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what I wore: stripes and polka dots

Thursday, February 07, 2013

sweater - Modcloth
shirt - thrifted
brooch - Polli
collar brooches - Vinca via Fab
ring - c/o JewelMint
skirt - thrifted
tights - Target
shoes - amazon

It has been so bitterly cold here lately that taking outfit pictures is just not even possible, at least not outside which is definitely what I prefer. I've been putting together all these cute outfits, going out to take pictures and quickly returning without any pictures. I'm so happy I got a chance to photograph this one!

I'm super crazy about this shirt/cardigan combo. I'd been eying up the cardigan forever, on a multitude of websites too! I resisted buying with the reasoning that I wouldn't know what to wear with it, it's kind of strange colors and I normally like my cardigans a bit more fitted. But I've actually had a ton of luck with it already. I'm really glad I finally bought it. Even better I'm kind of glad I waited so long and got it on super sale because let's be real here - getting things for really cheap makes them way better.

Speaking of cheap, this shirt! $1.99! I love how the stripes are all vertical except by the buttons where they run horizontally. I wish it was vintage since vintage clothing really does tend to wash better and last longer but it's so pretty I couldn't resist. It's Tommy Hilfiger, which literally means nothing to me but it does make me giggle every time I see the tag because I remember when I was younger my grandma always used to say "Tommy Hill-finger".
I'm pretty excited about today because my dad is coming over after work to hang the pretty honeycomb shelves that we had been working on for so long. It's going to be so great to finally have my living room "finished" (...yeah right!) I'll share a full living room tour after I find something perfect for the shelves and there's a nice sunny day to photograph the room. Hope you all have a super lovely Thursday!

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25 thoughts

  1. Love that cardigan, it's super cute! There's nothing worse than buying something you love and then finding you have nothing to wear it with, but you've made a interesting combination there and it look great :)

  2. You made a good combo with that beautiful cardigan. I like a lot the skirt, it's really lovely.

    Can't wait the final result of the shelves :D



  3. I love this outfit! I'm always scared mix patterns but you've pulled it off so well that I'm reevaluating whether I should try it or not! xx


  4. OH my gosh your brooch! I LOVE IT! So so so cute. And the honeycomb shelf sounds amazing - I love those

  5. I love this outfit!! :D By the way, totally random, but every time I look at your blog my toddler exclaims "she looks just like Bean!" (Bean is a girl on the Sprout channel that has blue hair, hehe)

  6. Yay, so happy to see another outfit photo! That shirt is super cute, and great luck with finding it so cheap! The little tooth pin on the collar is awesome. I always find my best items while thrifting (good prices and the best finds). :)

  7. wow this outfit is perfect! And your shoes stole my heart<3

    alice c'n'r

  8. It looks like your brooch's sweater matches yours :) I have been on the lookout for a skirt just like that, but so far no luck... It's the perfect shape/length for me. Hopefully I'll stumble upon one soon. Lovely outfit, as usual!

  9. I am addicted to your blog! Ultracuteness galore - very interesting :)

  10. I love this! Your skirt is so lovely :)

  11. That shirt was such a great find for $1.99! I love the pairing with that cardigan.

  12. So very cute! You know, I haven't done an outfit post in so long, because I'm never sure how to set them up. The only times I have done one of these, I had the hubs take pictures, but we're never home together when it is light out! Do you use a self timer, or do you have a helper for your outfit posts?

  13. So much love for this outfit! (but actually all of your outfits rock!) I have a similar cardigan, different colours and a bit more dots, but yeah, similar XD I love it sooo much!

  14. I love the sweater paired with those color tights! Super cute :)


  15. Love that cardigan! is adorable :))

  16. This is adorable! I'm always jealous of your awesome thrifting finds! I did a dedication to you in my first blog post, by the way!

  17. Haha, Hill-finger totally cracks me up! And your hair looks so pretty against the white of the snow!

  18. I really love this sweater! The color is so adorable. :)


  19. I love the striped shirt, you really do have the best luck thrifting!

  20. wow I love your polka dots cardigan, so cute!! oh and I am also a bit fan of Vinca, they have such cute stuff, right?
    Looking at this outfit truly reminds me of how much I admire how you can wear maxi skirts so amazingly, wish I had your talent!

    Drawing Dreaming

  21. I love how red and yellow look with your blue hair! I guess I'm just drawn to primary colors.These pictures are so amazing and crisp looking. Your whole outfit just POPS against the white of the snow. It almost looks like you were photoshopped into the pictures!

  22. I love how this outfit looks so "ladylike" but with crazy, bright, fun colors!


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