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10 things making me smile...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1 // bouquets of beautiful things from my front yard...
 2 // how this kitty's face can go from this...
 to this in a matter of seconds...
 3 // pretty new notebooks...
4 // this crazy pup...
 5 // new growth in my favorite planter...
 6 // adding a big, beautiful cactus to my collection of succulents...
(It was literally the first thing I thought about when I woke up the day after I bought it. I am still SO stoked!)
 7 // cats in boxes...
8 // Finally getting my hands on the nail stickers I designed for Scratch...
(PS. You'll have another chance to get your hands on some in the near future, I'll fill you in with more details soon!)
9 // a new banner from Stay Home Club...
10 // trees full of pretty flowers...
(and my teeth! hah! Even though I've had my braces off for a few months now sometimes I'll notice my teeth in the mirror and just stare at them for a minute because I love them SO much. Money well spent!)
 Another thing making me smile - my nieces who I haven't seen in just over a year (they moved to Germany around this time last year) are hopefully coming out for a visit this week. I'm incredibly excited. I've missed them so much. I can't even imagine how big they've gotten. 

What's making you smile today?

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36 thoughts

  1. Everything is lovely , but tooth planter! Genius!

  2. Such awesome photos. I really love the tooth planter. And speaking of teeth, your teeth look beautiful.

  3. Those notebooks are beautiful! I'm in need of some new office supplies, where are they from??
    Thanks :)

  4. Kitties in boxes are always my favorite! I've bought a couple of cacti plants and they're still alive (I kill all plants) so hurray for that! The picture of you under the tree is super cute and added bonus of a perfectly straight smile :)

  5. i wish i could get my hair color to stick like yours!!

  6. Your cats are such pros at posing for the camera, it's awesome!

  7. I love your cats! They make me laugh! Those nail stickers you designed are amazing!
    What's making me smile today is I have a day off work so I can paint all day! (:


  8. Great pictures but I laughed out loud when I spied the "Merkens" box. Sorry couldn't help myself. lol I think I may need not to read so much. :)

  9. really great photos!! I just bought those Rifle notebooks too, they're so pretty!

  10. These photos are beautiful! I especially love the last one! And those funny purple flowers from your yard are so cute!

    xox Sammi

  11. That last picture IS AMAZING! You look like the sunshine itself, wow! I am absolutely in love with it!

  12. i'm a constant reader of your blog from germany - where do your nieces live? :)

  13. Love everything! Congrats on the nails! That is so freaken' cool!

  14. I love your new notebooks and that last picture has to be the loveliest thing, you look so pretty, Kaylah! also, I totally understand you're excited to see your nieces, enjoy your time with them! :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  15. I can't wait for my nail stickers to be delivered, they look so good! Wear them soon and take photos?

  16. That last picture is gorgeous! You're so pretty and the colours are stunning!
    I hope you have a great time with your nieces!

  17. Love that big cactus and your teeth ARE beautiful :)

    xo Ashley

  18. Love the notebooks :) and your hair looks so pretty!
    Kaylah, look at this necklace! :')
    I love finding teeth stuff for you LOL!

  19. Lovely post. That blooming tree is gorgeous! And oh, man; I felt the same exact way after getting my braces off. It was so novel to not feel awkward about just SMILING. I'd never really had that before, because my teeth were so crooked before I had braces, and then, well; I had braces! I still love seeing my teeth in photos or mirrors, and it's been five years since I've had them off. Never gets old! ^_^

  20. All of those things make me pretty happy too! x

  21. Such a beautiful post, those things made me smile too : )

  22. Aw, thank you for sharing. All these things are now making me happy too. Your smile is so beautiful! I've had my top braces for about 3 months. I'm getting ones put on the bottom next week. It's amazing how many changes that have taken place already... Can't wait to be done though, haha! Never thought I'd be 26 with braces.

  23. Wow, those are 10 things that brought me a smile! Love your pictures of sweet animals and those plants / cactus are awesome.

    Olive xox

  24. That picture of you is so pretty! We just put all our cacti out and they are looking quite marvelous on the deck if I do say so myself! :]
    emma deer

  25. What an adorable cat! My collection of movies and chocolates makes me smile.

  26. That last picture of you is awesome :)

  27. Where are your brown laceup boots from? I've been searching for a pair ;)
    Leigh Ann

  28. The plant in your tooth planter there is a stapelia succulent, also known as carrion plants, because their flowers are big, bizarre, and stinky! I have a large collection of stapelia and huernia flowers and I know you will love them!


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