what I wore : shadow puppet - The Dainty Squid

what I wore : shadow puppet

Thursday, January 03, 2013

sweater - c/o Spotted Moth
dress - Foxtail & Fern Dress c/o Modcloth
brooch - c/o Hungry Designs
pyramid ring - c/o Spotted Moth
tooth ring - Hello Holiday
belt - thrifted
tights - thrifted
shoes - c/o Romwe

First of all looking at these pictures is so weird! A few days after taking them we got a ton of snow! Well, not a ton but enough where everything is covered and I don't think it'll be melting anytime soon. So even though these are only around a week old they look like they were taken forever ago. Snow makes such a huge difference if what season it feels like. It was like Ohio was holding on to fall for a while, which was great!

I'm crazy about this whole outfit. Every single piece is something I'm currently just mad about, the dress and shoes especially. I'd been eying the dress for a while (like since the day it was listed!) so I'm particularly happy about finally having it. Even better is I like it more than I thought I would - which is a lot! I feel like lately maybe my style is changing a bit and I'm being drawn more towards plain dresses (plain as in without a pattern, not boring colors). So this dress being an awesome solid color and a great shape makes it just about perfect in my book.

Hope you're having a great week! I can't believe today is Thursday already. Having holiday's midweek makes my brain a little confused and totally messes up my week. But hey, I'm certainly not complaining about the quickly approaching weekend!

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30 thoughts

  1. I love the colours in this outfit, they go so beautifully with the fallen leaves in the background. I think I saw that brooch in your post about your brooch collection (or at least I've seen it somewhere...) it's totally gorgeous!

    Love, lauren


  2. This outfit is gorgeous and it suits you so well! I love the color combination, the kitty shoes, and all your cool accessories!


  3. Loved the shoes and the brooche! :D

    Such a lovely outfit!



  4. Those cat shoes are amazing. I've been coveting similar pairs for a while, it might be time to take the plunge.

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog, that truly made my day!

    I love this outfit, it's something I could see myself wearing to work on a Friday (I wear scrubs the rest of the week, boo!)

    Those shoes are too cute, I would love a pair but most flats give me blisters on the heel so I'm too afraid to get any without trying on!


  6. i'm absolutely mad about this outfit! You look great :)

  7. Hi, you may find this strange and weird, but I had a dream last night where I came to visit you in Ohio and brought my cat Rufus with me! we did crafty things and then went to a restaurant, with Rufus and dr octopus, but he didnt like me!! haha so the cats went on the bus home by themselves! Haha! how peculiar! made me giggle when I woke up this morning. must be because I had a mammoth reading of your blog session yesterday! hehe! :o)
    just stopping in to say I love your blog and will continue to read it as I love your kitty posts and collections and of course your magical hair!
    hope youre well!
    EmilyMiuMiu, UK

    1. Haha!! That's not weird, that's hilarious! Thanks for telling me about your dream. :)

  8. This outfit is so pretty; great colors!

  9. The shoes have little gold heels?! Oh, now that's not fair, that's just too cute!
    I feel you on the "plain" dress love. Sometimes you just need a bold little number to perk up your day. And with all this snow Ontario has got... I need that more than ever!


  10. That brooch is adorable! I like the combination with your cardigan, too - I would have passed it up if I ever came across it, but you often get me thinking about how things I think wouldn't work, do work!

  11. Fabulous as always. Have you seen the move Django Unchained yet? I thought of you when I saw it because there is a guy in the movie who rides around with a giant tooth on top of his carriage!

  12. This outfit is gorgeous on you!! That dress fits like it was made for you. And I love the shoes.
    Catherine Denton

  13. This outfit is adorable! Especially the shoes :)


  14. Lovelovelove that dress on you! And the brooch is adorable.

  15. I can see why you're crazy about everything! What a stunning dress:) And I really like that brooch too, it really suits you.


  16. Of course I always love the outfits you come up with, but I think this color combo is the prettiest I have ever seen on you. Fabulous ensemble! You have a beautiful energy, Kaylah. Thank you for sharing your life and ideas.

  17. What an AMAZING outfit! I love those shoes (:

  18. Sometimes I just can't get over how amazing your hair is! It's BEAUTIFUL :)

  19. Those tights are awesome! I must find ones like those!


  20. Very cute! I'm in love with mustard yellow right now...I think I favorited like 3 mustard yellow dresses on modcloth today!

  21. Oh my gosh those cat shoes are the cutest things i think i've ever seen!!!
    Love this outfit


  22. This is such a cute outfit! I really love that sweater and the brooch is probably the cleverest thing that I have ever seen!


  23. Love it!!! the cat flats are pretty neat!

  24. I got that dress for Christmas and I LOVE it. I definitely love the cardigan you paired with it. I wore mine with a quarter-sleeve white tee shirt underneath, dark brown leggings, white knit leg warmers, and brown boots. I also wore a chartreuse overcoat/dress thing and a vintage brooch over it. I think I like your way better! I NEED those flats.


    1. That sounds so cute! With a shirt underneath was how I wanted to wear it next.

  25. I really love your style! That dress and those shoes...pretty sure I'm in love....

    Tiff Ima

  26. Loved the brooch, I am passionate about this work guys! checked on Etsy, impossible to have a favorite. you always beautiful, very charming with this shoe kitten ♥

  27. I love the color combination, the kitty shoes, and all your cool accessories! ... icatshirt.blogspot.com


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