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what I wore : stripes and polka dots

Monday, March 04, 2013

hat - thrifted
shirt - TJ Maxx
necklace - Polli
skirt - thrifted
tights - JC Penney
shoes - c/o Le Bunny Bleu
camera bag - Epiphanie

So, I might have gotten another camera bag. I'd been drooling over this bag for so long. Around Valentines Day Epiphanie had a sale and I kind of bought it on an impulse. Oops! It was definitely a good oops though. I'm pretty darn impressed with this bag so far. It's so fluffy, my camera feels really secure and safe.

Also, a TJ Maxx lesson I learned this week - check eeeeeverything for mistakes before buying. I know some things are there because they're factory seconds. Everything I've bought in the past has been great! Either I wasn't able to spot any boo-boos or they were something so small I was like "yeah, totally worth it!". I spotted this striped shirt and had to have it. I'm a sucker for stripes and I'm in the market for new shirts. I even tried it on to make sure it fit before buying it, which I never do because I hate trying things on. But when I got home I realized why it was there. The shirt has elbow pads, which makes it even more awesome in my eyes, but one of the elbow pads is completely on the wrong side. One on the elbow and one in the ditch. The one sleeve was sewn on completely backwards!! Initially I was really bummed out about it but I've kind of grown to love it. It's quirky and it gives the shirt character. Lesson learned though! The last time I went I made sure to double check everything for really ridiculous flaws like that. Haha! I can't believe I didn't notice when I tried it on.

Hope you have a lovely start to your week!

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24 thoughts

  1. Those shoes are amazing. That's too funny about your shirt- I once bought a pair of shorts from Ross (which I did not try on, as I too hate the trying on of things) and got home to find one side was longer that the other! It was a little *too* much character for me ;)
    That bag is gorgeous as well! Have a beautiful day <3

  2. Ha! That's hilarious, but you can bet that no one else will have a shirt like that! :)

  3. Love the new camera bag. I've been eyeing that one as well but with an upcoming move, I've been trying to hold off on all purchases...but our new place is much bigger, so I can justify having yet another extra camera bag. :)

    My sister has that shirt in navy, although hers has correct sleeves. I thought it was so cute, I went to get one of my own, and they had one in an adorable teal stripe. I was so excited, because the sides are aligned perfectly and it was a great price. Then I got it home and put it on (I hate trying things on too), and see there is a HUGE 7' slit cut cleanly across the back. Total bummer but still looks cute with a vest thrown over top.

  4. Hide that necklace when I come over or it will be gone when I leave. You've been warned.
    Why do I always tell people I'm going to steal their things? One, I would never do it and Two, if I was going to it would be really stupid to tell you. I am a bad theif.

    1. Hey Elycia, next time you're visiting Kaylah, will you steal her bag for me please ;P

  5. I love everything about this outfit, but especially your necklace and belt! You always have the cutest accessories :)


  6. So... the elbow pad is on the inside of your elbow? That's crazy, but I do agree that it give it a quirky loveliness. :) Have a great monday.


  7. Okay so I want to steal your thights, necklace and belt !

  8. Hattitude Style Blog

    ahaha that is such a funny story kayleh about the elbow pad! what good tip when goign to those bargain shopping stores! i love this colour palette it's so soft and feminine and lovely. a new camera bag? SWOON. j'adore.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  9. As a seamstress who chronically sews at least 1 sleeve in backwards, or inside out on the first go, this made me laugh out loud!! That's really funny, and so strange. I guess it's two left or two right sleeves you got on your shirt (better than two left feet!!).
    Those shoes are brilliant, the colours are just so springy and cheerful. There's actually a house in town that is painted a similar colour blue with a chartreuse door, right across from an old cemetery, and the contrast between the two is pretty cool. Most of this town is anything but modern. Quite a breath of fresh air!
    Predictions for the Past

  10. I love this outfit and you look lovely! xx


  11. Cute outfit! That bag is the bomb!

  12. That's so weird! That's never happened to me- except yesterday I was about to purchase a shirt on super clearance when my mom pointed out that it had a brown stain (ew!) on the sleeve. What a shame.

  13. Haha, that's s great story. It does make that shirt super unique, lol. :) I really love all of the details of your outfit. And those shoes! Oh goodness, I'm in love.

  14. I love the idea of a wonky top! That sounds so cute and quirky. Plus, I'd feel good about giving the poor unwanted top a good loving home!


  15. I love the shoes!!m Beautiful, as always =)


  16. Oh, those polkadot tights! Be still, my heart! I was just looking at Modcloth's charter school sweaters yesterday and contemplating purchasing one. I love that shade of green.

  17. Love that bag, so cute!

  18. Love your whole outfit! We sell Polli at my work. I own a fox necklace.

  19. That bag is amazing! And I love how the colors match your stripey shirt perfectly! And how funny about the shirt...I guess that makes it even better though! Too funny.

  20. You look adorable! I die for those shoes. Seriously. Love.

  21. You look so happy <3 I'm reaaally lovin' the pink! It makes me miss my turquoise hair, if that makes sense.

  22. My dad bought jeans from TJ Maxx once without trying them on--BIG mistake hah! I'm glad you were able to "make it work" at least! (That's a Tim Gunn reference...I don't know if you watch Project Runway, but there it is)

  23. Love the spotty tights. Cute, very cute. Love your style.


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