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10 things making me smile...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1 // kitties who just don't understand what the heck a record player is...
2 // rearranging my cute little shelf to feature all my favorite little critters...
3 // when even my dirty dishes look cute...
4 // all the pretty colors and patterns in my bedroom...
5 // pretty nails.
I'm so happy they keep coming out with more Sally Hansen nail strips. You can find where I've blogged about them in the past right here. I still super duper love these things.
6 // finally hanging my paint by number collection in the living room...
7 // this sweet picture of the boys...
8 // this bony guy who hangs out by my collection of cameras...
9 // this adorable Pennsylvania Dutch napkin...
Kevin and I now say "don't be so schloppich" to each other every chance we get. 
10 // this photo from the fall...
(my dad carved "i luv u" in this puffball, put it back where he found it then told me he saw some mushrooms over on the dam and that I should go look. I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear about how cute it was!)

Those along with a million other things are what's making me smile today. Elycia and I had the best weekend ever, I can't wait to start sharing some of the amazing things we worked on (starting tomorrow! You should be pumped, I sure am! For about 99.99% of TDS readers this will be the first time you get to see me move and see that I'm a real person! Haha.) Plus it's supposed to be 55°F today, words cannot express my excitement! I'm so ready to get outside, I hope my work hours fly by and this evening moves in slow motion.

What's making you smile today?

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More beach treasures...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last week I admitted my love of picking up trash on the beach. I was blown away by the amount of people who responded they loved to do the same! That Tuesday (the day I did my photo an hour post for January) was the perfect day to do so, the wind wasn't blowing and that's just about the only factor that makes it not a good day to go to the beach in my opinion. It's so bitterly cold there in the winter when the wind blows. We got to the beach with about twenty minutes to spare before the sun set and this is what I found...
Maybe it's just me but I think these would make pretty cool post cards - especially the first one. I like weird post cards and I think getting one of beach trash on it would be pretty hilarious.  I don't really think we have that much trash on the beach compared to other beaches though. When I was younger my family and I went to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. My cousin who is severely allergic to poison ivy got some before we even left my house so we had to go to the emergency room shortly after we got to SC. In the emergency room, I will never forget, there was a lady with a fish hook stuck in each of her big toes. Oh my gosh, that makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it happening to me. So, yeah, I'd much rather step on a tampon applicator or lighter at the beach than something like that. I rarely see anything fishing related, like bobbers or those fake fish bait things, on the beach, I consider us fairly lucky.

Wait, here's another gross beach story, slightly unrelated but while we're on the subject I need to share! One time, a few years back, Kevin and I went to the beach, laid out a blanket and hung out for a while. A few minute pass, sniff, sniff, sniff...Kevin, I smell dead fish! Gross! He responds that he doesn't smell a thing. We stayed for a half an hour or so before I couldn't stand the smell anymore and we got up to leave. When I picked up the blanket to shake all the sand off of it there was the culprit - a dead fish. I had been laying on it the whole time. Hahaha.

In other beach related events - the lake still isn't frozen, last year it had been frozen for about a month already by this time. I'm almost kind of bummed. Of course, I'm enjoying this weather but I was pretty stoked to go back and see the beach when it was frozen again, it was such an amazingly beautiful sight last year. (You can see photos here)

I swear I won't post photos of trash every time I go to the beach, just every once and while. ;) I hope you have a great Thursday. (Can you believe it's Thursday already, I can't!) I'm going to do some baking today, someone has been requesting my vegan banana bread for about a week. I'm also going to start plotting how I'd like to photograph clothing for CBV. So exciting!


what I wore; a modern little red

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the details:
belt - Modcloth
socks - Kohls
pin - thrifted
shoes - Trip Oxford c/o Wanted Shoes

I am SO in love with this outfit! I feel like everything about it flows so well. Plus knee high socks are just about my favorite thing ever right now, even if I have to pull them up every three minutes. 

