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10 things making me smile...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1 // this fly that opens up so you can hide your tiny treasures inside.
2 // This beautiful pup.
 3 // a brand new wallet for my new driving permit.
(clearly I'm still pretty stoked about that. If you didn't catch it in yesterday's post, I got my temps!)
4 // getting back the first two rolls of film from my new camera and feeling encouraged to shoot more.
...But more on this another day.
5 // organizing my cardigans by color and giving them all matching hangers.
6 // Pretty icicles in the sun.
Maybe the part that really makes me smile about these is that right after I took the picture Crum came trotting over and gently poked his nose into them making them all come crashing down in front of us. I couldn't help but laugh.
7 // monsters under the covers.
8 // seeing what a little collector my nephew is becoming!
9 // photos of flowers from the summer!
Boy, oh boy, I cannot wait to tend to tons of beautiful flowers again soon.
10 //  this amazing brooch from Hungry Designs.
What's making you smile today?

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37 thoughts

  1. Such gorgeous photographs : )

    I came across one of those brass flies recently and ummed and ahhed over it. I'm sorry I didn't buy it now, it looks really cute.

    *gone to colour co-ordinate my books* < this makes me happy.

    Have a lovely day : )

  2. My sweet little baby and her early morning gummy grins. That's what is making me smile today. :) I like your picks!

  3. Prune juice!
    Er.. I mean, my lil' guy makes me smile - but he's not happy if he's bunged up = prune juice makes US smile! lol
    Soooo.. can I live in your colourful cardigan closet? LOVE it! So cute your nephew is following in your footsteps too!
    Mel ;o)
    needle and nest design

  4. Great pics! The fly box is super cool but also creeps me out at the same time haha!
    I love that you have that old Pentax! I have the same one and I haven't used it in forever! Have fun with it!

  5. I really need to organize my closet and the premise of all my stuff looking as cute as yours does when it's color coordinated is awesome motivation!

    Lauren at inbetweenidols.blogspot.com

  6. so cute to read this positive post :) so this makes me smile)

  7. What a beautiful dog! And would love to hear more about the prints you developed, that is a great camera :)

  8. Cheese, Books, My pup and my father are making me smile today. I guess you could say the first two are my passion, they make me smile daily. I saw a cast iron grasshopper at an antique shop and now I'm regretting leaving it there.

  9. I just love number 7!!! My cat do the same thing, but under the bed <3

  10. I love that wallet!! It's cute how you organize your closet by color - I need to get matching hangers, mine are all over the place.

  11. Oh man that photo of your flowers is making me ache for summer! Although that photo of the icicles is quite beautiful :)


  12. Beautiful photos! I love the dog, so cute!


  13. I love that little fly box, so cute!

  14. #2>>> absolutely stunning! He is major gorgeous. Love that shot!!!

    Whats making me smile? today is Wednesday for everyone else and Friday for me because i have the rest of the week off for a winter get away with my honey!


  15. my little dog every morning come to kiss me, that make me smile.
    really cute photos I like the dog

    alice c'n'r

  16. omg, colour-coordination is so pretty :3 if only I had the patience! -clothes all over the floor-

    and your cat made me laugh xD I've definitely seen that face!

  17. eeeep! I LOVE that fly case! AND I needs to get me that triceratops brooch!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  18. Such wonderful things in your life make me smile too! Congrats again on your permit, that wallet is incredible!


  19. Dinosaur brooch! I love it!


  20. does the fly have a ridged/textured area on the underside of the wings? If so, it is for storing matches- the textured area allows your strike and light your match. Pretty cool. I recently sold one just like it in my etsy shop! :-)

  21. your organized wardrobe make me smile.

  22. I love the picture of your camera and your cat. Aren't cat's paws the sweetest things ever?!

    1. Yes! I love petting kitty paws, probably one of my favorite spots.

  23. Your icicle photo is gorgeous! And enjoy your Pentax camera...I really enjoy mine!

  24. Lots of things are making me smile! This post... Impossible Project's American Woods Film (http://tinyurl.com/by47ukz)... the fact that I get to go on a trip soon... Lots to be happy about lately, thankfully.

  25. That Triceratops brooch... I think I would just about die if that was mine. I have a tattoo of a Triceratops on my arm, called Errol. They've always been my favourite dinosaur, because they have my name in them. Tri-sarah-tops. Get it? Haha. Yes, I'm lame.

    And I forgot to say congrats on getting your drivers license! I took my theory test in the UK 6 years ago, had 5 lessons and then quit because I didn't like my instructor. So I never progressed and obviously never got around to taking the practical test. Maybe I should give it another shot now I live over here!

    1. Hahaha! I'd make that all my screen names if I were you, trisarahtops! Sounds like you definitely need a triceratops brooch.

      Oh, that's such a bummer. Definitely give it another shot!!

  26. That's alotta cardigans!! Is that really a puppy?? So enjoy your blog! :)


  27. that dragoon fly box is so amazing. what a fun treasure to have to hide all your most prized possessions!

    xo. c & V
    cake & valley

  28. I want their deer brooch so bad. So pretty.


  29. Ha! I was perusing Target recently and saw the wallet with the fox on it and I KNEW I had seen it somewhere but I liked it a lot and bought it then went home to try and find where I had seen it. I was like, "Who likes things with animals on it..." :) Basically I bought that same wallet after I saw it here hah.

  30. Love, love, love the brooch! But other than that, my little nephew make me REALLY happy. He is the cutest little thing.


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