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Weekly Nail

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Supplies used...
American Apparel Hassid
Modicure Nail Stickers
Seche Vite as a top coat

So, this is my second shot at using the Modicure nail stickers (see the first time here) I'm still pretty unimpressed with the quality of them but I can't deny how awesome these look. I had planned on using them on every finger but these things are so easy to mess up. Even after they're on they're not safe from disaster until you've applied a top coat. With the Sally Hansen nail stickers if one is too big you can just use a cuticle stick and basically trim away the excess sticker after it's been applied. It's a great little trick because it's kind of hard to find a sticker that fits each nail perfectly. But I learned pretty quickly that doesn't work with these. I tried on a few nails and each time it ripped the sticker toward middle of my nail which is why I had to remove the stickers completely from some nails and had to paint a stripe of black down both of my thumb nails (luckily that ended up looking kind of cool!)
Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

*ring c/o August Wrinkle

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22 thoughts

  1. Love the black and white stripes!

    Sita xx

  2. Like the effect of the stripes :) And black/white one of my favorite combo color. Always a classic!


    Have a nice sunday

  3. I think they look great. Really simplistic. I'll have to give this a shot for sure!

  4. Wow, i really like how creative you are with your weekly nails!

  5. These have got to be my favorite nails you've done this year!!!
    There a 60's mod vibe in them that I love plust it reminds me of a piano

  6. The stripe down the side really does look cool! It reminds me of hypnosis in a reaaly neat kind of way, hehe :)

  7. They look awesome but it sounds kind of complicated! How long do they last for?

    1. I'm not sure how long these ones claim to last but they stayed on for around four days before they started to show some wear and tear.

  8. I admire your patience! That would have driven me nuts. (They look badass though!)

  9. I really like the look! I love your nail posts, I wish I had more time to do my nails!

  10. These are probably my favorite nails of yours so fair! Loving this!

  11. I really love how you did your thumb! Also I can never get enough of black and white stripes! :)



  12. despite what sounds like a tricky nail art magic trick-THEY LOOK AMAZING!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  13. So cute and simple! They remind me of piano keys!

    My: acolorfulcreation.blogspot.com

  14. It's impossible for me to work with stickers! Yours turned out great. :)

  15. I really like the unfinished strip!! I was just going to ask you where the ring was from but then I saw the note at the end hee

  16. These nails are nuts http://candyforthebetches.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/see-what-i-see-and-adore.html

  17. OOOO! I love this! The colors are just so perfect.



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