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pentax k1000 & home for the friendless...

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A little while back I bought a pentax k1000 so I could learn the ropes of film photography. I was previously shooting with a Canon T2, which was great but I wanted more control over what the images looked like. Well I finally took my k1000 out for a spin last weekend after nervously avoiding touching it for a week (I really didn't want to be let down!). 

I took her out and shot two rolls at a cemetery in Erie, PA that's right by one of my favorite places to eat (the co-op, go get a baked tofu, you can thank me later). I've been past this cemetery a million times but never realized just how large it was. It was super sunny that day but the sun was a bit deceiving because it was bone-chillingly cold. We mostly drove around looking for neat headstones to stop and explore around briefly before jumping back in the warm car. Anyway, here are some of my favorite photos from the day...
None of them strike me as particularly special or mind blowing photos but for my very first time using this camera I am extremely encouraged. I'm really excited to learn more about this camera and make lots of memories with her. The pentax k1000 is super cute (I love the look of old-ish film cameras), sturdy and has a really satisfying shutter noise. Two thumbs way up! I'm really happy I finally took the plunge and bought a new film camera. I had been debating it for so long.

Anyway, back to the cemetery - I just might have found my second favorite headstone ever! (All time favorite is The Girl in Blue, duh!) "Home for the Friendless"? I literally screamed with excitement when I saw it. I love nothing more than headstones that say strange things. What an incredibly insensitive thing for a headstone to say, right?! Well upon further investigation (because of course I had to go home and google it immediately) The Home for the Friendless was an orphanage. I even found this old geocities site put together by a woman who had stayed there in her childhood. Super neat, right?! I love when I'm able to find a bit of history about a headstone, it makes exploring cemeteries so much more fun.

Hope you have a lovely Thursday!

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27 thoughts

  1. Wow... that's awesome! I love the lion doorknocker too!

  2. This has inspired me to get out my Minolta and start taking more photos. :) Thanks!

  3. Your new images are eerily beautiful.

    I went back and read your post about The Girl in Blue.
    That is such a sad and moving story.
    Imagine her poor family never knowing what had happened to her.

    Thank you for sharing : )

  4. I thought that cemetary looked familiar! Did you visit the "Vampire Crypt" on the hill? (

    1. I did! I even took a few pictures of it. I didn't realize it had a story, now I really want to go back even more.

  5. This is great! I have always wanted to take a camera out into cemeteries here in Milwaukee and just see what I can find. That 'Home for the Friendless' sign is awesome! It reminds me of one of our fire engine houses, which was built on the grounds of an old crematory and which still has the signage outside.

    Great post!

  6. Oh lovely. Ive considered trying out a pentax before but wound up with a canon. Love the patinad lion knocker shot

  7. I like the photo of the tomb (I think it's a tomb?), after the blue lion, where the light lines go across. I love when light does that, you know, that you get with the afternoon or mid-morning sun.

    I really enjoy film, too. The pictures look softer, not the super sharp focus that you get with digital.

  8. I love these! They look so cinematic! And I love that Home for the Friendless headstone - what a cool history!

  9. Oh my gosh, I read home for the friendliness and was so confused. I only saw what it really was after going back to look at the photo again :D

  10. I've got a Pentax, it's my only film camera besides my Diana and now you make me want to use it again. I want to get into film photography so bad and you're only making it worse. These are great shots!

  11. I remember your post about the girl in blue, and it's so intriguing. I used to love exploring graveyards until someone close to me died, but the way you find interesting information about the gravestones is awesome and inspiring to me! Maybe I should get back at it! :)

    Be Like The Fox

  12. Amazing photos! I´d like to go to take some photos at my nearest cemetery. It called "Recoleta Cemetery", it´s very famous in my country because there are a lot of prestigious people buried there. I love all the crypts and scultures!

  13. I love the color saturation in these photos. And the lens flare on the 4th pic is lovely. I'm glad you've come over into the land of manual cameras, have fun!


  14. That is so cool! And such a neat cemetery :)

  15. They look fabulous! I know the shutter noise you speak of. So crunchy and satisfying!

  16. I'm actually thinking of getting the same exact camera if I can't find Nikon fm2 which is something I've been dying to get. But seeing your resluts of the pentax now I really want to get it, like now :):)

  17. I've found your blog today and I just follow in love with it!
    And we have the same ears! <3

  18. These are beautiful! I love cemetery photography, and I'm always heartened to see others who appreciate it too. Where I live you can't spit without hitting a historic cemetery! (um, not that I would ever spit in a cemetery)

  19. wonderful photos! and i love old film cameras and exploring cemeteries as well, though i've never found as interesting headstones as you:-) x

  20. That's so cool! I love exploring graveyards.

  21. Oh, how I miss exploring cemeteries. I've thought of buying a Pentax, maybe now I actually will. I've always been kinda curious about the quality of photo it takes, and there are pretty good.

  22. your photos look amazing!!!! It's my goal to learn how to take better photos and work with different cameras. Now just to find the time. That tombstone is hilarious and insensitive. But hilarious, nonetheless. In fact, there are a LOT of hilariously insensitive, old tombstones out there. MAybe it's because they thought of death differently then?
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  23. I don't think you can ever go wrong with cemetery photos, these came out really well! The Home for the Friendless engraving is awesome- I kiiinda wish I could get that on a welcome mat.

  24. LOVE you film images! They turned out great!
    I also love cemeteries. They are one of my favorite places to wander and take photos. I recently visited an absolutely breathtaking and incredibly unique cemetery just outside of Dublin, Ireland (I made a post of my images yesterday if you're interested!)
    Can't wait to see what else you capture with film!

    Ali of :)

  25. You should come to Rochester, NY to see Mt. Hope Cemetery. Not only can you see Susan B. Anthony's grave and Fredric Douglas's but my favorite is Mr. Phil Ander - buried between His First Wife and His Second Wife.

  26. Home for the friendless is amazing. When I first saw that, I assumed it meant somebody who provided comfort to people who had none.



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