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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Supplies used...
American Apparel Hassid
Laquerlicious Tart Taffy

I know last week I said I wanted to challenge myself to be more creative with glitter polishes and this is completely the opposite of what I was saying but gosh darn it, this glitter is so pretty I just had to cover all my nails in it. I actually found Laquerlicious on a nail blog that I randomly stumbled upon and was so instantly smitten with the shapes and colors of this glitter I had to buy it immediately. I'm not really an impulse purchaser (or at least I try not to be and I'm not, unless at Target) but this one and this one went right in my cart and showed up in my mail box like two days later. Something about big, chunky, colorful glitter just gets me!
On a nail related note but not related to nail polish - I found my new absolute favorite cuticle cream! I picked up some lemony flutter cuticle butter from Lush last time I ordered some goodies because 1. I love anything to keep my cuticles nice. 2. I've heard oodles of good things about this product and 3. because it had great reviews and I'm fairly easily convinced. It was love the second I tried it out! This stuff literally smells exactly like pez (to me at least!) which is the best. I can't stop sniffing my fingers after I've used it. Other than the amazing smell which is really just a great perk, this stuff actually works and fast. I've been keeping it on my desk and using it a few times a day, just whenever I happen to think of it. Even though I have fairly nice cuticles to begin with I can tell an almost instant improvement. My cuticles are so much softer. I love this stuff so so so much.
Anyway - sorry for gushing about my new favorite product. But it's one of those things I've known about for so long and never bought for one reason or another and I'm like "ah! why did I wait so long?!" Hah!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

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29 thoughts

  1. Love this nail! I have so many glitter nail polishes (went on a bit of nail polish binge just before christmas). Hate getting it off though, takes ages!

    Beth - Sans Souci

  2. I love this! The glitter is really beautiful!


  3. It kind of reminds me of galaxy nails :)
    Got to love a bit of glitter :)
    Launa xx

  4. I love this nail art :)
    So simple but so effective :)
    And i'm totaly buying this lush thing for cuticuls :) i love everything lemony and i love lush AND i need something for cuticuls :D
    Check out my blog and if you Like it feel free to FOLLOW :)

  5. Ahh, I am now lusting after glittery nails! Don't you just love Lush products? I have really sensitive skin but they never irritate me ^_^

  6. My mom swears by Lemony Flutter, that glitter is gorgeous I'm a sucker for a glitter polish.
    : ]

  7. So pretty! I think I need some glitter in my life, so I'll probably go buy a nail polish or two tomorrow. :)


  8. Yay! Lemony Flutter has been one of my staple Lush purchases for years, doesn't it smell amazing?! I use it on my elbows too. Okay, sometimes I use it all over my hands as well. When I used to handle money all day every day my fingers would get torn to pieces and this was a saving grace.

  9. Lush is such a lifesaver! I love the contrast of the black with the colorful glitter :)

  10. I've been like a forever glitter nail polish girl :) Like this. A few months I've done almost the same, a dark polish in the base and a glitter on the top, but the glitter was smaller and I make an effect like it was falling from the top of the nails :)


  11. Lush really is the best stuff ever - amazing product and made by a REAL PERSON! so crazy. Also, if you ever end up in one of their stores, their salespeople are the kindest and most efficient helpers ever. Glad you're so happy with their product!!

  12. Bright colorful sparkles for the win!!!

  13. Why have I never tried glitter polish with a dark base?! It seems so obvious now.

  14. It totally smells like Pez. I LOVE that stuff. It's sooo nice on my feet.

  15. Party on your hand!!


  16. I love AA nailpolish! I tried it last time I was waiting for the girl to ring me up and I fell in love! If only I was aloud to have my nails painted. :(

    xox Sara @ tinysugarbee.blogspot.com

  17. I like this a lot. It's so pretty. Sometimes the simple looks work out the best anyway. Xo Inna


  18. My family (my sister, mom and I) loves doing our nails and we don't really have an amazing cuticle cream. Definitely gonna pick up some Lemony Flutter.

  19. I have a soft spot for sparkly nails! This reminds me of outer space and I absolutely love the combo you came up with! On another note, Lush is the best. I used to use their Chocolate face mask every night because it smelled so amazing.

    xo Jenna

  20. I'm a huge Lush fan! I wouldn't normally buy a cuticle product but I got this as a present from my mom and really loved it. I think the best part was that, like so many Lush products, it was a "real" smell, not the synthetic equivalent we're used to (I really notice this with their rose-scented products). I actually used it more as an elbow/knee cream, because it is SO intense that I couldn't touch anything for ages after putting it on my fingertips!

  21. This is my go to nailpolish too! I love black & glitters. And Lush! I'm a huge lush addict, Lemony Flutter is one of my favorites! It's so versatile! I love to use it as a lip balm :D

  22. I have Lemony Flutter and love it! And I love that you don't need a whole lot either, I'm still on the same tub I bought a year ago. The entire area around my fingernails gets so dry, I'll also use it on my elbows, knees, heels and toes, spots that get dry and cracked skin. I'll certainly be buying it again once I use up the tub I have.

  23. it does smell exactly like PEZ!!!!

  24. I totally tried this on as a sample at their store!! Love Lush, I was so excited to go to the mall and find there was a brick and mortar version near my house!

  25. Thank you for doing a post on my polish! I truly appreciate it and I'm glad you like it :)

    Laquerlicious Lacquer (no "C" in laquerlicious)

    1. Oh goodness, I swear I checked so many times to check if I spelled it correctly. Hah! Sorry about that, I just corrected it.

  26. Such pretty glitter! I'm gonna have to try that cuticle cream, mine are absolutely terrible and I hate the feeling of touching stuff when I've got lotion all over my hands, you know?


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