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what we wore : seeing spots

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

ring - c/o Spotted Moth 
glasses - c/o BonLook
necklace - Extollo Jewelry
tights - Target
shoes - vintage

So Elycia and I happened to have another matching dress and of course we had to do another matching outfit post (you can find the first one here). This one isn't quite as matchy as the previous but these are still the same dress even if they are in different color schemes.

This is like fulfilling some childhood dream of having a twin. If I had a twin we'd definitely still dress alike, at least sometimes. I'm super thankful for a best friend who not only has the same bright, fun and kind of crazy fashion sense as me but thinks it's super fun to wear the same dress on the same day.
Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday!

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22 thoughts

  1. Kayla Minnie Mouse....beautiful,the two!always.

  2. So lovely you and your best friend! Really lovely :) It's good to have someone like that in your life.


  3. I'll always be there for you when you need a twin for the day! :) You are an awesome best friend.

  4. You both look gorgeous, I love polka dots! Also, that tooth necklace is awesome! xx


  5. You ladies are TOO cute! With the bright colors, polka dots, and fun hair, you two look like a couple of cartoon characters! Love it :)

  6. you two are so cute!!

    don't know if you heard but gilt groupe is having a sale on orla kiely today. it's 60% off!!! i thought you'd wanna know.
    in case you're not a member he's an invite. (feel free to use it anyone ;))


  7. I love your guys' matching outfits! Hey, kind of random, but I was perusing my favorite jewelry artist's shop and I saw that they have a tooth necklace and thought of you! :) http://monseratdelucca.com/shop/jewelry/necklaces/nm05.html I'm not affiliated in any way, I'm just a big fan of Monserat de Lucca (I have a few other pieces from them, they're AWESOME). They're also having a sale from now until Valentine's Day, 20% off everything! Hmmm...sorry this seems so much like an advert. :P

  8. super super super cute! so wanna be your older (much older) friend! xxxxx

  9. Ahhh pockets! Haha, those are always a must in my dresses. And I love how you added the black accessories (the sweater, tights, and shoes). I'm seriously in love with those shoes! You guys look great :)

    -Jessica (Sew In Love)

  10. Honestly...that is probably THE BEST necklace I've seen in forever! F'ing awesome!!!

  11. I LOVE this dress and you both styled it fantastic!! :)

  12. hahaha I like spend time on your blog :) great experience!
    and I'm really agree with de comment of Britni Farace!!!! (*0*)


  13. ah you girls are just too cute!I love how you're dorky enough (and I say this in a totally good sense, believe me!) and dress up matching each other! :D

    Drawing Dreaming

  14. Seriously, so adorable! Love your shoes too :)


  15. You both look sooo adorable!

  16. I love it when you guys wear matching clothes!


  17. I love how your dress colors and hair colors are reverse.
    Sort of, I guess.

  18. You both have the most amazing, beautiful hair. It really makes me want to dye mine <3

  19. That tooth necklace! So much love!

    I am also really liking these matching outfits posts. I hope this turns into a sort of mini-series!


  20. I absolutely love your shoes Kaylah! I have been looking for a pair of saddle shoes for a while now and they are impossible to find in Canada. I am so jealous!

  21. You gals are just so adorable! I love how you paired your teeth necklace with the red dress - so cute!



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