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what i wore

what I wore: stripes

Thursday, June 28, 2012

dress - Ruche
belt - thrifted
camera bag - Jo Totes
shoes - Salt Water Sandals

I apologize for the small number of photos of this outfit, I at least normally try to have more a variety of photos, especially of the details. But it was SO hot, and I was not feeling so fly. I'm sure I'm not the only one but it doesn't matter how cute I really look, it's all about how I feel. On the day we took these it was the kind of heat the instantly makes you feel like you wasted time trying to feel pretty, feel like your hair is plastered to your head, and in turn you just want to go home take a cold shower and pretend you never even tried. I love summer, but humidity and I aren't friends, at all! 

So Kevin and I took quickly took some photos, abandoned plans to wander around the cemetery and hurried home to sit in the air conditioning. I figured we wouldn't have gotten any photos that I would like since I was so miserably hot but to my surprise there were a few that I really liked! I'm super stoked we took the pictures we did and kind of wish I would have stuck it out a little longer to get some more. I absolutely love this simple outfit. Dressing for summertime can be tricky because I'm used to layering but being able to just throw on a dress and shoes is the best! By the end of summer I will learn to embrace the hot weather!

I've been wearing my Salt Water Sandals basically non-stop since I got them. I just can't over how awesome they are. Any pair of comfortable/cute shoes I can get wet and it's not a big deal at all is pretty awesome by me. I also really like how they can dress down an outfit. I kind of avoid this dress in my closet because I feel like it's just the tiniest bit too fancy to wear on any old occasion but the sandals bring it down a notch making it comfortable enough to wear anywhere. 

Hope you're having a fabulous day!

daily life

photo an hour: june 21st, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm happy to say I'm halfway through another one of this year's goals. This is my sixth photo an hour post this year, you can find all the others here. I love looking back through the older ones, even last month's seems like it was forever ago. It's so neat to me how one photo can trigger my memory of the rest of the day. They're like random puzzle pieces of a day that help me put together a whole puzzle in my mind. I should really do more photo an hour posts!

6 am // A very healthy breakfast of chocolate milk and a sprinkled donut.
7 am // Went out to water my flowers and this guy came running up to me wanting pet. I happily obliged.
8 am // My mom picked me up and we headed to the thrift store!
9 am // We both found a few things. I got some pillow cases, and an old photo album at the first store.
10 am // Another thrift store, browsing through the books.
11 am // Another thrift store, yet again!
12 pm // You know you're an adult when you mom actually suggests ice cream for lunch, like I can resist a hot fudge sundae!
1 pm // Browsing the flowers at WalMart.
2 pm // My mom dropped me off at my house after our little shopping excursion. I relaxed with a slushie and flipped through my newly thrifted book.
3 pm // The kitties are always interested in what I bring home. I found a perfect little basket perfect for mushrooms and other treasures I find on walks and an adorable picnic blanket while thrifting.
4 pm // Dinner. Chick'n nuggets and four choices of sauce is what I like to call a nugget buffet.
(I think spicy mustard is my favorite of the four!)
5pm // Went to the park with this guy and took some outfit pictures.
6 pm // Time to plant some flowers I picked up earlier in the day. My deck is becoming quite the little forest of flowers and I couldn't be happier about it!
7 pm // Our evenings almost always include me doing my nails while we watch a movie.
8 pm // We ditched the movie (despite it being one of our favorites) and Kevin set off to find something to watch online.
We ended up starting Breaking Bad Season 4. (Oh my gosh, so good and sooo very stressful!) Afterwards we read in bed for a while and finally drifted asleep.
And that was my day broken down hour by hour!

daily life

10 things making me smile...

Monday, June 25, 2012

1 // Colorful stationery.  
(and I'm still pretty stoked Target is carrying fancy, colorful tape)
2 // This jar full of rocks, sea glass and shells from a day spent at the beach with the whole family.
3 // Silly planters and pretty flowers.
4 // Crazy kitties in tiny t-shirts relaxing in the window.
5 // Making pretty messes in the kitchen.
6 // Finding amazing bugs!
7 // Sleepy kitties who make pillows from bumps in the rug.
8 // Finding neat little structures on the beach.
9 // Beautiful bouquets of wild flowers.
10 // This GIF my dad requested I make of him doing a backward somersault.

