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A few of my favorite posts for 2012 // part 2

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Here is part two of my favorite posts for 2012. (find part one here!) This selection is more helpful posts than personal ones. There are recipes, tips, things of the sort that I shared this year...

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16 thoughts

  1. the photos are really lovely :) great post!

  2. I put some of these pages in my "Reading List" to read a little later. I'm trying to get my blogging in shape, so that I may one day be amazing! So thank you ahead of time for the amazing advice!

  3. I have all the recipes bookmarked now! They look too good not to try!


  4. Hi, I love going back though all your old posts! They're wonderful and fun and inspiring, your blog is my absolute favourite; I love checking it everytime you have a new post to see what adventures you've been up to!

    Love, Lauren. xox


  5. I'm really glad you linked to that blog planning post - I need to reread that! I was just thinking, minutes ago, about how I need to figure out better how to plan my blog posts ahead of time.

    <3 Melissa

  6. You had such useful DIY and tips this year :) The tips for pressing plants was really good, and the nails essentials was heavenly!


  7. Hey, I found this necklace: http://www.oasap.com/necklaces/15229-teeth-pendant-clasp-fastening-necklace.html

    I don't know if you already have it or if you have seen it, but it made me think about you sooo... here you go! ^^ Happy new year!

    (Also, i'm in love with the idea of the spinach sandwich! Going to try it out next week!)

    1. It's already hanging with the rest of my jewelry! ;)
      But thanks for the link!

  8. Your blog planning post is -so- helpful; I'll have to review it for the new year to get off to a good start!

    Also, totally pressuring the boy to pretty up his keyboard with decals ^_^

  9. After seeing this post, I am re-reading your blog planning post, so helpful! I'm trying to get more consistent in my postings and such...your blog is such an inspiration!


  10. I loved EVERYTHING about nails!
    Your blog posts helped me have more fun with my nails and now I adore playing with nailpolish!!!
    Thank you!!

  11. I really really adore your blog and I am glad to check your previous post on "Blog Planning". I am very disorganized or shall I say, I don't know how to put it all up to have an amazing blogsite but your post about it helped a lot to guide me on what I want to post on the following days and months. I just love all of your posts! :)



  12. Haha, that blog planning post has changed the lives of so many bloggers! I remember reading it before I started blogging, so I've been using the same method since the very beginning! It definitely helps me plan and see my month at a glance.

  13. Ah! I just checked out your scratch off ticket post - I can't believe I didn't see it before! I've been stuck on a Save the Date design for my upcoming wedding and this definitely just gave me the best idea. If I go through with it, I'll definitely let you know it turns out. Exciting!


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