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Spring is here!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's the first day of Spring... not that you'd ever be able to tell by the weather right now though. It's snowing ever so lightly as I type. Hopefully it'll warm up soon and we'll have more than two days in a row that are sunny. I made a little list of things I'd like to accomplish this Spring, just some little goals.
Spring Goals 2013!
Press lots of flowers. This would be a year round goal if it were possible but it's sadly not. Plant pressing is kind of a habit you have to get into doing since it's pretty easy to just over look all the neat things you could press. So here's to getting back into the swing of it. I'm so excited to start seeing flowers and plants growing again!

Practice macro photography. I go through spurts with macro photography, I'll be really into it for a while then completely forget about it. Expect to see lots of bugs, flowers and crazy close ups soon.

Take more photos of daily life. Sometimes I forget to take pictures of the little things - treats I've baked, the cats lounging, really great mail days, etc. I want to be able to look back at more of those things.

Drive as often as possible. I've gotta keep practicing! As much as I'm really enjoying learning it's easy for me to forget that I can drive instead of just letting someone drive me. I'm certainly not getting any practice from sitting in the passenger seat.

Start taking daily walks. With the weather finally warming up...or uh, as it should be soon I really want to start taking those daily walks I put on my New Years goal list.

Read outside on warm days. I have a nice, cozy chair outside and a deck that gets lots of sunshine. I have no excuse not to soak up some vitamin d and read at least a few times.

Get the family together for an evening at the park. Last year before my oldest brother and his family moved to Germany we all got together at the park near my house, had pizza and played. It was a blast. It needs to be done again.
Here's to a great new season!! What are some of your goals for Spring?

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24 thoughts

  1. Hooray! Happy Spring! I sure do love your site... really glad I found it through Teetoo! My goals for Spring are to continue to document my and my family's life through photography and writing and to crochet, craft, and travel more :)

  2. Snow storm on the first day of spring... how very typically Canadian. haha goals for myself include continue with weight watchers and running, paint the study, plant a garden :)

  3. long walks have become one of my favorite things lately. we've had pretty fair weather for a while (although it would have been nice to have an actual winter in florida for once) and taking a stroll is a really awesome way to soak up some of the pretty climate. hope to see some peeks of your adventures :)

    lauren @ in between idols.

  4. I am still waiting for spring over here. No sign of it yet!

  5. One of my goals this year is long walks everyday too. Like in the summer I'll be writting my dissertation, I'll need it.

    Macros are so cool! Looking foward to see it :D


    Sofia G

  6. What wonderful goals and very close to mine. I need to start practicing driving too. At least I know I am not alone in this goal. I like be drove around but independence would be nice too. I am happy to have found your blog. =]


  7. I'm so glad it's finally spring! Although the weather here is only in the 40's, so not completely springy yet!

    I need to start taking more pictures too! I do some fun things sometimes but always forget to snap shots!

    carelessly graceful

  8. The cherry trees are in all of their glory where I live, which is pretty awesome. If this rain would let up a bit, maybe I could photograph them! My goals are to take more photographs of my city (Victoria BC), especially the cemetery!(which I never would have discovered without reading your posts--- thank you!) Also, spring seems like a good time to start new projects... so I'm work on a greeting card line! Eep!

  9. My goal list looks a lot like yours! Especially reading outside and doing things with my photography that I haven't tried it a while.

  10. I plan on pressing a lot of flowers in the new flower press I got at a thrift store. That and LOTS of hiking and outdoor adventures, of course accompanied by my camera.

  11. What lovely goals!

    I think I have a while to go before spring weather gets to Minnesota ( http://paperraindrops.blogspot.com/2013/03/minnesota-in-springtime.html ) but I've been thinking about what I want to do when it finally arrives! I want to spend at least one day just laying in the sun. I have a list of books I want to read, and a list of sweet projects I want to do. I think mostly I'm just looking forward to free time after being swamped with school and everything. :)
    And maybe later this summer I'll join you by finally getting my drivers permit! :)
    Oh! And also, I just ordered a golden half camera ... totally looking forward to using it!!

  12. These are lovely goals, and these pictures of budding flowers are so nice! I need to start learning how to drive, I don't have my license. I can't wait to start going on walks, either!

    xox Sammi

  13. really pretty pics :) and wonderful flowers :) I wait for spring, because in my country I don't have spring yet... ;/

  14. My boyfriend and I are going to make a second attempt at gardening this year. Last year was a failure so we're hoping this year we can grow something, ha. I hope to take lots of pictures too!

  15. it's awesome that you enjoy driving now— it will be nice when everyone can cruise around with the windows down finally! this spring i'm hoping to launch my etsy shop, start a local embroidery group, and learn more about my camera. and is it just me or does it seem like seasonal/monthly goals are more obtainable than yearly ones?! either way— good luck on yours!

  16. Beautiful flowers and photos! I wish we got such pretty flowers where I live (Brisbane, Australia), but it's too hot usually :(

    And I love your goals for Spring!

  17. I just started a job working with bees and California native flowers and SO MANY THINGS I do remind me of things you like! I've been pressing flowers and catching bees with nets and putting them in cyanide kill jars, and the lab I work with have stacks on stacks of pinned insects. Sorry, your first goal reminded me of that hah.

    I am so excited to read in the sun too, although probably not once it gets over 100 here blegh

  18. One of my goals for the spring is to get out and explore my hometown. I am taking a history class and learning about some local history so now I can't wait to get out and explore some more! It just needs to warm up. I love your goals, they have given me some great ideas.

    On another note...I was shopping in Columbus today and I saw some information on this event. I was wondering if you had heard about it. I am hoping to go because I think it sounds awesome: http://craftinoutlaws.com/#

  19. I just got the 100mm 2.8 lens for my 60D, what lens do you plan on using for macro photography?

  20. I can´t wait for the flowers to show up here in meddle Sweden to! The weather is really crazy this time of year.. you never know if its gonna be warm or freezing...
    But I should really do a spring list! I kinda have one but it should get more organised, that way it feels more important and fun!

    Good luck with you goals, they sounds wonderful!

  21. I need to bust out my macro filters more often too! I just love shooting plant details - I'm terrible at landscapes, but details I can do. :) The cherry blossoms and yellow flowers have burst out everywhere here in southern CA, it's awesome!

  22. Is that snowdrop?! That's so beautiful!! I didn't even post anything about spring. =P It does not feel like it here in Wisconsin. I'm happy someone has flowers though that are popping up!!

    Can't wait to see all of your nature photos. Even though you're in Ohio (which isn't that far) it's still fascinating to see the nature that you have over there compared to here.

  23. This is late to say happy spring from me, but you post great snowdrop yes that sure just spring begin and blowing after snow was melt.


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