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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Remember a little while back when I mentioned that I had to puppysit Crum while my parents attended a wedding? Well I figured this was the perfect time to snap some shots of my non-human brothers dressed up for Halloween (and to surprise my mom with since I know she'll get a kick out of seeing her babies dressed up! Hi Mom!) A few days before we went over the pet store had their Halloween costumes buy one get one free so we were able to snag a kitty sized costume and an XL dog one (which was still a pinch too small, Crum is only 7 months old!) for the price of one. Anyway, enough talk, look at my gnomes!
 Being a big lawn gnome is ruff.

I didn't have the opportunity to get any pictures of my kitties all dressed up due to the incredibly dreary weather lately (It's SO dark in my house when it rains!) But if you don't have your pets dressed up silly for Halloween fix satisfied you can find all the previous years photos here - 2010 & 2011. That picture of Doc as a cowboy in 2010's pictures kills me. It's so funny!

Halloween falling in the middle of the week somehow makes it seem less like a holiday but I'm determined to make it special. Skeleton leggings, horror movies and pumpkin flavored treats are in order. If it would stop raining carving pumpkins would be perfect for this evening but I suppose it will have to wait for a few more days...

What are you plans for Halloween? Whatever they are, hope you all have a spooky, fun and safe day!

what i wore

what I wore : crisp fall weather

Monday, October 29, 2012

 the details
collar clips - ebay
ring - c/o Oasap
shoes - Neo c/o Blowfish
bag - c/o asian icandy

First, let me start by telling you I most definitely did iron this skirt before leaving the house. I had it so nice and wrinkle free but within no time (literally a ten minute car ride) it looked like I had just picked it up off the bedroom floor and put it on, well maybe it's not that bad but it's still driving me crazy. Are there any products out there to stop wrinkles after you iron something? Because that is exactly what this skirt needs. Otherwise it's perfect, I love the fit and the fact it will match anything. I'd hate for it to get buried in my closet because I can't keep it wrinkle free.

A little while back asian icandy sent me over this adorable bag which I knew needed to be turned into a camera bag. I, without measuring (not a great idea!), bought a camera bag insert for it. (I got this one if you're curious, it's pretty darn nice!) When I finally got the insert I was so bummed because of how big it looked. But to my surprise it actually fits perfect, like the two were made for each other. I have no plans of ever taking it out. Welcome to my camera bag collection, pretty little green bag. Now every cute bag I see immediately makes me wonder if I could fit an insert into it to make it a camera bag.

We've been having the nicest weather lately. The last few days have been my perfect vision of fall. It's cool and crisp but the sun is out. (I wrote this up mid last week and I'm so sad to say that amazing weather is now gone. It's been nothing but rain for days and it's supposed to continue all week. Guh! Can't wait for sunshine again!)  We went to the park the day these were taken, after we were done taking pictures we wandered down to the beach and spent some time looking for beach glass. We didn't find much but it was so nice to explore a beach we don't normally look for glass at. I feel so lucky to live so close to the beach!
Hope you're all having a fabulous Monday! I'm going to try to make the best of this rainy day with some baking and cleaning. I can't wait to fill up the house with the smell of pumpkin.

hair and beauty

Weekly Nail

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Supplies used...
Zoya  Goldie
American Apparel Lopez Canyon
Scotch Tape
Seche Vite as a top coat

These aren't my neatest nails but I really couldn't resist posting them. I just love the colors together! In retrospect I think it would have looked a little bit better if my zigzags on each nail were the same size and in the same place instead of making each nail different. But I still think they're super pretty. I'm excited to try this design with more colors.

Hope you're having an excellent Sunday!

fall goal list : decorate for halloween!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Time to cross another thing off my fall goal list. Well, to be honest I've been in the process of decorating for Halloween since the very end of September but even still I don't feel like it's done. (Gosh, Halloween is this coming week!) I'm pretty sure that I managed to lose a box of decorations including two big skeletons, some pumpkins made from paper to put in the window and who knows what other cool things! I'm not quite sure how they could go missing since there is only one place storage boxes go in the basement but I couldn't find them when I brought up the other box.

Regardless, even if I don't have all the decorations up it still feels so nice and fall like in the house. I've been burning pumpkin scented candles like crazy and there are fake leaves on every surface (even the floor sometimes since the cats like to play with them!) I'm really not looking forward to putting all this stuff away, it feels homey!

animals and nature

One of these things is not like the other...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Remember the little chipmunk I introduced you to a few weeks back...?
He was quite the little adventurer...
Hope he could brighten your day, even if just a little bit.

No chipmunks were harmed in the making of these photos, the dinosaur was surprisingly gentle. After we spent a little while taking pictures he was released right where he was found.