What's making you smile today?

hair and beauty

weekly nail

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Supplies used....
Funky Fingers - Mint Montauk
Milani - Fresh Teal
Sally Hansen - Barely Blue Bell
Essie - Mojito Madness
Wet n Wild - On A Trip
Essie - Lilacism
Essie - Watermelon
Fresh Paint - Papaya
OPI - A Taupe The Space Needle
Revlon - Bare Bones
Seche Vite as a top coat
Nail stickers (blogged about here // bought from here)

Admittedly these aren't my neatest nails, they're a little rough around the edges. But I am obsessed with how they look! I always try too hard to make sure my nail colors match and even found it a little challenging to try and make them look random. Pretty sure I succeeded! I also think this might be my newest obsession, doing tons of colors. These were from earlier in the week and I've already done it over in different colors twice. It's just fun to pick out all the polishes I'm going to use!

I used the slightly rounded nail stickers for this manicure (you can find them here), they're the same ones you'd be using if you were doing a standard french manicure.  They've become my most used from all the different designs I have. Having a just slightly rounded line instead of straight line is so much nicer looking in my opinion.

daily life

2012 Midyear Goal Updates

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's already over half way through the year which is absolutely crazy! At the very beginning of the year I posted some goals for the year (which you can find here) so I thought it would be appropriate to post a midyear update.
 ♥ Read 15 new books. I am well on my way to accomplishing this goal. I have a post coming very soon talking about the books I've read so far this year. 

Try 7 new recipes. I'd say I'm around halfway done with this goal, I just need to go back through all my photos and find pictures of the things I've baked so I can add them up. I'll certainly be doing a recap at the end of the year about all of the new recipes I tried. I've already found two that I just adore and continue to make regularly.

Get my drivers license...finally. Oh goodness, I'm so anxious about this goal. I haven't done much so far to put this goal into action other than talking it up to myself (which may just be half the battle). I still really want to get my license.

Go bowling more! Maaaan, we've only gone bowling once so far this year. I'd like to join a couples league. I'm just nervous about joining one, everyone else already knowing each other and feeling left out. This is obviously something I should get over, because I'm sure everyone else feels the same way when starting something new. Anyways - bowling! I need to go more.

Hang things in the bedroom. Haven't done this yet, but I'm actually thinking of repainting the bedroom before hanging things first. My decorating style has matured over the last three years, even if ever so slightly, and I've been feeling like the bright blue color isn't working so well anymore. Painting and decorating are more a fall/winter thing for me though so I have no plans of working on this in the next few months. It'll definitely get done before the end of the year.

Take a photo an hour once a month. Yeah buddy, I've been keeping up on this one! You can see all my photo an hour posts right here.

Make new friends. Eeep. I am not doing so hot at this. I actually even saw someone at the beach that I could have possibly made friends with buuut I chickened out and didn't talk to her. (she had a split-cam and looked interesting. I live in a fairly small town and rarely ever even see people who I feel like I could mesh well with so I feel like I really lost out. Fingers crossed I see her again.)  Perhaps this goal should more aptly be titled "Be less awkward around people".

Send more snail mail. I wouldn't say I'm doing much better at this goal than last year but I have been sending out quite a few post cards. I'd like to start up some sort of little pen pal thing - but without long letters, more just along the lines of post cards, birthday cards, etc.

Save a little month each month. Another goal I'm proud to have been keeping up on! I've got a nice little chunk of change that I'll be able to use for whatever I want. Although I'm thinking I should just keep saving, saving and saving. Since my brother and his family moved to Germany there has been talk of visiting them so I'll want to have the money for that!

Clean the basement. I haven't finished the basement up yet but I've certainly made a dent. I'm pretty stoked about how far it's come. I used neighborhood clean up day as a push to clean. We had a lot of furniture (tables, shelving, etc) that was just taking up room in the basement so we put it out and I was just tickled pink to watch my neighbors pick up literally everything and take it home instead of it going to the dump. (PS. Do you guys have this kind of neighborhood clean up? Where everyone puts out their trash, like tons of it, in their front yard and then the trash disposal company comes and picks it up? This is fairly new to me and I really enjoy watching everyone go nuts digging for treasure in each others trash and I of course, love to snoop as well. People are craaaazy, I have never seen truck beds crammed so full of random things!)

Camp more often.
I am sad to say I haven't been camping yet this year. But I suppose I shouldn't be too bummed because camping season just started in my opinion. I've got one trip planned (well, the date anyways, not the location just yet) and I hope to squeeze a few more in before winter.

Shoot more film (& learn to develop it)
I'm kicking butt at shooting more film. I'm so so excited to have really fallen in love with it again. I still haven't tried my hand at developing my own film though. I have all the supplies ready to go I just need to get myself all psyched up.

Take nieces and nephew on one on one date.
No excuses here, I still haven't done this. I need to brainstorm some cute ideas. Although I'm sure they'd be happy just to go to the playground or go mushroom hunting with us.

