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what we wore : not so festive

Thursday, March 21, 2013

ring - c/o Spotted Moth 
glasses - c/o BonLook
shirt - thrifted
pin - thrifted
tights - JC Penny
shoes -c/o Blowfish (fringe added by me)

This is what we wore on St. Patricks Day. Looks like Elycia needs pinched for not wearing green (which I totally forgot is even a thing! Guess I'll have to pinch her another day) I wore a green dress in hopes of getting a discount somewhere (anywhere!) we went. That didn't happen. It was worth a shot though. What did happen was an incredible lunch at Melt where we didn't even have to wait for a table (there is always at least a half hour wait!), silly photobooth pictures in the mall and me maybe kind of getting beat at air hockey...twice. It was pure luck though. Don't go thinking she's better at air hockey than me. Haha.

I'll end this post with two silly pictures. The first of which looks like it was taken at a portrait studio and the second in front of a green screen. Haha! We might have been having a bit of a hard time remaining serious that day... not that that is out of the ordinary.
Hope you have a lovely day!

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22 thoughts

  1. Lovely photographs, you both have amazing hair! :D xx

  2. No way! Not luck! Pure skill. Last time I let you win out of pity but this time I had to defend my honour. Yeah, that's honour with a 'u'. It's much more special than 'honor'.

    1. Giiiiirl, you have been eating way too many peanut butter and JELLY sandwiches if you think it was skill and not just luck.

  3. really cute dress you're wearing :)

    doesn't elycia have some green nail polish? that counts! :D

  4. Your nail polish is so beautiful, nice and fresh! What brand/color is that?

  5. Y'all have the best hair for snow pics!

  6. I love your hair + dress combo!! I love dresses that are great for twirling!! :)

  7. Aahahahaha the last photos are so funny xD


    Sofia G

  8. Both outfits are adorable! I especially love the shoes. Taking silly pictures is the best, that's about all my friends and I take :)

  9. You too take some cute photos...the first is the best!! :)


  10. Really cute. ^^ Love the green dress!

  11. I love the way your colorful hair looks like in the white snow :)

  12. You two are so silly. I love how you've kind of switched "natural hair colors". The snow is so gorgeous! We never get snow in Florida, so it's always fun to look at.

    - Lindsay

  13. both of you look like you're having such an awesome time! :]] so happy you had a great day. plus I'm loving that dress on you.

  14. cute!! im so jealous that you got such a great friend who share same passions as you..both of your hair colors are cool!!

    xo josephine

  15. You gals are both adorable! I love your dress so much - the color is just perfect and I love how you paired the striped shirt underneath it. Such a great detail. :)


  16. You two are so adorable and colorful :D

  17. So pretty! I love how you've made this dress more casual -- I own the same dress in a couple of different patterns and always feel so dressy in it, so I'm inspired to follow your lead!

    xox Sammi

  18. Lovely photos! I remember years ago seeing your chest tattoo in progress on...Livejournal, maybe? Anyway, I lived in Michigan at the time but the name of your artist/shop stuck in my head. A few years later I found myself living in Cleveland and now Bryan is my artist as well! I looked him up because I remembered the amazing job he'd done on you! And now I'm smitten with your posts and I'm going out to buy nail polish today because you've inspired me! xoxo


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