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what I wore : gone fishin'

Thursday, April 11, 2013

hat - thrifted
necklace - c/o JewelMint
belt -thrifted
sweater - c/o oasap
tights - amazon
shoes - Golden Ponies

First of all, how incredible are these shoes?! I've been a fan of Golden Ponies for some time now but when they came out with a holographic option for the pair I'd always been drooling over (Chloe Triple Strap) I had to have them! They're even more awesome in person than I could have imagined. They look the craziest (read : best!) in full sunlight. I can't wait to wear these all summer long. I'm incredibly smitten. Two big big big thumbs up from me!! I can't believe they're handmade.
Other than awesome shoes, how about this dress. It was love at first sight. Then I got afraid and second guessed my choice. A dress covered in fish? That's kind of ridiculous. But I'm all about ridiculous fashion choices, clearly. Luckily when it finally got here all my reservations were quickly washed away. If the pattern wasn't great enough the fit alone lands it in my top five dresses. (number one favorite right here!) I don't think I'm too picky about how things fit but I do have a solid preference for fit and flare dresses that I can comfortably move in (meaning they're not too short to actually be practical) and this fits the bill. It's perfect. Now if only sneaking it into my wardrobe rotation was easier, I mean I don't want to turn into "that purple haired girl who's always wearing a fish dress" around town. Hah!

Hope you have a lovely Thursday!

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40 thoughts

  1. Hahaha! I would LOVE to wear that dress everywhere, and I'd probably develop the same reputation (minus the purple hair). I love this outfit!

  2. This dress is so much fun! Glad the weather has been accommodating too. I remember in the fall after you got your hair cut, saying that you made an appointment to have a neck tattoo done. I understand your reasons for not sharing close-ups of your work but as a fellow neck tattoo wearer (that's probably not current terminology, lol), I just wanted to say, yours looks great peeking out!

  3. i adore everything about this and love your tattoo up the back of your neck! is your hair short at the nape? did you see i have started my own fashion posts on Tuesdays now (inspired by you firstly!) they are called shiny t tuesday (the t stands for turd, because for the last few years i have been putting zero effort into myself, at nearly 45 with 3 kids i suddenly realised i was calling myself a turd and telling myself not to polish it!!!' things have changed around my place and i love it! thank you for the inspiration xxxx

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's like less than inch long in the back.

      That's so great!! (well, not calling yourself a turd but ya know!)

  4. Those shoes! They are freaking incredible xo

  5. Okay, I seriously need to start buying more stuff from Modcloth. I'm only shipping to the UK weren't so expensive! I'm with you on fit and flare dresses, though I definitely don't have enough of them from my liking.

  6. Love this outfit! You look amazing!!!

  7. Those are the most amazing shoes ever! I def need a pair of those!

  8. Own that purple-haired-fish-dress-wearing girl title! This outfit is amazing, and those shoes! My heart can't take it.

  9. So cute! I admired that dress too but also had reservations when it came to ordering it. But it's adorable on you, and I love those shoes!

    xox Sammi

  10. I LOVE ridiculous dresses! This dress would be perfect for me. :)

    carelsesly graceful

  11. Those are the best shoes and dress ever!

  12. I absolutely adore this outfit, the dress is beautiful and your hair is just stunning xox

  13. i had my eye on that dress, so cute! looks great on you :)


  14. I love anything with fish on it!
    those shoes are cute... they make me think of the jellys sandels from back in the day for some reason.

  15. those are seriously the coolest shoes! if only they were pointy toed. I have a serious thing for pointy shoes. it think it's dr seuss's fault.

  16. I love that dress ,it totally looks like something I would wear I need more crazy awesome dresses.

  17. I always love to see how you put an outfit together. I have a weak spot for novelty print skirts and dresses. They are just so much fun. ;)


  18. Those are INCREDIBLE!
    But I love your hair! I tought on doing something like that but as my hair curl it's not a good idea :|

    Sofia G

  19. I love how colorful and vibrant your tattoos are -- and they also "flow" well from one arm to the other.

  20. Well, that dress is awesome. The print is amazing and it looks really good on you! Definitely is a Kaylah dress!


  21. those shoes are crazy awesome! That dress is totally on my wishlist!!

  22. Oooh those shoes are like petrol shoes! I love the fishy dress too!


  23. Oh those shoes are fab!


  24. The shoes look great! My triple strap flats are nearly worn clean through in the heel, and despite my better judgment (or, penny-pinching judgment I suppose is more accurate!) I am totally in the market for a new pair, and this one-time shoe maker is always keen to support an independent cordwainer! (Cordwainer rather than cobbler. A cobbler only fixes shoes, or pieces them otgether from preexisting parts rather than flat leather. The more you know!)
    The teardrop keyhole in the back of the dress is so darling, I like how you echoed that detail with the detail on the tights :)


  25. I love that dress SO much. Perfect!


  26. That dress is the cutest and I love your stockings!

  27. Your holographic shoes are the best things ever! They look so cool paired with the retro backseam tights. And the print on your dress is adorable! Everything about this outfit is wonderful.

  28. OH MY GOODNESS! I am love with all things holographic, and those shoes are brilliant! I am lusting after the fish print dress as well.

  29. You are so confident. I envy you. I can feel your confidence radiating through my screen.

  30. Your dress is so adorable! It looks great on you.



  31. This is one of my favorite print dresses I've seen lately, and I love it with the belt and sweater.

  32. I've been dyingggg to have that dress, I just need to save up a bit more money. Looks AMAZING on you!

  33. Love that dress, and those shoes!!!!!

  34. This fish dress is so awesome. I think I need it now after seeing how freaking adorable it looks on you! Your style is amazing, and I feel like it just keeps getting better and better!


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