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A photo an hour // February 23rd

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I came so close to missing out on doing February's photo an hour! February just kind of slipped by in the blink of an eye. Luckily I remembered last Thursday. So here is February 23rd, hour by hour...

7 am // starting the morning with a light workout and some stretches. Someone makes it hard to concentrate!
8 am // doing some blog planning for March.
9 am // finally showered, dressed and ready for the day!
10 am // some more blog planning while my co-worker takes a nap.
11 am // the tastiest lunch! baked potatoes smothered in butter, cheese, pepper and oregano with my favorite drink, chocolate milk!
12 pm // re-painting my nails and plotting future tutorials.
1 pm // looked at the couch beside me and found these two getting their snug on.
2 pm // baked some banana bread. the house now smells heavenly!
3 pm // checked the mail to find some stickers I ordered for Circus Bear Vintage orders.
4 pm // a quick dinner while I wait on Kevin to get home so we can head over to my parents.
5 pm // visiting with baby kitty, my mom's new (and first!) cat. 
Isn't he the cutest?! I just want to squeeze him. His little legs are so short and stubby! He's a fabulous cat, especially for a first time cat mom. I should just be a personal cat picker-outer for a living.
6 pm //  stopped and "visited" with Zip, the family rooster on the way up to the garage
I say "visited" because you can't really visit with someone who hates you and tries to chase you, but only when no one else is out in the yard.
7 pm // family woodshop night, of course. That would be my brother, and his son on the scroll saw (it was his first time, and he did SO good!), my dad in the background at the lathe and Kevin at the other scroll saw.
And that was my day! Sweet and simple, just how I like them! 

what i wore

what I wore: to the orthodontist

Monday, February 27, 2012

the details;
shirt - thrifted / vintage
jumper - thrifted
tights - target
belt - thrifted
necklace - Extollo Jewelry
shoes - thrifted (originally from target then restyled by me)

Just something super casual I threw together to wear to the orthodontist. They normally comment on my strange fashion tastes. On this particular occasion my orthodontist said "Do you sew all of your own clothes?" with a sort of strange questioning face. I replied no, that I normally get them at the thrift store. He said something back along the lines of well you're always dressed really snazzy. I must admit I was kind of bummed that no one at the office noticed my tooth necklace though! I felt that it was a completely fitting place to show off my new necklace.

Well, I'm off! My mom just left, we had a day of watching TV, painting nails and moving furniture around. I have a brand new living room to make pretty now. I can't wait to finish it up and share photos!

daily life

Blogness Cards!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Look what I got in the mail this week!
Business cards for the blog, or as I've been calling them - blogness cards! It's been something I've been thinking about doing for months and months.

 Elycia is coming out next weekend (YAY!) I figured it was finally time to order some. Last time we got together at the thrift store the woman behind the counter was questioning what we were going to do with our awesome new cowboy boots. Elycia responded that we were going to wear them, of course. The lady said something like "Oh, are you going to be taking pictures?", implying that they were for some sort of dress up photo shoot. The first thing that ran through my head was "Gosh, I wish I had a business card", just some way to tell her quickly about what I do.

Explaining that you blog, what you blog about, and how to find your blog on the internet is totally awkward, especially with strangers who don't really understand what a blog is in the first place. So I'm hoping these will make it a little easier.
Aren't they fabulous?! I love them so much. I shoved a big wad in my wallet, gave some to Kevin and my mom and dad (my daddy likes to brag about his princess at work. Haha. .....But seriously).

They're from Overnight Prints, in case you're curious. They're my company of choice to order from. Kind of slow if you order the cheapest shipping method, but they're always on time.

Do you have blogness cards? Who do you give them out to?

hair and beauty

what I wore; brown, green and peach

Thursday, February 23, 2012

the details
hat - c/o Gleeful Things
sweater - TJ Maxx
dress - thrifted / vintage
necklace - c/o Romwe
bug ring - c/o Romwe
bunny ring - ebay
tights - Target
boots - K-Mart

These photos were taken the same day, at the same place as the gorgeous ice photos from yesterday. Let me tell you - IT WAS COLD. I was perfectly fine in this outfit (plus a coat) at home but 15 minutes away, at the beach, it was a million degrees colder. You can see that my poor fingers immediately turned red and my cheeks are quite rosy. The cold weather has made Kevin and I quite efficient at taking outfit pictures though. I'm sure it'd be pretty funny to watch us work.