So, I feel pretty good about what I've crossed out so far. Rereading these and evaluating how I'm doing has helped me see which I need to continue to work on and helps me feel motivated to finish because of how awesome it feels to cross off the ones I have been doing.

How are you doing on your new year's goals?

hair and beauty

my nail essentials

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

After starting my weekly nail feature I started getting questions about how I keep my cuticles so nice. While my cuticles aren't perfect, I do take pride in them because they're amazing compared to what they used to be. I decided instead of just talking about my cuticles in this post I would share all of my favorite nail tools, both for care and designs.
So, without further a do, these are some of my favorite tools...
A six sided nail file (or emery board). I found this nail file at WalMart around a year ago (I've gone through two or three since...) and I have not looked back! It's numbered 1-6 on each different colored section and you just go through the steps on each nail. After you're done you'll have beautiful, shiny nails! I would never use a regular nail file again. A word of caution though - overuse will most likely result in peeling and breaking.

Dotting tool. Used to make polka dots, this baby is a must in my little basket of nail supplies. It has two sides, each a different size so you can make different size polka dots. It's so much easier than a tooth pick for me because it's larger and easier to hold on to.

Cuticle pusher. Exactly what it sounds like, i love to push my cuticles back. It makes your nails appear longer and look nicer. Tip: it's best to use a cuticle pusher after showering or applying oil of some sort so your cuticles are soft.
Seche Vite. I wasn't sure if I wanted to include Seche Vite in this post or one talking about my favorite polishes but this top coat is AMAZING. Let me say it again - AMAZING. It's a great consistency, makes your polish last for days and days and it gives such a nice shine! Other top coats pale in comparison.
Nail polish thinner. This is actually something I didn't even know existed until late last year. It's a miracle worker. You just take an eye dropper (obviously one you plan to designate to this purpose!) and put just a few drops into any nail polish that is getting thick, shake and then TA-DAAA, it's like new...sometimes even better! I've used it multiple times on a few of my polishes and haven't noticed any more chips or anything than normal. With this stuff you can rescue all your favorites that you were considering throwing away because they got thick.

Scotch tape, nail stickers and hole reinforcement stickers are all a must! Even though my discovery of nail stickers has made scotch tape a little less of a necessity it's still nice to have on hand for simple designs like this.
Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme, Cuticle oil and Lotion. I think the biggest thing to having nice looking cuticles is keeping them moisturized. I use cuticle oil and the Burt's Bees cuticle creme interchangeably. Sometimes I rub them on before polishing my nails (just make sure to wipe off your nail with a clean rag before painting so it's not greasy) so my cuticles are refreshed after using nail polish remover. Other times I apply some after my nail polish is dry. Make sure to massage your cuticles so it really gets in there! For lotion I love EOS, it comes in a size nice to just throw in your purse and it doesn't leave my hands greasy.

What are your nail essentials? 

animals and nature

what i wore; at the covered bridge

Monday, June 18, 2012

the details 
dress - c/o Rusty Cuts
belt - thrifted
camera bag - Jo Toes
shoes - thrifted

I don't particularly care for our neighborhood, the homes are too close together for my tastes but I do love the surrounding area. We're a hop, skip and jump from a variety of awesome things - including bunches of covered bridges. This one is the one closest to us and we've been spending more and more time there since discovering lots of mushrooms there last summer.

Last week we went down there for a few hours, played on the banks, splashed around in the water and looked for critters and mushrooms. We really didn't find much except for a little area with tons of crawdads. We ohhh-ed and ahhh-ed at the tiny ones. They are so stinken cute!! It's ingrained in my brain that any tiny animal is super cute. (See last year's baby turtle, tiny toads and that super cute bunny. Oh my!)
This has quickly become on of my favorite summer dresses. Judith makes them exactly to your measurements which eliminates all the fuss of trying to figure out what size to order and worrying it won't fit. The dress is super comfortable and light weight - a must for summer attire. I wish I had five of them in a bunch of different patterns and colors.

Also I can't get over how much I love the cut of the back of the dress. I used to have some acne on my back (looking back it wasn't really that bad, but I felt so embarrassed of it as a teenager) which left me buying only clothes with really high backs. That was not fun in the summer time, finding sleeveless shirts that came up to my neck in the back was super hard! Eventually, as I got older, it just cleared up on it's own and I learned to accept the minimal scarring. Now showing off my back feels so great, not worrying about covering up is just the best.
Well, I've got to run, there are oddles of photos from the weekend begging to be sorted through. Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

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