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what I wore : stripes and polka dots

Monday, April 01, 2013

coat - Target
shirt - thrifted
sweater -c/o asian icandy
bag - c/o asian icandy
glasses - c/o BonLook
shoes - amazon

I happened upon a new cemetery last weekend. It was fairly large and had a pretty incredible section of old headstones (my preference) But there was a lot of snow and I didn't have boots in the car to explore very far off the driveway. But I did spot this headstone which I thought was super neat. 
(If you're having trouble deciphering what it say, it reads "In memory of Ellen Shannon, aged 26 years,  who was fatally burned Mar. 21, 1870 by the explosion of a lamp filled with R.L. Danforht's non expolosive burning fluid")

I'm a HUGE fan of headstones that tell a story or really just have any sort of interesting, original epitaph. I couldn't find much information on this one except for the fact the R.L. Danforth's non explosive burning fluid killed possibly a few other people (see here). Not sure any were as mad about it as Ellen Shannon's family though. I hope when I die my children put more than how I died on there - if I have a headstone at all. I'd really like my body to be donated to science, but that's neither here nor there.

Someday I'd like to put together a little collection of neat headstone photos as well as where to find them. There are so many incredible old headstones out there to see that I feel deserve more attention. (Girl in Blue and Home for the Friendless are my top two favorites!) There isn't even an app for cemeteries let alone one to help find really neat headstones. Someone should really get on that.

Hope you're having a lovely Monday.

*PS. Thora has been kind enough to offer 15% off with code "MEEEOW15"

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33 thoughts

  1. Your hair and the way you present yourself in your post is exquisite! I truly enjoy your blog and --your hair! lol


  2. I agree with you on headstones! The city I live in was founded in 1771 and there are some amazing old cemeteries here! I have a couple of headstone pictures on my blog here http://pinkgerberdaisies-kady.blogspot.com/2013/02/my-365-project-week-5.html

    and here http://pinkgerberdaisies-kady.blogspot.com/2013/01/365-project-week-4.html

  3. What a great headstone! They certainly sound mad!


  4. You look.... ADORABLE in this outfit!! Really cute!
    Thrilled to see the Photos from the headstones.

    Sofia G

  5. the jacket is adorable!


  6. omg, that headstone reminds me of those "i told you i was sick" ones :D

  7. This is so true - someone should get on that! Maybe you should assign all of us to go out to the oldest cemetery in our respective towns, and report back with the most interesting headstones we find. It would be a start! :)
    I think my favorite I've ever found was one in Savannah, GA of a man killed in a duel.

  8. I think you're really good at styling an outfit with jeans :)

  9. I'm usually on the fence about pattern-mixing (for myself), but I LOVE it here. I think both pieces sharing a color scheme makes the difference :) You look adorable!

    And that headstone is crazy! Someone wanted to shame Danforth for eternity!

  10. that is a pretty rad headstone! I love that it tells you everything about how the person died, and nothing about how they lived. Priorities. I really love this outfit, especially that adorable pin!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  11. Love that outfit (esp the cat lady pin!). And what an interesting tombstone.

    xox Sammi

  12. your coat is super cute! and i love headstones with stories as well, and love the ones you find! :-) x

  13. I love love love what you're wearing! You're pictures are always amazing to, I can't stop scrolling through :))

  14. I am still in love with your haircolor! So pretty :)! And the headstone is certainly different.. haha!

    If you have time stop by my new blog :)! http://dutchgirldiaries.blogspot.com

  15. Love that coat! I'm currently lusting after a blazer in the same design :) xxx

  16. Here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, if you donate your body for medical research, your ashes receive a complimentary burial in a special section of the city cemetery. This section allows a 20" x 10" flat granite marker as a memorial, so although that isn't a TONNE of room, it certainly leaves room for something interesting to be said!

  17. Those shoes are so cute! I need them!

  18. This is why I follow your blog: You're adorable, you're the queen of layering and prints, and you always have cool-as-shit random pictures :)

    xo Ashley

  19. The shoes are so cute, I want to wear them !

  20. The BEST headstone. If I have a headstone I want something interesting adding. Or a goofy photo


  21. I think this every time I read you posts, but this time I just need to say it. You are so cute!

  22. I am drawn to the peace in cemeteries, too- and love the ancient headstones. On a hunt for my father's family's plot in Oregon a couple of years ago, we came across a crumbly one from the early 1800s that said, "Killed by a grizzly bear." The stories and past lives are fascinating. Thanks for writing!

  23. I love that pin! So much so, I am buying it now!


  24. This is such a cute ensemble! I'm a big fan of jeans (which I know you are not), and I have to say, it's super chic. I love the pattern mixing you did with the button up, the sweater, and the jacket. And that has to be the best headstone I've seen.

  25. Your jacket is so adorable! That looks so perfect for spring!

    Also, that headstone is kind of the coolest thing ever, thanks for sharing!


  26. Uh, that pin is puuurrfect!


  27. Cemeteries are my favorite places to be :) Love that headstone!

  28. That headstone is amazing! I've never seen a headstone with a little story about the death on it, very cool.

  29. I can't imagine how angry and sad Shannon's parents must have been about her young and tragic death. I'm with you though, I'd like something said about me as a person, not just how I died. So interesting, I've never seen a grave that just details the manner of death before.
    Love your vintage top- great collar.


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