daily life

Life Lately...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back in September I shared an unplanned post full of photos of my daily life (you can find it here). I ended up actually really liking that post so I'd kind of like to make it an normal feature. It's fun to look back on little things like this...
1 // Organizing things. Kevin and I threw together an awesome little belt rack (thanks for the great idea Kate!) from a curtain rod and some s hooks. I am in love! Having my belts displayed is visually appealing plus I love being able to see all the belts I own. Hopefully I'll wear more of a variety instead of just picking between the same two or three every time I get dressed.
2 // Listening to records. I love my record player so much. I even use it to make little games to help myself get housework done. My favorite little challenge is to try and finish doing dishes before the record needs flipped. Sounds totally dumb, I know, but silly things like that make mundane tasks fun.
3 // Exploring new cemeteries. We were trying to waste some time one Sunday morning and we ended up in a cemetery we'd pass often but wrote off as being too small to be interesting but we were so very wrong. This cemetery was packed full history. A few of the headstones had nice little engravings about the deceased and where they came from, which is one of my favorite things ever. It was so awesome!
4 // Collecting pretty leaves to press. At first I had to make a conscious effort to look for neat leaves but I swear this last couple weeks pretty leaves are just jumping out at me. I'm finding so many to press.
5 // Having indoor blog picnics. Sometimes it feels so nice to mix up where I work from. Putting a blanket on the floor in the middle of the living room and working there for the day was awesome.
6 // Playing Songpop. I can thank my mom for getting me addicted to this stupid game!
7 // Making smoothies. I've been experimenting with making smoothies lately. I'm not really a big fan of fruit (I really like the way almost all fruit smells, it just doesn't taste that great to me) but know that I should be eating more. So, smoothies seem like a good compromise!
8 // Taking walks & finding treasures. We recently went on a walk with my parents and Kevin spotted this beautiful skull sitting on a pile of leaves like it was waiting for us to find it so it could join my collection. We looked around but couldn't find any other bones from this guy.
9 // Enjoying my fall flowers. The end of summer is always sad because my flowers slowly start to die off. Luckily my marigolds are still going strong. I replanted some into a pumpkin, I think it looks pretty darn cute! (Thanks for the idea, Heidi!)
10 // Popcorn Rock! A week or so ago my mom, my nephew and I went to the Cleveland Science Center. My nephew and I both got to choose a souvenir, thanks mom!, I picked a popcorn rock. You just put it in vinegar and as the vinegar evaporates the rock will grow crystals. I'm so exited to see how mine turns out!

Hope you're having a great day!

animals and nature

fall goal list : a new mushroom!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I can cross one thing off my fall goal list. I found a new mushroom. Putting "find a new mushroom" on my list was kind of a gamble. I really can't help where things grows! Perhaps the goal should have just been "spend more time identifying mushrooms". Regardless, I found a mushroom I had never seen in person before and was able to identify it.
This is Coprinus comatus, the shaggy ink cap. Aren't they beautiful?!

Kevin and I were at the beach collecting beach glass for one of the last times of the season (well probably not, I'll search as long as I can bundle up warm enough and it's not frozen). We found some nice pieces but it was pretty chilly so I was ready to go home. While walking back to the car I spotted these guys in the sand near where the sidewalk started. I knew right what they were as they were already on my "to find" list.
After double checking they were in fact shaggy ink caps I knew I had to bring one home to study it further. Once a shaggy ink cap releases it's spores the mushroom will begin to autodigest, meaning the cap will basically just turn into a big black mess leaving only the stipe. I had planned on taking a photo an hour or so of it depending on how quickly it deteriorated. Unlike what I had assumed from what I had read it didn't really happen that quickly. Before the end of the day it had started to show black at the bottom and when I woke up it was nearly half black. By the end of the second day it looked like this...
After doing a bit more reading on them (once I identify one that strikes my fancy I maybe, kind of, becoming just a little bit obsessed!) I saw you could make ink from them (ink cap - get it!) and I most definitely need to try that. Not that I think it will even be efficient or better than my favorite pen but because I'm super curious and who doesn't want to get a letter that was written with mushroom ink? I will certainly let you know if I give it a spin, even if it doesn't work out for the best.

The day after I found them at the beach I really wanted to go back check out how the ones I hadn't brought home to study were doing.  They obviously didn't deteriorate as quickly as the others but you can definitely still see how it's changing already. Also if you take a peek at the sand right in front of mushroom you can see the spores. Isn't that super cool?!
 After a few more days I went back to the beach to check on the mushroom again and this is what I found. It always takes me by surprise, despite the fact I see it all the time, what a quick life cycle most mushrooms have.
 Pretty crazy, huh!?

I've got my fingers crossed I find more soon. I'm definitely interested in using them to make ink and quite possibly cooking some up. Shaggy ink caps are edible, supposedly they're pretty awesome fried in butter.

what i wore

what i wore : first coat of the season

Monday, October 22, 2012

the details
hat - thrifted
coat - thrifted
brooch - c/o Sea Of Bees
shirt - c/o Asian ICandy
belt - c/o Asian ICandy
skirt - thrifted
tights- amazon
camera bag - Jo Totes
shoes - c/o BAIT Footwear

First outfit post of the season to include a coat! I'm actually not sure if I think that's exciting or not. On one hand, since collecting a bunch of jackets last winter, I'm excited to wear things that actually match my coat instead of my coat just being something I have to wear to stay warm. But coat weather also means that outfit pictures get tougher. I don't want to be without my coat for very long, you have to shoot rings and things first because fingers get all red and cold quickly. Cold weather outfit pictures are all about getting it done quickly and I don't really like that.

I've had this outfit planned out for a few weeks but just wasn't feeling it every time I put it on. What I wear a certain day all depends on how I'm feeling. One day I can be very into a 50's housewife look, and the next I might be into something loud and colorful and the next something completely different. No matter how I feel like dressing a certain day I can still appreciate and pick out a pretty awesome outfit from another kind of style. That's how it was after I had picked this out, I just kept wanting to wear loud and colorful things instead of something reserved like this.  I wanted to wear this outfit so bad but knew I wouldn't feel confident in it unless I waited. Finally last week the day came when I knew it was perfect to wear it. The shoes make quite the clip clop noise when you walk which normally makes me feel like tiptoeing around but I felt fierce in that day. I loooove this outfit so much!!

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday. I'm pretty excited to get to work today, it always feels nice to get back to work on Monday, at least I think so!

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