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2012 Goal Recap

Thursday, January 03, 2013

It definitely feels necessary to do a recap of last year's goals. It's a good way to review what I accomplished and evaluate why I wasn't able to cross some off...
2012's Goals! 
Read 15 new books. I can cross this goal off for sure! I read a total of 35 books this year. You can see which books I read this year in these posts - Part One, Part Two, Part Three & Part Four. I'm still so pleased to have accomplished this goal. I'm so happy to be submerged back into the world of books, I feel it was one of the best things to come out of this year.

Try 7 new recipes. I know for a fact I can cross this one off but I sadly didn't document it very well. I had plans on blogging about every recipe I tried and somehow it just didn't happen. The few recipes I did share this year were zucchini bread, pumpkin whoopie pies, coconut no bake cookies, and chocolate chip pumpkin cookies. Some of the new things I made this year but didn't get around to sharing were baked butternut squash, brandy fudge (oh my gosh, it's heaven!), chocolate chocolate chip cookies (yes, that first "chocolate" is supposed to be there), and a few new cupcake recipes.

Get my license...finally. Nope, I chickened out again. I'm not going to be too hard on myself about it though because if I'm not ready I probably shouldn't be driving yet.

Go bowling more! Two times in twelve months probably isn't more than the year before. Oops!

Hang things in the bedroom. I didn't hang things in the bedroom but I still feel like I can cross this off because I started taking steps towards getting the bedroom decorated and that's really what I was looking for. With the help of my mom I painted it and got rid of the awful blue paint I thought was a great idea three years ago. I've purchased things to hang and now I've just got finish building the shelving I want and I'll have a pretty new bedroom.

Take a photo an hour once a month. I can definitely cross this one off! I took a photo an hour each month! Here's the list - January : February : March : April : May : June : July : August : September : October : November : December.  I'm so happy I followed through on this goal. Some months it felt like a pain in the butt but in the end I'm really glad to have these posts. They're so much fun to look through.

Make new friends. Nope. But if it counts for anything Elycia and I declared ourselves official best friends. Haha! On a more serious note, I do feel like I've taken steps to being able to make friends. As I've briefly mentioned in the past I'm debilitatingly shy in person which obviously takes its toll on friend making capabilities. I feel like in 2012 I finally realized I need to work on my anxiety before I expect to be able to just go out and make friends.

Send more snail mail. I'd say I sent more than the previous year for sure!

Save a little month each month. I sure did! It actually worked out perfect because my old macbook started show signs it was going to die at anytime which freaked me out. With the money I had put aside I was able to treat myself to a brand new one. I'm pretty good at saving money but putting money aside and forgetting about it is something I learned this year is even more awesome.

Clean the basement. Did I get the basement 100% clean? No. Did I make massive strides? Yes sir! Like I mentioned in the mid-year recap of my goals I used neighborhood clean up day as a way to get rid of a ton of stuff I didn't need anymore. Since then I've been boxing up oodles and oodles of stuff to take to Goodwill. So far I've gotten rid of two full car loads full of things. (I didn't even realize I had so much stuff!) I've still got a lot of stuff to do down there yet but I'm very pleased with my progress.

Camp more often.
Yikes, going camping once all summer definitely doesn't constitute as "more often" for me. I'm pretty bummed I didn't get a chance to go more. Summer was gone in the blink of an eye. This year I realize I need to make plans much earlier if I want to camp more often.

Shoot more film (& learn to develop it)
In 2012 I shot LOTS of film. I did not take the time to learn to develop it though.

Take nieces and nephew on one on one dates.
I took my nephew on a date to the fair and one of my nieces came over and spent the day with me alone (which was the first time ever. We had a ton of fun) but I still owe one of the girls some alone time.

I don't think I did too shabby at all! I'm quite pleased with what I accomplished. I can't wait to start crossing off this year's goals now.

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28 thoughts

  1. You accomplished most of your goals! That's great. The third one is still on my list haha.

  2. Great job on your goals! I'm impressed :)

    Any chance we'll ever get a house tour from you? We've seen some rooms and bits and pieces, but I'd love to see everything!

    1. It's something I've considered! But thanks for letting me know you're interested, I'll definitely think more about it!

  3. I think you did really well too:)

    And I wanted to get my license as well, but just couldn't find the time for it. Hopefully next year!

    My goals were kind of 50/50 I think, but that's ok, because I did a lot of even bigger things I couldn't have thought of at the start of 2012.

