaking of RPDR, who are you rooting for? I'm team Alaska all the way. Love her so much! I guess I wouldn't be too mad if Jinkx won either, she's fabulous!

songs on repeat:
• Van Helsing Boombox - Man Man
• Far In Time - Mother Mother
• Big Bang -Aesop Rock
• Black Cadillacs - Modest Mouse
• Darla - Why?
PS. If you want to see what else I'm listening to, you can find me on last fm here!  

exciting happenings online and off:  
• My parents adopted a puppy and I'm in love with her. I have major puppy fever. I can just see myself and a pup cruising around in my car, visiting the beach together and just generally being inseparable. Maybe next year!
• I dyed my hair green! It's probably one of my favorite colors to date. I think I'll be sticking around green for a while.
• I bought my first car. I still can't get over how excited about it I am. 

Hope you're having a great start to your month.

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13 thoughts

  1. That snake photo.. Love it! So beautiful the snake! And so tiny ^^

    April just flew!

    Sofia G

  2. lawl I wish I could see flowers on the ground! Just came back from college and 80 degree weather to snow. Not cool. But anyways, April has been awesome!

  3. I agree, either Alaska or Jinkx...but NOT Roxxxy. For a girl who loves being thick and wanting to embrace thick women, she sure does hate women around her. Not cool!

  4. team alaska over here too! i REALLY want her and sharon to tour the country together as reinging queens!

    1. YESSSS!! Sharon is my all time favorite queen, I'd love to see her pass the crown to the love of her life.

  5. You certainly had a busy month! I loved living it all with you vicariously through your blog. :)

    I think Alaska is my favorite, too, but I also really love Jinkx! I won't care if either of them wins! I liked Roxxxy at first, but that bitch needs to go to therapy and work on those issues because she is a bully hardcore. Lighten up, gurl!

  6. WOW. Great pictures!


  7. Hick has been on my "to-watch" list for a while and I haven't gotten around to seeing it. Oh and I love the little snake photo :) Is it a Garter Snake?

  8. You really are adorable! I love your blog and will be following it more closely.

    Please join my blog hop here:

    xo Michelle

  9. Gorgeous snake! Snake has so much to teach us. :)

  10. Gooood call on Mother Mother! They're my favourite Canadian band (as a Canadian, this is totally a separate category). I've seen them in concert a couple times, and they always put on such a great show!
    I just started watching RuPaul's Drag Race on Netflix yesterday! Just watched the first couple episodes of season 2, but oh my god I can't believe I hadn't seen it sooner! Totally up my alley. The theatre I work at has a couple drag performers, and every summer they have a drag night at the theatre bar where everyone has to dress up! I can't wait. I make a decent drag king (uhhh except sometimes I look like a 15 year old skater punk bahaha)


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