Hope you all have an awesome day! I'm going to work on finishing up the owl update for Circus Bear Vintage today. It'll go live on January 25th, just in time to get a present for your Valentine.  I'm so excited!

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It's the little things...

Monday, January 09, 2012

like collecting "treasures" on the beach.
These photos are from late fall, I forgot my digital camera that day and was forced to shoot only film (which I just got developed a few days ago)

Anytime time Kevin and I take a walk on the beach I randomly pick up things that catch my attention, which is probably more than you could imagine. On this instance I decided I wanted to pick up everything I found and neatly lay it all out to photograph when I was finished. This was only 15 minutes or so of collecting!!

There is always a ridiculous amount of litter on the beach. Perhaps I'm strange but picking these things up that people seem to have forgotten after a fun day of frolicking in the sun or that wash up on the beach from the lake is so interesting to me. Curlers? A glue bottle lid? The letter "P"? So weird.

On of my favorite finds from the day is that thing that has "BØ" on it. I'm not 100% sure what the heck it is but I liked it so much I brought it home (you can actually see it on my shelf in this post). Anyone know what it is or what it means?
 After re-reading this post before hitting publish, I realize how funny it seems (and actually rather embarrassing) to admit that picking up trash on the beach is super fun to me. But that's actually pretty awesome, someone needs to help clean up the beach so why not someone who gets a kick out of it? Next time you're at the beach take a small bucket and pick up all the trash you find (bring gloves if you think it sounds icky!) it's surprisingly fun to look at all the strange things you find there when you're all done, plus you're doing good for the earth!


what i wore

My favorite 10 outfit posts from 2011!!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

a // Layered.    b // Party Time!    c // Driftwood and Cowboy Boots.   d // Mouse Belt.

Okay, to be honest, I did leave out the most recent ones despite the fact they were some of favorites. Choosing a top ten is hard, and I definitely wanted to show some of my older outfits some love.

At the beginning of the year I probably would have said I liked dressing for the winter better than the summer since you get to layer, blah, blah, blah but I've done a complete 180. I can't wait to dress for warm weather again. Layering is nice, but I like simple outfits - just a dress, maybe a cardigan over top. They feel the most natural to me.

To see all my outfit posts you can click here!

PS. Isn't looking at all my hair colors from the year so fun? It's really inspiring to me, I see one in particular I want to replicate right now. I wonder what colors I have in the bathroom cupboard...

what i wore

What I wore; oh deer!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

the details
sweater - c/o Glamour Kills
detachable collar - Danielle's blog sale
skirt - forever 21
tights - target

Okay, before anyone thinks I still have my tree up, these pictures are from right before Christmas. Decorations have been down for a little while now, I just kept forgetting to post this!

It was love at first sight with this sweater! I wasn't sure how I could wear it with anything other than jeans, which to me seems like the obvious choice with a pullover sweater but that isn't the route I wanted to go. I found that a sweater that fits comfortably (not tight) is great to wear with a short skirt because it makes the otherwise too short skirt feel much more wearable. I never know what to wear with short skirts without feeling exposed. Now I need more sweaters that fit just like this to wear with skirts!!

Well, I have to get back to work! I'm going to kick my to-do list's butt today. Hope you have a fabulous Thursday!

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2012 Bulletin Board!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I've always loved taking everything off my bulletin board and putting new things up. A new year seemed like a great excuse to do it again, so that's what I did. I left a few of the same things up, I just couldn't bear to part with them but I did add lots of new things.
Here are a handful of detail shots, since they are always my favorite.
It's kind of all over the place, but it's perfectly fitting for me. There are cutesy things (the cat card with the fuzzy tail and bunting), nature things (dried mushrooms and animal photographs) and random things that I love (pictures of my nieces and nephew, neat keys, and stamps.) Everything on it makes me happy, I love looking at it!

Do you have a bulletin board or inspiration board? What do you put on it?

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