    1. Well that's great, even better than completing your goals.

      Sometimes making goals can be hard because SO much can change during the year the same goals you made twelve months from now might not even be relevant.

  4. The license thing - don't do it until you're thoroughly ready. I didn't get mine until I was 26 and that was just out of necessity. Honestly, I don't even know that I should be driving. Some of us are just not drivers. : )

    1. I AGREE! I absolutely hate (a major fear) to drive and feel like I shouldn't be on the road because of how nervous it makes me.


  5. About your license...don't rush, take your time and do it when you are ready. It is pretty serious thing to do (driving), it took me one year of almost every day driving to finally feel confident and relaxed. I love camping, and this year I only went on fieldtrips, didn't have enough time for camping, which I deffinitely must change this year!
    This is the first year I make New Years list, so...wish me luck! I figured out, if old system - not writing things down - didn't work, this one must be better :)

  6. Well done on doing so well with your goals, I set myself the challenge of reading 12 books last year, and I think I probably read around 30!

    Love, Lauren


  7. 35 books? how is that possible? I can't even read one XD
    That what means having a baby around the house LOL

  8. Wow, I'm only 17 and I thought I was the only one in the world who didn't have her license haha. Well, it is probably because I'm still in high school and EVERYONE can drive except me...but once I graduate I don't think it will be that big of a deal. I have anxiety too, so that is my main reason for not being able to drive (and my ADD is a factor, as well...you kinda need to know how to pay attention when driving if you don't want to, y'know, kill someone). Take your time! Don't start driving if you're not ready. :)

  9. Kaylah, you are totally kicking my butt with all these goals! I do like that you talk about it when you don't succeed with one, or where you realized that the intent of the goal is not what you thought it was initially! I need to learn about making better general and specific goals, and what it is that I really want to get out of it! That's the whole point, right? Personal growth?
    And oh man, making new friends is so hard. Not that living in a town this small and this elderly is making it too easy. I feel like I should know the woman I see walking her jack russel every morning by name by now. Hard to believe that in my 30 minute walk I tend to only pass by 2 or 3 people walking. Sigh.


  10. It's so comforting to know that another well-adjusted adult isn't quite ready to drive. I'm twenty-eight and it's on my big list of goals, as well.

  11. Wow! You accomplished a ton of your goals! I still need to do the third one, but I think I'm going to save it for next year, haha! But I like your idea of reading more books that's on my list this year :)

  12. Inspiring post!

    Cindy x

  13. Wow you've definitely achieved a lot of your 2013 goals. I hope that I can keep to my goals as well as you do! x


  14. I love to know how you deal with your shyness when you finally overcome it. I hate to think of myself as shy but I kind of am. I always tell people I'm more anti-social than shy but that doesn't sound any better.

  15. I bet we could be good friends. :) Besides, my blog name has "squid" in it too. hehe.


  16. I don't blame you. Driving is scary and stupid and I hate it. My job is 75% driving to places I have no idea where I am going and it's still makes me very uncomfortable. Everyone on the road drives reckless and i'd enjoy it a lot more if no one was on the road. I'd save up for a helicopter, no traffic and way faster :)

  17. Bowling is such a blast - Great goals!!


  18. congrats lady! heres to a new year, i just found your blog and am in love <3

  19. I'm definitely going to have a go at doing a photo an hour occasionally

    I had considered doing a photo a day this year (I last attempted in 2011) but we're only a few days in and I already remember how annoying it is!

    Definitely not worth it if I don't fully enjoy it...

  20. Great to achieve that much from your list. Such a good guide to everyone like me fore sure. I hope I can do with mine for this year! :) You always inspire people. :D



  21. Super impressed that you read 35 books this year!! I read 9 .. which I thought was good :D
    Happy New Year!


  22. My offer still stands, I'd love to be your friend! It'll just take a little bit of a drive to meet up :)

  23. I've been checking your blog for as long as I can remember now.. I can't for the life of me remember how I found it, but it had always really inspired me to get my butt in gear and make my dreams of being able to successfully live off of my creative hobbies come true. Still working on that, but I feel it's around the corner!
    Keep being awesome and inspiring, Kaylah :)


  24. I'm glad I'm not the only "adult" who doesn't have their license... I'm just not ready yet either.

  25. I'm so glad I saw this post & went through the comments - I'm another person in their late 20's who doesn't have a license. This year I hope I can gather the courage to at least try! :P


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