Well, I'm off to organize my craft room and bake some banana bread. Hope you have a great Thursday!

daily life

a not quite frozen lake erie...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

As I've mentioned about a million times before I love visiting the beach in the winter. It's calm, beautiful and we're almost always the only people there. Because of the strange weather we've been having it hasn't had the chance to freeze and create those amazing ice dunes I found last year but that doesn't mean it didn't leave me in awe yet again.

The waves were pretty intense a few days ago, had been splashing up onto the land and spraying this tree. Everything near the ground was originally standing and had been weighed down by the ice. Pictures don't even begin to do this amazing sight justice!
The last two photos are from a different beach than the rest of the photos. I actually got wind burn on my face the day they were taken. It was so windy I was literally having a hard time standing, it was crazy. It's still amazing to me that the weather here can be such polar opposites, I'm really happy to live in Ohio.

hair and beauty

what I wore: golden telephone

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the details:
hat - thrifted
shirt - thrifted / vintage
skirt - thrifted / vintage
nail decals - c/o Modcloth
brooch - thrifted
tights - Target
shoes - Saul c/o Blowfish

My hair like this - complete accident! I wore my curlers for far too long then just put a hat on to cover up the ridiculousness and ended up loving the way it looked. I actually even considered cutting my hair super short after seeing how it looked. Sadly withing a few hours my curls nearly completely fell out. My hair may be the prettiest color but it never could hold a curl! Such a bummer.

I'm starting to get a pretty respectable collection of crazy vintage button up shirts. This one I actually yanked from Circus Bear stock. When I bought it I wasn't really into button up shirts for myself but could recognize how awesome it was. But since my recent obsession with outfits made from shirts and skirts as opposed to just dresses came into play I'm now scouring thirft store racks for any crazy patterns I can find!

Hope you all have a great day! I'm having a little Twin Peaks marathon (thanks for getting me addicted, Elycia!) and editing some photos for Circus Bear today. I took a bunch of test shots of clothing for the shop. Fingers crossed when I review them today that I love them. I can't wait to share all the fabulous vintage clothing I've had stashed for the shop for months!

animals and nature

It's the little things...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

like watching this little squirrel outside my window...
 How precious is he eating on our stale bread? We threw some out there for the birds to munch on but it appears as though someone else enjoyed it.
Hope you're having a great weekend!

what i wore

what I wore; cats and cowboys

Thursday, February 16, 2012

the details
sweater - thrifted / vintage
shirt - Peer Kitty Kitty Top c/o Modcloth
skirt - Forever21
tights - You're a star tights c/o Modcloth
boots - thrifted / vintage

I am in LOVE with this shirt! I was really nervous because I have never had luck with one size fits all clothing but this fits perfect! I'm pretty stoked that this one time something "one size" actually fits me like a size I would buy if it came in other sizes. (I'm aware that sentence sounds awkward but I think you'll get the gist!). Plus how awesome is it that the eyes match my hair?! 

These are the second pair of boots from when Elycia and I made the thrift video. They're so pretty, I love how vibrant they are. I wish they were something I could get away with wearing all the time. Not that I don't always stick out like a sore thumb when I go out anyway - with purple hair and all. But I don't need to be know around town as "that purple haired girl who is always wearing those obnoxious cowboy boots".

Oh, also, Thank you all for the awesome comments on mine and Elycia's vlog yesterday. I'm kind of blown away. I was so nervous about posting it. You guys are the best!! We definitely have plans to make more vlogs in the future. If you have any questions you'd like answered in our next vlog feel free to email either one of us with the title "vlog question" so we know to put it in a special folder.

Hope you all have a great day! It's supposed to be a rainy one here, so the perfect day for cleaning the house and baking cookies.

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