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January in Review

Saturday, February 02, 2013

I'm starting January's recap with a slightly different layout. I've added a few new sections and removed a few as well. I wanted to make my monthly recaps something I'd enjoy doing just a little bit more. From now on all the sections are optional, other than the list of my favorite posts from the month, and at any time I might add in new sections. I want to keep it fun!

a few of my favorite posts from January: 

new (to me) movies I watched this month:
  Whores' Glory. NSFW, obviously. Judging by the things I like to read you might have already guessed this documentary would be something I was interested in. Oh my goodness, it was eye opening and really just straight up heartbreaking. Was it interesting though? Absolutely!
  Pumpkin. I loved this movie. It was definitely a bit sad at times but really such a unique concept. I've definitely become a pretty big Christina Ricci fan as of late, isn't she just lovely?!
Butter. A cute movie, nothing too special. It did keep me watching though so I guess I can't say anything too bad about it.
Y Tu Mamá También. This was such a beautiful movie. I turned it on for background noise one morning and ended up completely enthralled.

songs on repeat:
• The Hollows - Why?
• The Vowels Pt. 2 - Why?
• Strawberries - Why?
• Trunk Eyes - Man Man
• The Calender Hung Itself - Bright Eyes
Hmm, it would appear as though I'm super into Why? right now. Hah! I had heard some of their songs before but for some reason I started listening again a week or so ago and I'm kind of hooked. I've already bought two of their albums on vinyl, can't wait to get them!
PS. If you want to see what else I'm listening to, you can find me on last fm here

new (to me) blogs I love: 
 Stuck with Pins. I found Corinne's blog when she left a comment on one of my posts that would end up basically summing up my reaction to her blog. It's so exciting to find other ladies into fashion and not so normal things like taxidermy, and bones.

exciting happenings online and off: 
I started the year off with a concussion (which I blogged about here). I mean that's not really a good thing, but it certainly was exciting! Haha!
Elycia and Ivan came out to visit. That's always a blast, and always worth mentioning in my recap posts. They're the best. 
• I switched The Dainty Squid over to it's own domain so instead of .blogspot.com, it's just thedaintysquid.com. I've been meaning to do this for so long so I'm pretty stoked about it. If you would, could you please update any links you have coming here to www.thedaintysquid.com that would be awesome! 

That's all for this month! If you have any suggestions on a category you'd like to see added to the recap, just let me know! I'd love to know what you'd like included. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

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18 thoughts

  1. You're the best!! We love you guys.
    You forgot a song though...

  2. This is a perfect monthly post. I've just started a january favourites this year too but really want to expand it next month to have a few more lists like this, they can be hard to edit but they are my fav types of posts to read! gorgeous blog :) x

  3. I wish everyone would mentioned new films, books and blogs they have found and love! There is so much stuff out there that I'm missing out on!!

    Happy February


  4. This is great, I need some new tunes. I am most definitely going to check these out. and I've been wanting to see Y Tu Mamá También. Is it on netflix? I'm checking now, haha

  5. So glad you brought back the 'new to me blogs I love', cause I love discovering new blogs. :]

  6. I was just going to stop by and say that they are making a movie for the chuck p book Haunted!! I'm excited! Thought you'd appreciate knowing if you don't know already!

  7. I loooooooove Pumpkin! One of my favourite movies. Too bad most people don't know it!


  8. I only recently started following and reading your blog but I am pretty obsessed. :) Your blog was part of the reason I dyed my hair bright red at the start of January for obvious reasons! Also, I really love the home posts! I love looking at how people decorate and trying to find ways to make my place nicer.

  9. Why? is AWESOME. I'm so excited you like them! They're so unique.

  10. I love this post and Why? is amazing. I go through phases where that's all I listen to.

  11. I'll have to give those movies a look. I watched two really great documentaries on Netflix in January - Life in a Day and Happy, both well worth watching if you haven't already seen them. :)

  12. Woah we actually have a lot of similar music interests! I love Man Man, and Dr. Dog, and Elliott Smith, and etc etc. And congrats for switching to your new domain! I'm excited to see the surprise sections.

  13. I'm liking the new review format! On a completely unrelated note, you should add Penelope to your Christina Ricci movie watching kick (if you haven't seen it already!). So cute!

  14. Awh, you're way too sweet! Thanks for the shout out! ;) Glad the blogosphere has brought our strange interests together, haha.

  15. I really like that bulletin board of yours. It appears to resemble one of those vision boards that seem to be so popular. I like how simple it is yet seems to show your personality. I definitely need to consider making myself one of those. :P But as always, another great visual post. I always love the pictures you post on here.


  16. I LOVE Why? I saw them live a few years back and they are quite impressive. My favorite song of theirs is Gemini (Birthday Song). You should check it out!

  17. I love these kinds of posts! You have inspired me to do one of my own!!


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